Route of Peaks(Path 8-Sepuluh Part Two)

“Uggghhh…this isn’t over yet….” Sieffe woke up while lifting up Cogra. They both crutching using their weapons, looking at Sepuluh with their blurry vision. A light spot was clearly visible, triggering their senses and they quickly jumped off a laser burst fired on them.
“I guess I should have finished you off!” Sepuluh switched to a fan shaped laser gun, but Cogra quickly teleported to his front and stabbed him straight through the weapon before jumping back. Then, he emitted laser beams right from his laser blade’s tip with firing pattern of a sprinkler. Sepuluh blocked them with a barrier, but it was quickly shattered. Whether the attack hits was unknown as he was surrounded by the smoke formed when the laser beams hit the ground.
“You can’t escape my eyes,” Sieffe switched to a spell gun and fired a electric pulse just when Sepuluh strafed to his right, piercing through his right shoulder and a magic circle appeared on the ground where he was standing. He merely standing there, letting her firing electric pulses at him.
“Watch out!” Cogra quickly teleported to her back and pushed her away. An electric spark struck down onto him, causing him to be electrocuted, yet he tried to flow the current into his laser blade. Electric sparks were seen surrounding it like an electric cage. “This is your mistake!” He teleported to Sepuluh’s back and stabbed him. Sepuluh was electrocuted, but the current flowed back to him that he teleported himself to Sieffe.
“You haven’t win yet!” They were suddenly sealed in an electric cage while Sepuluh ejected the laser blade, charged it with fire aura and launched it to them as if fired from a grenade launcher. “!” Cogra strafed slightly to his left and held his pen. The laser blade was burning while he cut the cage into half before it disappeared.
“Of course, but the victory is not yours! That’s for sure!” Sieffe switched to her rod and dashed towards Sepuluh, dodging explosives rounds fired from Sepuluh’s “pill” launcher by wither jumping, strafing or bending while waiting for Cogra to turn his laser blade into a fire blade. After 5 seconds,
“Burn beam!” A crimson red beam was fired upwards, which distracted Sepuluh and he ended knocked over and over again before stuck upwards by a hit through his chin. She quickly jumped backwards while the beam hit him and dashed back upon him crashing the ground, delivering a slam which knock him out of his consciousness.
“!” Cogra and Sieffe were teleported back to the very spot they examined Sepuluh, but he was missing with a scroll reads:
“You win, huh? That’s how the chosen one should fight. Good luck on fighting the next one,”
“Let’s go. I sensed our enemy somewhere nearby,” Sieffe yelled at her while continued walking along the mountain pathway. Cogra quickly chased her. At the meantime, at a hut somewhere near them,
“Hey, are the preparations complete?” A full armored knight was standing in front of a fortified gate.
“Yes. The weapons and personnel are ready, sir,” A bandit answered him with a formal tone.
“Good. Now get into positions. Our enemy is currently on their way,” The armored knight put a few cannons on the ground, readying to strike them once they arrived. At the meantime,
“Hey, are you sure of this? It is indeed their fault, but storming their base like this might be a little risky,” An elf was talking to a vampire.
“I know, but I sensed some people going there. If we join forces then we have some good chance. Let’s go and find them quick,” The vampire replied him nonchalantly. This will take some time….


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