Route of Earth(Path 118-The Holy Trial Stage Eight Part One)

“Not get lost!” Zaquos pointed his sword at Tefia, waiting for her response. She merely stand up and closed her eyes, waiting for his move. She sensed everything in the room. The meadows on the surface, the wind blowing around her and the nature aura scattered in the room…everything was sensed by her skin and ears. Then, sounds of moving steps were heard.
“You are too arrogant. This shall be your downfall,” She opened her eyes and saw him running towards her. She switched to her ifnarinas and launched a static slash wave in front of her. She jumped onto it and it started moving. Then, she jumped backwards to go against the inertia while launching a few more slash waves on him, yet he jumped to his left and wall jumped towards her.
“Downfall? Not so fast!” He charged his sword with acid and steam aura, attempting to launch a corrosive attack on her, yet she quickly jumped away while launching a few more slash waves on him. He knock them back towards her and stabbed his sword onto the ground. Steam mists surrounded her, forcing her to close her eyes.
“You…” She charged herself with sub-zero aura and sealed herself under 10 centimeter thick ice, freezing the acid mists and blocked the slash waves. “Crush!” She cast the spell and the ice was shattered into ice dusts. She absorbed them as her ifnarinas’s sub-zero aura and shot a freezing laser blast across the room.
“This? Fool,” He merely stood still, letting the blast hit him. Oddly, his appearance changed into complete bluish white, even his sword. Then, icicles dropped onto her as the white color was slowly fading. She ran randomly around the room to dodge them, but she accidentally tripped onto the while dodging.
“Damn it,” She cast barrier to protect herself, but a large icicle fell onto her and she was crushed with the barrier disappeared instantly. She was stuck and unable to move. Then, he charged his sword with non-elemental aura and launched a slash wave on her. “This…I have to risk it,” She cast crush again and the icicle broke off into pieces, blocking off the slash wave. She quickly woke up and healed herself.
“Great. This is really a challenge, isn’t it? I’ll take it,” He launched the same attack on her again, trying to gauge her strategy. Knowing such intentions, she switched to her et-airnias and blocked it. Then, she walked towards him slowly while charging her weapon with moon aura and the blue color of the weapon turned gray.
“Taste the power of moon,” She stabbed it onto the ground. Crscent slash waves were launched from the ceiling and the ground simultaneously. He jumped randomly around the room to dodge the slash waves, yet things get harder when she launched slash waves directly towards him. Being desperate, he charged himself towards her, knocking the slash waves directed to him away.
“Aaaaargh!” He pointed his sword in front of him and a spherical wave was formed, making it both a shield and an attack. She blocked his attack, yet the impact was so strong that it threw her onto the ceiling. Then, he stabbed his sword onto the ground. Energy spikes struck her from the ceiling and she fell onto the ground.
“Going berserk will not bring you anywhere,” She threw her et-airnias onto the ground and took out a pair of rocket launchers. He quickly bicycle kicked the weapon, yet rockets hit him repeatedly and he was burned. After a few seconds, he fell onto the ground unconsciously. She passed the stage and was teleported away. The next stage will be harder….


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