Route of Peaks(Path 7-Sepuluh Part One)

0600 the next day, they woke up and continued walking around the mountain path. There was no branches until they stumbled to a cursed saint statue. It was wingless and seen holding a dagger. Just when they examined the statue, it suddenly flashes and blinded them as if seeing a flashbang exploded. Then, when their sights were recovered,
“What? So this is what we have deal with?” A man wearing black cloak, mask and gloves wielding a pair of stainless steel kitchen knives were seen in front of them. They were standing at the same platform they were when they fought the cursed saints’ prototype. This time, the platform was sandy rather than looked rough while it was surrounded by an infinitely high barrier, which seemed to be indestructible.
“I’m the tenth cursed saint, Sepuluh. Feel my wrath,” He dashed towards Cogra at extreme speed using flash spell that he could not react and he was cut a few times. Then, the spell was ended and his speed was more reasonable, leading Cogra blocking Sepuluh’s cross slash using his pen’s laser blade.
“You are fighting two people, you fool!” Sieffe dashed towards him while taking out a stainless steel spear, but he noticed her presence and jumped to his right. Then, he charged his knives with metal aura which duplicated his knives midair. The knives were launched as if the knives were rained onto them.
“You surely strong enough to hold onto my attacks, but defense only strategy is always a failure!” Cogra jumped backwards to Sieffe, switched his laser blade on his pen into a shield, charged it with non-elemental aura and formed a barrier while shrugging off the damage from the knives. Then, Sepuluh charged his legs with poison aura and launched diving kick attack on them, attempting to poison them with its blow.
“Tch…you think we are holding back? No!” Cogra switched his shield into a drill and threw it as if it was a lance. Knowing it will hit, Sepuluh warped to their back, yet they sensed it and jumped away from him. Sieffe turned around and threw her rod while charging it with electric aura. Just when he landed onto the ground the rod hit him and he was electrocuted, but he shrugged off the pain and forced his body to pick up the rod and threw it back to her.
“This is impossible!” Sieffe took back the rod and flew towards him. He merely stood up and formed a rock wall by charging the platform with rock aura. The wall was completely crushed, but he managed to catch his legs and flip her over. Then, suddenly Cogra dashed towards her, charged his fists and,
“Human shockwave!” He punched her straight to Sepuluh with shockwaves emitted injuring both him and Sepuluh. She crashed straight to Sepuluh and this gave a chance for him to strike her back by switching to a pair of dagger. Knowing this particular tactic, she quickly teleported herself to Cogra.
“You surely know how to defeat me, huh? But you will never be able to execute it!” He jumped backwards, switched to a pair of arm laser cannons and fired laser bursts on them. They switched to arm mounted drills and dashed towards him while blocking the bursts fired on them. Just when they reached close, he suddenly knocked his cannons onto the ground and fired a blast onto the platform.
“!” Laser blasts suddenly struck up and hit them repeatedly upwards, throwing them 25 meters away from the platform. Then, Sepuluh teleported above them and slammed them onto the ground using his cannons’ barrel. They crashed onto the ground, suffering from severe injuries. This is not over yet….


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