Route of Peaks(Path 6-Slope Rest)

Around 1900, they were tired and decided to rest by the mountain slope. The woods on the slopes above and below are different than the ones near Cogra’s village. The sun was set and the mountain path was dark, forcing him to use torch spell on his pen and it turned into like an actual electrical torch.
“Hey, are you sure of this? If you rest here more of your people will be a victim under the cursed saints,” Sieffe was polishing her rod with bee wax and soaked them in palm oil using a sink magic. The night was filled with stars and the moon of Lefrad was clearly seen. It appeared that the Scorpio stars were visible that night, which giving her a few shivers.
“We can’t move forever. We need rest or how we are going to crush the cursed saints?” Cogra was placing his pen onto the ground and light was seen emitting from both ends of the pen. He sighed at the weapon and turned to look at Sieffe, who was just sitting beside him. She gave her a smile and looked away from him, perhaps not getting used to looking at people at such a close distance.
“I see. Um…why does the cursed saints are here? Is it because of the Zard incident which pissing the gods off?” She stood up and gazed upon the lights at the bottom. Apparently the area down there was urbanized with things completely different with anywhere outside of the Phlaq continent. Lights was flashing as if they were from planet Earth instead of Lefrad.
“This is one of the reasons, but apparently the gods wants to put an alternate test as a substitute of demons since that they won’t attack here anyway. It could be a punishment to the Phlaq citizens as they overly modernized this continent and leading to Yedrei-Phlaq confrontation. I don’t know if what we are doing is actually right, but at least the part of building space stations and various observation probes was welcomed by the gods,” He stood up and walked to her side, tapping her shoulder. “And who are you actually? It appeared that you know everything,”
“I was informed by the gods who oversees the whole thing and tasked to go along with you. After all, it is very dangerous for you to go alone in a mission like this, especially that the enemies that I was not informed appeared out of nowhere,” She pushed his hands down, but seemed to holding his hands while blushing.
“If this is what you are worried about you are dreaming. If I can be the chosen one that means I can fight very well. You should seen my battles which happened along the day,” He let go his hands off and sat back against the mountain slope and took a nap. He just put his hands on the slope and closed his eyes, snorting as if he has nothing to worry about.
“Sure surely have a little worry in your life, huh? You are quite cute in this regard,” She picked up the pen and the torch light was disappeared. Then, she slept beside him with her head leaned against his right shoulder. The calm wind ease their sleep. At the meantime, at an isolated hut,
“Boss, the ones whom you called to attack them were found died at the mountain foot. Apparently it’s the work of the same people,” A man was reporting to his boss after burying several corpses.
“What? Damn…if this keeps on this is bad…set up some barricades in front of this hut! We must prevent them getting to us!” He gave the command and walked outside. At the meantime, somewhere along the mountain path,
“Target detected…target detected….” The cursed saint shall be revealed….


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