Route of Peaks(Path 4-Revenge Part One)

While they were on their way with the rain stopped, the thieves who attacked them earlier appeared again, but armed with pitchforks instead of hoes and dashed towards them faster than their first encounter.
“You didn’t learn your lesson, huh?” Cogra charged his laser blade on his pen and launched a few ground travelling slash waves. Just when they jumped, he swung his laser blade upwards and the slash waves followed suit. As the result, they were hit and crashed onto the ground, with the pitchforks stabbed onto them.
“Die!” Sieffe charged herself with electric aura and cast electric ignalial on them. A magic circle appeared on the ground, but they quickly jumped away and dodged the spell. They continued running towards him with increased speed. Cogra changed his laser blade into a mini shield and generated a spiked barrier by charging it with non-elemental aura. The attacks from the thieves were blocked while spikes were launched from the spikes, hitting them hard.
“Tch…you are certainly powerful…but it takes more than that to kill us!” They teleported themselves away from them, switched to shotguns with extremely sharp spike bullets and fired them from a distance, trying to prevent any close range attacks. The blows were so strong that the spikes were crushed and Cogra was forced to charged his shield constantly to maintain his barrier.
“Long range, huh? I shall ruin you no matter what!” Sieffe switched to a pair of shoulder cannons and fired explosive cannonballs in projectile motion, but they were blown midair by a few rounds of the shotgun bullets while a few of them fending off the spikes from the barrier. She switched to a laser ball with the same trajectory and they dashed backwards to dodge them, knowing that they can’t be destroyed.
“Aaaargh!” He charged his spiked barrier with photons and the spikes emitted laser beams, which eliminated the pressure on the barrier but still away from hitting them. Sieffe switched to a pair of shoulder laser cannons and fired laser blasts on them on a horizontal trajectory, yet they jumped, switched to rocket launchers and fired a few rockets on them.
“This is nothing!” Sieffe fired another few blasts and destroyed the rockets midair. Cogra quickly pointed his shield upwards and the spikes were directed at them once again. This time, they were hit and crashed onto the ground. He quickly pointed his shield horizontally and resumed his spike attacks.
“We will not going down…for our own ideals!” They woke up without even healing themselves. Their clothing were badly ripped while their faces were severely bruised. They switched to steel hoes with oak wood handle and dashed towards them while blocking the laser beams from the spikes.
“Oh? Then this shall be your gateway to peaceful rest!” Cogra switched his shield into a laser blade shaped like a metal blade and launched a few slash waves. They jumped to dodge the slash waves, only to the hit by Sieffe when she switched to shoulder gatling guns and fired as if they were machineguns. Their bodies could not sustain their damage and crash onto the ground, losing their fight capabilities forever.
“I guess this means they are down. Let’s continue our path. I guess this means fighting against them for sure,” Sieffe teleported the corpses away and cleaned the battlefield.
“Yeah. And you are more versatile than I think,” Cogra smiled at her and continued walking under the sunny and clear sky. She felt weird of his words, but she quickly followed his steps. At the meantime, someone was spying at them from the woods at the upper slopes.
“This is your last day of living,” This is dangerous….


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