Route of Earth(Path 117-The Holy Trial Stage Eight Part One)

Tefia was teleported inside a room and she was recovered again. The ground, walls and ceiling were full of meadows. Nature aura was very intense inside the room. Then, she saw a few leaves cut through her face, leaving minor yet visible wound on her.
“Names Zaquos Righa. Let’s see if you can resist the power of leaves!” An elf wearing leather armor set appeared in front of her. He took out an oak wood sword coated with pine leaves, charged it with nature aura and dashed towards her. She quickly jumped away, took out her ifnarinas and charged it with pyro aura, but nothing happened.
“I see. Fire based magic is not allow in this fight. Let’s see what I can do with this,” She charged it with acid aura and stabbed it onto the ground. Acid sprinkled out suddenly from the ground and damaged his sword, but it was quickly recovered. He switched to redwood sword, charged it with sub-zero aura and stabbed it onto the ground.
“This is impossible,” Nothing was happened as she charged her ifnarinas with sun aura and stabbed the ground, effectively cancelling out each other. Enraged by her move, he dashed towards her and launched a few wave slash attack, but they were quickly blocked. She tried to stabbed him, yet he quickly strafed to his left. She quickly swung her ifnarinas clockwise and he was hit and thrown away onto a wall.
“Ha, you think I am this weak? Think again,” She launched the metal block on her ifnarinas, but he quickly recovered and jumped away from it. He quickly dashed towards her, but she strafed to her right and the metal block thrust through his body while trying to attach on ifnarinas back but, he continued dashing towards her anyway.
“Kinda reminded me of someone….” She switched to a mining axe, charged it with thunder aura and stabbed the ground. Thunder sparks were emitted from the ceiling and hit him, yet he still ran towards her. Just when he close to her, he absorbed the thunder sparks and launched a wave slash attack on her.
“You are not strong, at least,” The attack was blocked, but thunder pulses traveled to her and she was electrocuted. He quickly took the chance by slashing her a few times before kicking her face. She was thrown away with her ifnarinas dropped onto the ground. She quickly woke up, trying to pick up her ifnarinas, yet he picked it up and threw it away.
“You are incurring my wrath,” She took out her et-airnias from her last battle and threw it towards him. He dashed backwards, charged his sword with wind aura and threw it to the weapon. They clashed midair and a tornado was formed, which shot water crystals on them. He quickly dashed inside the tornado and picked his sword up. The tornado was disappeared after a few seconds.
“Ha, your wrath is nothing compared to mine!” He stabbed his sword on the et-airnias and water crystals was rained on her with strong wind blowing. Angered by her move, she charged herself with sun aura once more, but this time nothing happened. She could only protect herself using a spherical barrier.
“This is really annoying…no wonder he is placed this later in this holy trial,” After the skill was ended, she broke off the barrier and launched the pieces towards him, yet he picked the et-airnias and threw it to her while launching slash waves to protect himself. Then, just when she took back her et-airnias, the slash waves hit her thrown her 5 meters away. The stage continues….


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