Route of Earth(Path 112-The Holy Trial Stage Five Part Two)

Knowing it is a trap, Actinus reformed his ice armor and charged himself with sub-zero aura. “Wrath blizzard!” He cast the spell and it was snowing heavily inside the room. Snows were formed on the ground, getting thicker and thicker and hindered Tefia’s movements. She quickly cast snow walker on herself and stepped onto the snow formed.
“You are quite tricky,” She dashed towards him while charging her ifnarinas with steam aura. “Steam vault!” She swung the weapon downwards with steam surrounded it, yet he blocked it using his hands. His hand part of the ice armor was shattered while the rest were slightly melted, yet,
“You are nothing but a total moron,” He charged himself with sub-zero aura. His ice armor was repaired and she was frozen and sealed inside a 10 centimeter ice. “Taste this impact,” He kicked her 10 meters away while taking out his titanium hammer. Then, he dashed towards her and smashed her onto a wall using his hammer. The impact is so strong that she screamed in pain.
“This…strength….” She charged herself with non-elemental aura and cast damage transfer on him. He quickly transferred the damage onto his hammer and it was shattered, along with its handle. She quickly woke up and punched him a few time on his stomach before she kicked his neck diagonally upwards. He was thrown onto the ceiling and crashed onto it.
“This is unexpected from you. Now take it back!” He charged himself and upon slamming onto the snow, shockwaves were formed and she was buried in snow. She melted the snow by charging herself with pyro aura and spread the heat out of her body, but a few seconds later,
“This is what you get for attacking me!” He charged himself with thunder aura and a few thunder sparks were emitted onto her. She was hit and electrocuted, but the electricity flowed along with the water from the melting snows around the room that he was electrocuted as well. He quickly cast clear and the snows disappeared along with the water.
“This proves one thing: ‘we are at the same level,’” She dashed away from her, charged her ifnarisis with pyro aura and threw it onto the ground, attempting to create a layer of water but it failed. He quickly dashed and picked it up with the pyro aura still in the weapon.
“Yep, same. Raining heat!” He used the weapon to cast the spell. Flames were rained on her exactly like a normal rain and she was burning with the clothes oddly intact. Then, suddenly she charged towards him and slammed him a few times before absorbing the flames into her ifnarinas and launched a pyro blaze on him. The blaze melted his ice armor and made him very uncomfortable with his protective equipment.
“This is totally….” He broke off his Lisenus armor and Kevlar suit, revealing a plain blue mask and blue formal clothing.  The broken armor pieces was launched at her at high speed that she could not evade all of them. Her arms and legs were injured and she lost her grip on her ifnarinas. Being desperate, she charged herself with hydro aura and cast tsunami on him. A huge flood with the power tsunami was moving towards him.
“Not even this will stop me!” He took out an octahedral quartz wand and charged it with sub-zero aura. “Sub-zero freeze!” The tsunami quickly turned into a large and long iceberg. He attempted to destroy them into pieces, yet,
“Crush!” She cast the spell while charging herself with wind aura. The iceberg was shattered into pieces. “Blow!” She cast the spell and the pieces crashed onto him. She passed the stage and teleported away. The next stage ensues….


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