Route of Earth(Path 122-The Holy Trial Final Stage Second Half)

“Tch…this isn’t right. I must fight her in another way,” Ri Ye switched to a bamboo brush and attacked Tefia by writing random Chinese characters. Knowing she will hit once she come close to him, she switched to a fountain pen and drew random lines as blockage.
“Take this!” She charged her pen with astro and earth auras. “Asteroid rain!” Asteroids were rained onto him, yet they were all blocked by a flurry of Chinese characters in ink. Knowing this will turn into attrition, he switched to a wooden sword and dashed towards her. She blocked his slashed by forming a laser rod blade from her pen, but the blow is strong the her hands started to feel pain.
“Your physical strength is not sufficient!” He slashed her with stronger blows and her pen was thrown away, yet she kicked him to the top before he could land a direct hit on her. He fell down after crashed onto the surface. She switched to her et-airnias and shot a few tetrahedral water crystals on him, but,
“You are certainly holding back. This will be your downfall,” He stood up and knocked the shots back to her. She jumped to the top and flew towards him while charging herself and her et-airnias with thunder aura, with the weapon placed exactly below her. A thunder hawk was “formed” and dived to him.
“!” She was blocked and thrown away with the water crystals on her weapon shattered when he shielded himself with an oracle barrier. She landed while recovering her weapon, waiting for him to launch his next attack. Then, he launched his barrier to her. She strafed to her right, but the shield moved according to her movement.
“Ha, you think you can really go against me?” He switched to his bamboo stick and randomly launched ground waves by slamming the ground randomly. She could not move close towards him, so she broke the barrier into pieces instead. Then, she created random shockwaves by stabbing the ground randomly as disruptions over the ground waves
“Yes,” She jumped over the ground waves and attempted to attack from above, yet he stopped launching ground waves and launched a slash wave on her instead. The slash wave was knocked back at him, yet he jumped away and dodged her attack. Then, she turned around and saw him charging himself with oracle aura.
“This is getting worse. What is she made of?” An oracle barrier was formed again, but this time oracle laser beams were emitted on her like needles. She could only run to safety, but after a few seconds she could only fly around the room and still dodging the attacks. She switched to a pair of rocket launchers and shot the rockets, but they were exploded just after being shot.
“What is he trying to do?” She switched to a pair of water crystal cannons and launched water crystals on the barrier. After 5 minutes, cracks were formed on the barrier and he was forced to stop attacking and repaired his barrier. Then, he charged himself with photons and laser pillars were launched out of nowhere, one at a time.
“Let’s see if you can navigate the maze that I’ve created,” More laser pillars were emitted and her shots were all blocked. She switched to her ifnarisis and stabbed it into a laser pillar, attempting to absorb photons from it. Then, she dodged a few incoming laser pillars while pulling out her weapon. After a few minutes, she was hit and fell to the bottom.
“I guess this is hit or miss, I guess,” He teleported to the top and charged himself with more photons, but suddenly, “Take this!” A light pillar struck through the barrier and he was hit out of his consciousness. She finally passed the holy trial, but this is yet the end….


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