Route of Earth(Path 115-The Holy Trial Stage Seven Part One)

Tefia was teleported inside a room with normal soil as the ground, walls and ceiling with complete recovery on her again. Roots of plants were visible on the walls, but oddly not in the ceiling and ground. Perhaps the plants in the realm of saint are magical to avoid the battlefield of the chosen one.
“Fangs of tiger!” A man wearing a white mask under pearl colored formal wear dashed towards her in a sudden using a platinum sword with two right, straight slanted blades attacked to it. She was hit and the slant blades stuck on her body. Then, she was injured further when the upper slanted blade moved downwards to the lower one.
“Reckless!” She quickly kicked his chest and he was thrown away, but the sword was pulled away as well, further injuring her. She healed the wound and took out a pair of platinum long pole trident. “Rage of sea thunder!” She charged them with hydro and thunder auras. Thunder sparks coated with water were emitted on him. He attempted to absorb the sparks, but the presence of water only made him electrocuted instead.
“Don’t you ever try to insult Dielva Lariosk using your weapons!” He absorbed the electrocution anyway and threw his sword onto the ground while taking out a IP square double sword lance. He launched the sword blade at his front, held the weapon as if it was a normal sword lance and launched a few slash waves on her.
“You are insulting me, Tefia Rypal with your idiocy!” She jumped over the sword and slash waves, but after split second, the slash waves hit the sword blade and deflected in a projectile motion with the exact same trajectory with her jump. She was hit midair and crashed onto the ground, but she quickly woke up and dashed towards him.
“Idiocy? I guess you don’t know what is foreshadowing, idiot,” He charged his sword with thunder aura and stabbed the pole onto the ground. Thunder plates were launched on her, yet she dodged them all and proceeded towards him. Just when she came close, he wore a pair of leather gloves, charged them with sub-zero aura and punched the ground.
“I see. Let’s see if my foreshadowing is correct or not,” She strafed to her right while charging her tridents with satan aura. Ice blades struck up in a linear motion with freezing beams were shot upwards. Being at the side away from the ice blades, she shot a few black colored beams on him, but the thunder plates blocked them away.
“Well, you got a few guesses correct, but the rest…you are not a smart person,” He warped his launched sword blade in front of him, which moved towards her. She quickly strafed to her right, but the dusts from the blade hitting the wall made her cough. Then, the thunder plates hit her for a few times before the attack was stopped.
“I guess my thunder aura is less enough to prevent disaster against me,” She was standing still despite a few bruises were visible on her tridents. She shot a few black beams on him upon her picked up his sword lance and threw it upwards, yet he dodged by random jumping. Then, the blade stuck on the wall was pulled out on its own. This time, she strafed to her right and avoided the dusts.
“Now let’s see if you can resist this!” He charged his sword lance with venom aura. A huge bat was “formed” and “flew” towards her. The battle continues….


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