Route of Earth(Path 119-The Holy Trial Stage Nine Part One)

Tefia was teleported inside a wooden room, perhaps specifically plywood with complete recovery again. Some torches were visible, but the burns did not spread over the room. Then, a few flame shots were directed at her.
“Flames from Helare Yirn will burn you back to your place!” A girl in black Kevlar suit and mask appeared in front of her. She was holding a torch with hydro aura surrounding, perhaps to form ethanol as fuel for burning. Then, she ran towards Tefia while launching flame shots at Tefia.
“Is this what you are doing now?” She took out her et-airnias and blocked the flame shots, yet the water crystals were turned into encased steam. Then, she stabbed it onto the ground and steam were emitted around Helare. She could not see anything, and the flame on her torch was slowly became smaller and smaller.
“Yes,” She switched to a torch sealed with coal and cast wind aura to blow the steam away, but it was too late and she was stabbed straight at her stomach. Then, Tefia launched an upwards slash on her and kicked her 5 meters away. Tefia dashed towards her, yet she shot a line of flame balls which burned on the ground, forcing Tefia to dash backwards.
“You are quite persistent, but what you are doing now is nothing but escapist defense!” Tefia switched to a pair of shoulder water cannons and shot water jets on her. She blocked them using barrier, yet it was quickly shattered after blocking a few more shots. Then, Tefia tried to jump over the flames, but the flames suddenly increased in height and her feet was burnt.
“That’s how I deal with reckless offense from you!” Helare charged her torch with astro and earth auras. “Asteroid shot!” An rock sized asteroid appeared on the torch and shot on the ground, attempting for a ricochet shot on Tefia. The shot was blocked by pointing her cannon downwards and it ricocheted back to Helare and she was hit.
“Maybe it is time to finish you off right now,” Tefia charged her water cannons and shot blasts on Helare, but she charged herself with sub-zero aura and the water blast became frozen and the cannons were jammed. Tefia broke the ice, heated up the cannons and shot water blast at her again, yet the same thing happened.
“Finish me? You are not that strong,” She punched the ice on her right and the impact was so strong that the water cannon on Tefia’s left shoulder was broken. Tefia quickly switched to a pair of sword drills and dashed towards her, dodging the flame shots from her torch. Sounds of weapon clashing were loud and the bits of coal was seen on the ground.
“This isn’t right…what kind of power she possesses?” Tefia jumped backwards and threw the drills on her. Then, she strafed to her left and launched a few flame shots on Tefia. “Take this!” She charged her hands with explosion aura and punched the flame shots back on Helare. Helare tried to knock them back using a small barrier formed on her torch but the flame shots were exploded instead.
“What the? You can’t be this powerful!” She switched to a coal torch with methanol constantly burning on its end and launched flame bursts like a flamethrower. Tefia tried to get close to her but the flames kept Tefia from even reaching close. She took out another pair of water cannons and launched water blasts to extinguish the flames, but the flame does not stop and steam started to emit in the room. The stage continues….


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