Route of Earth(Path 113-The Holy Trial Stage Six Part One)

Tefia was teleported into a room with quartz crystal as its walls, ceiling and ground with complete recovery. She woke up and found out that her arms and legs were completely fine despite being severely injured earlier. Then, laser beams moved in an arc towards her. She quickly jumped and dodged them.
“Name’s Eliae Pho. Watch this,” More of the laser beams moved in arcs towards her, along with reflection upon hitting the walls. She could only block them using barrier spell, but after a few hits it was shattered and she was continuously hit until she fell onto the ground. She quickly stood up and knocked the laser beams away using her ifnarinas angrily.
“Show yourself, coward!” She charged her ifnarinas with electrons and protons. “Electric wave!” She stabbed the weapon onto the ground and yellow lines were visible, travelling throughout the room like a shockwave. Then, some electric pulses were visible, exposing Eliae’s position. Eliae quickly cast repel but it was failed.
“This is…inside my body?” She took out a rapier and the pulses moved inside the rapier, rendering her invisible again. She quickly threw the weapon to Tefia. A lark was “formed” and “electrical feathers” were launched as well. Tefia could only knock them away while being knocked back slowly, not realizing that Eliae was walking towards her.
“So, this is the battle conditions, I must say. Don’t hold back or I’ll defeat you,” After she blocked the “lark”, she quickly cast UV vision to detect her position and launched a few slash waves with on Eliae, but she stopped them midair using her left palm and a shockwave launched them back to  Tefia instead.
“You scum….” Knowing that there is no way to cancel the UV vision spell, she took out smoke bombs and threw them onto the ground. Smokes filled a decent space in the room and hindered Tefia’s vision. Tefia quickly dashed backwards and sensed that the smokes were not spreading further.
“Smoke screen spell…trying to eliminate the tricks, huh? I guess I have to use this,” She charged her ifnarinas with earth aura and a spiked quartz crystal wall was formed. It moved frontward slowly, but it was stopped upon reaching the smokes. “I haven’t finished yet. Crush!” She cast the spell while charging herself with wind aura. The wall was crushed into blocks and blown over the smoke towards Eliae.
“You…you are a total moron, aren’t you?” Eliae quickly dodged them by stepping on the blocks and performing a few wall jumps while taking out a platinum sword and launched a few slash waves at her. She absorbed them and shot a few energy beams on Eliae back, yet again the attack was dodged. They stopped for a while, thinking for a strategy.
“This might be a good idea,” She switched to a rocket launcher and shot a few rockets onto the ceiling, attempting to bury Eliae alive, yet Eliae quickly jumped backwards while watching the fallen crystals form a wall. Then, she charged herself with wind aura and the crystals were thrown to Eliae.
“How this is possible? This scum must be punished!” Eliae charged herself with wind aura and blew the crystals back to her. She merely blocked them using barrier spell while throwing a grenade over the smoke. It reached Eliae but it was knocked away before it exploded. Then, suddenly,
“Asteroid strike!” She charged her wand with astro and earth auras. Asteroids struck up from the ground,  hitting Eliae and threw her up to the ceiling. She fell onto the ground after a few seconds, but she seemed unharmed. The battle resumes….


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