Route of Peaks (Path 1-Way of The Chosen)

The next morning, a man appeared at the mountain pathway at Norsia village. The pathway seemed to be like mountain road for vehicles, perhaps to make the pathways looked like two way. The grass was growing between the pathways and the slopes. His Kevlar jacket and blue jeans seemed to be worn out.
“Visiting the old temple again, Cogra Hazran?” An old man with a steel walking stick appeared beside him out of a sudden.
“Yeah, indeed. I feel that I need to pray. See ya,” He walked along the mountain paths while viewing the scenery. The Clesc mountain range was clearly seen with mountains far away from where he was standing while the forest at the mountain foots were seemed intact. At the meantime, he taking out a newspaper and the headline reads, “A new victim of the saint statues fell off a cliff,” After 15 minutes of walking, he saw stairs on his left and walked there. It was suspended in air, but for years it was there and there were no signs of collapsing. The handrails and barriers prevented any unfortunate incidents. A trapezoidal shape was seen upwards, slowly revealing the actual temple as he walk upwards. The unknown magic circle carvings was seen on the walls. After a few seconds,
“Oh, a visitor. I thought that I am the only people who visit this place. Good day, sir,” An officer wearing brown color, presumably a heritage preservation officer saw him and walked past him. upon reaching upstairs he saw a statue at the center of a platform with some unknown scribbles below it. It appeared as if a female winged angel was standing on a stone and petrified. The statue was not there the last time he was visiting the  temple a week ago. He walked towards the statue and examined it while wearing skin tight barrier gloves. After a few touches around its wings, suddenly,
“Are you the son of Arwol Hazran? I’ve been waiting for you,” The statue was disappeared and replaced with an actual angel. Her wings looked like being in one piece but the touch feel seemed to be from a lot of feathers. Her pale green robe with a stainless steel moon boomerang lance was clearly seen.
“Yes. So, is my ordeal starts? I’m ready,” He sighed as he taking out his compass and it was glowing, unlike his previous visits. It flew inside the temple, leaving him with astonishment. “I guess it’s time,” He slowly walked into the temple with very light steps. The interior was empty except the wall carvings up to a circular hole at the top and a cylinder stone slab at the center, which was glowing as the compass was placed on a hole top on it, something that never happened in his previous visits. Then, upon reaching the stone slab, he was teleported away and a light beam was emitted straight out from the temple’s top.
“Your path to atone your father’s sin begins now. Seek the path and find the holy items. Also, the cursed saints,” An unknown sound was heard and Cogra found himself inside a completely white dimension.
“I see. May I get guidance from the gods,” He uttered the words before he was teleported back to the temple’s chamber, with the light beam disappeared and the compass was inside his dimensional storage. Just when he walked out of the temple,
“Let’s go. We have job to do, isn’t it?” The angel yelled at him below the stairs. He quickly ran down and walked along the mountain pathway. “Sieffe. Sieffe Odphi. And you are Cogra Hazran, isn’t it?” Their task begins….


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