Route of Earth(Path 123-Sudden Partners)

Tefia was teleported into a white painted brick room which she could not see anything. Then, the fairy rod appeared in front of her. It was as long as her ifnarinas and having butterfly shaped wings as decorations. Its tip is spherical Pyrex glass. After a few seconds, they combined into a new weapon. The butterfly wings formed a plus with the metal block while its handle became thinner. The tail blade and the ruby was sealed with 1 centimeter thick Pyrex glass.
“I shall name it….” Just when she talked to the weapon, suddenly someone appeared in front of her.
“Faroifnas, eh?” She closed her eyes, imagining the weapon in her mind. Then, she opened her eyes and shocked. “What the hell you are doing here?” She pointed her faroifnas at Lefio. He was seen standing with Meltine.
“Let’s go. We have to aid Ancrast and Weiloe. They are already in the realm of satan,” Meltine winked at her.
“Just to tell you that you are not alone. Anyway, goodbye,” Lefio told his final words before teleported away. After a few seconds, Tefia was teleported away as well. It’s time to see how other chosen ones faring….

I’ll take a few days of hiatus as I haven’t started the next novel yet. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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