Route of Peaks (Path 3-A Prototype)

While they were still on their way to their first cursed saint statues, they found a new branching mountain path which were never appeared before.
“The looks and the lack of vegetation on the ground…it is newly made, but the lack of sands…it is not made by humans,” Cogra examined the ground with his bare hands. “Let’s check the path. It might be a newly made cursed saint,” He walked upwards with his pen on his right hand, with the laser blade visible.
“As you wish, but be ready of enemy assaults. It could be made by the Phlaq Mountain Unity Front,” She took out her rod and followed him. His sight upwards was sharp, without anything as hindrance. Then, when they reached the top they were standing at the mountain’s peak and teleported to a floating platform. The mountain range of Phlaq continent is completely visible. Then, he saw a human shaped statue which was glowing.
“My name is Belas. I’m not a cursed saint, but as a test subject of whether you can take on them. Don’t hold back,” The glow disappeared and a constantan thread armored lancer was seen. Being a prototype of a cursed saint, he has no wings at all. He started his attack by charging his stainless steel lance and stabbed it onto the ground.
“We will, cos we need to know how much minimal power is needed to destroy an average one,” Boulders were dropped from the sky, but they merely dodged them while dashing towards him, attempting a near range attack but he jumped away and a boulder dropped onto them, which they quickly dashed away from it while moving towards him.
“If taking you out means using a lot of energy we are nothing but weaklings!” He was soon cornered but three boulders dropped onto the ground blocked their movement. Rather than jumping inside of charge straight on, they dashed backwards and charged themselves with fire aura, preparing for a spell.
“I guess I have no choice, huh?” Just when they cast fire ignalial together and a magic circle appeared on the ground, the boulder were suddenly pushed out of the platform, which caused them to lose focus dodging the boulders and the spell was delayed, giving him chance to run away from the magic circle.
“This is no longer testing! This is slaughter!” Cogra increased his focus using his anger and delayed the spell until Belas was on his spell’s magic circle while Sieffe switched to an automatic gun and shot a few bullets on him, but his dodging skills was great that Cogra could not “lock on” his target. After a few seconds, when he just happen to jump across his spell’s magic circle,
“What?” Cogra activated the spell and flames were emitted from the magic circle like a geyser bursting out. His armor was heated that he was damaged by the heat from the armor rather than actually burned. He fell onto the ground and lost ability to battle as he was gasping in pain. After a few seconds, he woke up and healed himself, but he stopped fighting.
“So, are we fit for our mission?” Sieffe was puzzled by his move.
“I fear that you would dish out too much damage on them that they will be killed. I know gods are cruel to your continent’s people by placing the curse saint status and the innocents were harmed, but don’t make it a source of vengeance. It is frowned upon by the gods,” He teleported himself away before they were teleported back to the spot where they climbed up the branch earlier.
“As I expected, no, the gods are really testing us,” They continued their way. There are more enemies after this….


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