Route of Peaks(Path 5-Revenge Part Two)

The gunner stormed down the mountain slope while taking out a pair of uzi sub machineguns, which Sieffe unnoticed, but Cogra switch to a steel wand with a spherical glucose sphere as its “gemstone” attachment, charged it with ice aura and fired a few spike shaped freeze bursts on him, which formed ice spikes on the slopes. He ignored his injury and continued storming down, thinking that the bullets were best saved against them.
“This is not enough!” He jumped over a few spikes while shooting at them. Sieffe stared sharply at him before taking out a burst pipe, charged it with rock aura and shot a few rock pellets on him using wind blows from her mouth. The shots were so precise and fast that they pierced through his body and lost his focus.
“This…you….” He fell onto the mountain pathway, almost falling off to the slope, but he quickly woke up and healed himself. He switched to a pair of cylancos. The sword’s brass blade was replaced by a pencil shaped brass laser gun pod and dashed towards them while launching laser slash waves on them.
“I can pull this off as well!” Cogra switched to his pen, altered his laser blade into a planar blade and launched laser slash waves, with the shape and speed exactly the same. Sounds of deflected slash waves hitting the mountain slope was heard and it was getting louder and louder. Just when their distance was less than 5 meters,
“And you seemed to forget that I am here,” Sieffe switched to a bronze wand with a cubic amber attached onto it, charged the wand with air aura and cast air jet on him. He was blown with wind that the gunners and his slash waves’ speed were reduced. Cogra quickly increased his attack speed and launched more slash waves. He quickly dashed backwards, which the wind made his dodging more effective.
“I guess this means I have nothing to lose after all,” He switched to his uzi and charged it with dimensional aura. “Let’s see if you can resist this!” He shot the bullets that speed up when wind was blowing against their movement. Sensing this trick, Sieffe inverted the wind blows and the bullets were directed towards him instead and his gun was damaged instead.
“Hmph,” Cogra teleported himself to his back, charged his feet and kicked his crotch, sending him 10 meters vertically upwards. Then, Cogra reformed his laser blade, held his pen as if his sword is in reverse grip and launched a narrower but longer slash waves which was rotating like a drill. The gunner quickly formed a deflective barrier around himself and it was directed at Sieffe instead.
“Are you forgetting something?” She charged his wand with non-elemental aura and apparently nothing happened. The gunner laughed and dashed towards Cogra while switching to a alsiegit. The hammer’s metal blocks were painted black and rather than being single on both sides it was a smaller one attached to a larger one. Then, The gunner launched the larger metal blocks on Cogra, trying to attack him when he is dodging the metal blocks, but suddenly,
“What?” Just when the large metal blocks hit the ground and Cogra jumped to dodge it, the slash wave the gunner launched earlier suddenly appeared in front of him and pierced through his body, throwing him off the slopes onto the ground, 500 meters down from where they standing.
“I guess this is what people mean when doing bad deeds nets you nothing but bad karma,” Cogra drank a bottle of energy potion while throwing one to Sieffe.
“Yeah. Let’s continue. I sensed something nearby but can’t sure what is it. Let’s go,” Sieffe drank one and continued walking. The route continues….


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