Route of Earth(Path 116-The Holy Trial Stage Seven Part Two)

“Ha! You think this is sufficient to defeat me in one blow? You are underestimating my powers!” Tefia switched to a double Z (an alloy made from 50% zinc and 50% zirconium) rod, charged it with pyro aura and threw it towards the bat. A phoenix was “formed” and thrust through the bat, completely eliminating it while the double sword lance and the rod dropped onto the ground.
“Well, you are right, but I am not done with you yet!” Dielva absorbed the phoenix as pyro aura. “Pyro ignalial!” She was surrounded by six magic circles in a cubic formation. Pyro rings were launched from the magic circles as if hoola hoops were thrown to her. She took out a water crystal double tipped spear, attempting to extinguish them, but they were not completely wiped out upon contact. The remains hit her repeatedly.
“This guy is really insane. Perhaps I need to be insane as well,” She broke the magic circles and launched the pieces to him. He merely absorbed the magic circles onto his feet and lines of light surrounded him. Then, he was glowing brightly that she could not see at all. Flashes of light were emitted on her and she was hit.
“I can be more insane than this,” After the glow was disappeared, he walked to the spot where the weapon dropped onto the ground, picked up his double sword lance and dashed backwards, waiting for her to do the same. She healed herself and picked the rod as well. “Let’s continue,” He charged his sword lance with saint aura and stabbed the ground.
“Yes,” White colored beams were emitted from both ceiling and the ground, yet she quickly strafed to her right while fusing her rod into her sword. “Airnias!” A lance with double Z pole and water crystal sword tip was formed. She stopped strafing and let the weapon absorb the white beam. Then, a blast was emitted at him.
“You think you can really outperform me? Let’s see who wins at the end!” He absorbed the beam and split the lance into two sword lances. He threw them using both hands to her. White conical wave surrounded their tips, which slowly made the sword lances large white colored pencils. She took out a water crystal sword and fused it with her airnias.
“Et-airnias!” A double sword lance similar to airnias was formed and she blocked the sword lances using her weapon, yet it was broken despite the sword lances were bounced away back to him. She quickly recovered her weapon and waited for his response. He merely smiled as two warp portal appeared in front of him.
“You are not stopping me,” He took out a pair of esquadria and shot missiles on her, attempting to prevent her from intercepting the sword lances, yet she dashed to her front and proceeded destroying them using slash waves. She  continued the attacks and shifted the sword lances’ movement, yet the portals were shifted as well.
“This is ridiculous. How can you do this? Looks like this is the only way I can defeat you,” She launched the slash waves directly towards the portal, but it was too late and the sword lances thrust through her. She fell onto the ground, but she quickly woke up and cast damage transfer, yet the ground was cracked instead.
“Take this!” He put his esquadria on the ground and took the sword lances. Then, he charged them with thunder aura while dashing towards her. She quickly blocked his attack, slid her et-airnias to knock him off and threw the weapon in a rotating fashion. It slashed him repeatedly and crashed him onto a wall before he fell onto the ground out of his consciousness. She passed the stage and was teleported away. The next stage is nothing the same….


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