Route of Peaks (Path 0-Dark Dream)

Inside a dark chamber, a purple hollow was looking eight rotating holy weapons. A circle with eight drawn radii was seen on the ground. Then, suddenly a pillar of light was seen and a man wearing platinum armor rushed towards it.
“My lord, stop it! If this fails this country will be doomed!”
“Don’t worry, I know I can slay that demon with ease,”
“Sorry, but for Zyland, I must stop you!” He rushed to the circle, grabbed something looked like a feather pen and white smokes were emitted from it.
“No!” The pen was broken. The magic circle emitted a shockwave before disappeared. Everything was crumbling and the man ran away. “I guess I have no choice then,” The hollow teleported itself away.
After a few second,
“Ha…ha…ha….” A man wearing pajamas was panting on his bed. A rusted compass was seen on a table next to it. “Why I always getting this dream about dad lately?” He continued to sleep. He did not know that he will face his destiny….


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