Route of Earth(Path 114-The Holy Trial Stage Six Part Two)

“Spells…now she knows how to play the cards, huh?” Eliae stood up and took out a shotgun. Unlike normal shotguns, it has two bullets slots but shares the same barrel, perhaps to allow more versatile attacks. Then, she charged it with oracle aura. “Oracle field!” An oracle sign appeared in front of her. She shot the bullets and they move along with the sign.
“This? Don’t make me laugh!” Tefia charged her ifnarinas with oracle aura and cast the same spell as a barrier. Both signs disappeared upon contact and a bright flash was emitted, hindering her sights. Then, Eliae quickly shot a few bullets on her, but it was missed as she merely run around randomly.
“How can she do this while she is blinded? This is totally ridiculous,” Eliae charged her shotgun with thunder aura and shot a few spread thunder sparks on Tefia. The thunder sparks were shaped like roots of a plant. It was too quickly that she could only block it. Oddly, she was not electrocuted. Then, several of the same attack was launched again. This time, she was electrocuted.
“Light…perhaps this will put up a decent one,” She healed himself and charged her wand with photons. “Prism arc!” Scattered lights were emitted as if it was from a prism. It quickly spread out and hit Eliae continuously, yet she stood still and absorbed them as photons in her shotgun and shot a laser blast on Tefia back.
“Now you realize how to defeat me? It’s too late because I will annihilate you!” She switched to a pair of rocket launchers and shot the ceiling. Tefia was hit, knocked onto the ground and buried under the crystals. Then, she quickly launched a few more missiles on Tefia, attempting to finish her off, but they were blocked by a thick barrier.
“Do you know how I defeat the previous enemy?” The quartz crystals were blown away while Tefia stood up and healed herself. Eliae switched to a machine rocket gun and spammed rockets to blow them into dusts.  Then, she continued shooting the rockets randomly to her front. Tefia could only dash backwards and look at the rockets.
“This isn’t fun anymore,” Eliae charged herself with wind aura and blew the crystals towards her. Then, she dashed over the smoke and switched to a pair of scimitars. Trails of non-elemental aura was visible on her legs, which slowly transferred to the weapons.
“Yeah. Stop hiding and face me straight!” Tefia charged her ifnarinas with explosion aura and formed an explosive barrier in front of her. It moved forward and blew the crystals into dusts. Just when Eliae saw the barrier, she threw her scimitars to the barrier while dashing towards it, attempting to break it by ramming.
“Don’t regret what you have said!” The barrier blocked the scimitars and they were destroyed, but it was shattered upon rammed by Eliae. Then, she launched the barrier pieces on Tefia. Tefia blocked them using her ifnarinas, but some of them still hit her. Some small cuts were visible on the weapon. Then, Eliae ran towards her, attempting for a close range attack.
“I won’t,” She stared at her, trying to see an opening for a surprise attack. Sensing her pose, Eliae jumped, took out a sword and launched a slash wave on her. She quickly ran slightly to her front and threw her ifnarisis upwards. She was hit, crashed onto the ceiling and fell onto the ground unconsciously. She picked her ifnarinas up and healed her before she was teleported away. The next stage will be different….


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