Route of Peaks(Path 2-First Encounter)

After one kilometer of walking,
“I thought that there will be demons here, but I haven’t heard of any demon attacks as of now. But it appeared that demon attacks were rampant in other continents,” Cogra asked Sieffe.
“The Zard incident made the demons thought that your route does not exists. That’s why, but some unknown reasons I feel that there is some sort of substitute for their absence. Did you hear any crimes around here?” Sieffe took out her stainless steel rod. It was polished with shoe wax, thus the black color.
“There is a group of bandits who wants to claim the mountains as a ‘unified Phlaq symbol’. They did some ferocious crimes such as murder and robbery. Recently they have invaded Ziasc and our village is rumored to be their next target. Hopefully they are not here yet,” Cogra took out his parker pen and formed a 65 centimeters long laser blade. The winds were blowing, strong enough to blew some sands away. They sky was gray in color and it was raining cats and dogs. The damp on the leaves on the slopes was clearly seen. After a few minutes, they heard some running steps.
“Looks like we’ve got company. Slay them without mercy!” Several thieves with farmer clothing and cloth mask covering their mouths appeared with their hoes. They were dashing like ninjas and pointed their hoes as if they were ramming someone.
“You are not reigning the peaks!” Cogra switched his laser blade into a gun pod and shot a few air bursts onto their legs, tripping them down onto the ground. They quickly stood up and rushed towards them while dodging the air bursts. He switched the shots into electric sparks which electrocuted them, yet they shrugged off the pain and jumped.
“Fools,” Sieffe charged her rod with non-elemental aura and kicked it to the thieves. A barrier was formed and knocked them away below the mountain ranged, with the hoes dropped onto the ground. Then, just when she teleported her rod back to her hands, a gunner wearing cowboy clothing with a pair of 16 bullet revolver appeared. Oddly, his clothing was dry instead of wet.
“Now we get a new oppressive force. I thought that the Phlaq Mountain Unity Front is unopposed, but I guess I have to get rid of one now,” He charged his revolvers with fire aura and shot a few burning bullets which burning violently under the rain, perhaps the bullets were coated with turpentine. Sieffe blocked them with her rod which still have its barrier, but the shots made the barrier crack.
“So this is your evil syndicate’s name, huh? I will remember it very well,” Corga switched the gun pod back to the laser blade and stabbed the rod, turning the barrier into a reflective barrier and recovered it instantly. The bullets hit midair with the reflected ones, effectively wasting the gunner’s bullets.
“Damn you…you shall regret this!” The gunner teleported himself away. The rain was getting stronger and the winds blew harder, yet this does not stop their walk along the mountain pathways. Cogra pulled out his pen and dissipated its laser blade to conserve energy. Sieffe was looking at the sky, wondering if this is a sign from the gods.
“Your pen…it is unique. I like its abilities,” Sieffe smiled while continued her walk. Cogra quickly followed her. At the meantime, at an isolated hut,
“What? Our attacks failed? This is impossible! Now get some rest and attack him. This time, succeed or die!” A man was shouting at the gunner before he was teleported away. This is not a small threat….


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