Route of Earth(Path 121-The Holy Trial Final Stage First Half)

Tefia was completely recovered and teleported inside a granite spherical room, standing at the bottom of it. She could walk on it, even reaching the top. Then, she saw a taoist wearing his black and white yin yang outfit and oracle hat staring at her.
“Name’s Chen Ri Ye. Defeat me or go back,” He took out his bronze coin sword, charged it with metal aura and threw bronze coins on her as if they were darts. She ran to the bottom while throwing mini spears on him. Sounds of metal clashing were heard and neither shots hit them.
“I will,” She took out her et-airnias and charged it with thunder aura. “Don’t hold back,” She threw the weapon to him, yet he grabbed it without any electrocution and threw it back with greater force. She jumped to dodge the counterattack, but electrical pulses spread onto the ground, forming a non-electrocuting net. She jumped to the weapon, trying to pick it up, yet,
“You are not playing tricks here,” He flew downwards, pulled the sword and broke it into a pair of sword lance and threw them back to her. She caught them, recombined them and launched wave slash attack (an attack that slash and launch a slash wave on its target simultaneously) on him.
“I don’t think so,” The attack hit him and he was shocked for a while. Then, she strafed to her right, turned left and spun her et-airnias repeatedly. He was slashed repeatedly, but he seemed to stop being damaged after a few slashes. Then, his senses were back and she quickly jumped to the top.
“Yeah, and you pulled it off. This means I can pull one as well,” He flowed some thunder aura onto the ground without getting noticed and flew towards her. She ran around the room, but after a few seconds suddenly she was electrocuted for a second. Just when she recovered from electrocution, he reached her back and cross slashed her. She fell down and got electrocuted again for a few seconds.
“You…I guess only this can go against you,” She switched her sneakers to rubber boots and she stopped electrocuting. She stabbed her et-airnias onto the surface and some light gold lines were visible inside the water crystal. She picked it up and stared at him, wondering why he haven’t do anything yet.
“Total moron. Attack me, or I’ll finish you!” He jumped to the opposite side of her and switched to bronze sword before dashed towards her while charging her sword with pyro aura. Trails of aura seemed to form a spear tip like shield. She swung her weapon as if it was a normal sword lance and he was thrown 5 meters midair, yet,
“!” A flame burst was launched from his sword, with thunder sparks well hidden from it. She ran around and jumped in random directions to dodge the burst, but some thunder sparks hit the net and travelled in the net, hindering her movements. She flew midair and charged her et-airnias with hydro aura, yet,
“Not so fast, you moron!” He launched a flame burst again. She threw it towards the burst as if it was a rotating rod and the burst was extinguished, but steam was formed around the room and their sights were hindered. As the result, he was hit by the attack and thrown onto the surface. He fell onto the bottom and lose his grip on his sword.
“Damn…he must be here somewhere,” She cast clear and the steam was disappeared. She teleported her et-airnias back to her hands, waiting for his next move. The trial will come to an end….


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