Route of Earth(Path 120-The Holy Trial Stage Nine Part Two)

“!” The steam was too hot that Tefia and Helare stopped their attacks and dashed backwards. The steam gave the wooden room cracks, yet they quickly disappeared. Tefia switched to her ifnarinas and launched its tail blade as if it was a homing missile.
“I thought you’ll go for something else, but this? You are asking yourself to be defeated!” Helare dashed past the tail blade and attempted to whack her using her torch, but after a few seconds the tail blade travelled back to Helare, forcing her to jump and it thrust through Tefia instead.
“This is nothing but a scratch!” The tail blade returned to the ifnarinas. She mounted it onto her right shoulder and took out her thunder spark lance with her rubber gloves on her left hand. “Feel this!” She shot thunder sparks on Helare while flowing thunder aura in the lance to her ifnarinas. The thunder sparks were dodged while Helare switched to a platinum electrical torch and absorbing thunder aura from them.
“Is this what you got? This is what I have!” Helare shot a few heated thunder sparks on her. She tried to dodge the sparks, but some of them accidentally hit her lance and its thunder spark was burning. She suddenly thought of something and dashed towards Helare, ignoring the burns which spreading on the lance.
“I see and I haven’t show you everything yet!” She swung her lance repeatedly as if it was a long sword, with smoking flames launched which drained the burning of the lance. Helare tried to dodge the attacks, but the smoking flames continued to injure her. She tried to knock the lance away, but her strength was too weak to do so thus she dashed backwards.
“This will teach a good lesson on you, pal!” She charged her torch with protons and shot a few positively charged electric pulses on Tefia. The sparks were absorbed and the lance’s tip became larger. “And I haven’t finished yet!” Electric current suddenly flowed to Tefia’s hands and she was electrocuted. Helare dashed towards her and tried to smack her, yet,
“Take what you have given to me back!” The electrocution was transferred back to her lance along with electrons charged into it. The glow on her lance was disappeared and a spark blast was shot on Helare. It was too fast and could not be dodged. As the result, she was hit and thrown 50 meters away out of consciousness, with the electric pulses seen on her suit.
“Let’s see how much repetition we can take,” The electric pulses were flowed onto the ground, spreading them everywhere and formed electrical nets on the room’s surface, electrocuting anyone who stepped on it. Tefia switched to her et-airnias and stabbed it onto the ground while float a few millimeters above the electrical net. Short electrical pulses were visible inside the water crystals.
“Hmph. If this is what you have, you are nothing but a total moron,” She wore her barrier gloves and picked it up, but suddenly the electrical net disappeared and absorbed to Helare’s feet. She dashed towards Helare, trying to deliver the final blow, but Helare woke up and launched a kick wave on her using her left hand.
“Moron? You are a moron,” The wave was dodged, but the second kick wave from her right hand hit Tefia and paralyzed her. Helare stood up and switched to a double torch lance. “And return to where you belong,” She broke it into a pair of torches and walked towards Tefia. Just when she attempted a cross slash on Tefia,
“Sorry, but it is you who will end up do so,” Tefia grabbed her torch, cross slashed her instead and stabbed them into her body. She was burned into ash and Tefia was teleported away. The final stage starts soon….


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