Route of Peaks(Path 9-Fortified Challenge Part One)

Just when Cogra and Sieffe saw a branching mountain pathway, they saw an elf and a vampire, apparently having the same target.
“Are you going upwards?” The elf asked him. His spiked club with a sword handle was clearly seen while the vampire was seen wielding her brass round shield attached to a pole.
“Yes. Someone there has attacked us so we decided to strike them back,” Cogra took out his pen with his laser blade formed. Sieffe took out his rod as well.
“Great. My name is Irliay Jike and he is Ophark Krigs. Let’s storm this wretched den of the bandits,” Irliay quickly ran upwards while charging it with vacuum aura. The others quickly chased her. After 5 minutes, they were blocked by a full armored knight and the cannons around him were suddenly fired on them.
“This is nothing against us!” Ophark charged his club and launched slash waves while strafing left and right, destroying the cannon rounds fired at them. The rest did the same thing with their weapons and the cannons were destroyed. Then, the armored knight took out a two handed laser cannon and fired a huge blast.
“Ha, this isn’t enough to defeat us!” Cogra quickly dashed, switched his laser blade into a shield and formed a barrier. The blast was so strong that despite the barrier shows no signs of weakening, he was slowly pushed backwards, with no room for errors. He sensed aura behind the knight and changed the angle of his barrier while switched to deflective barrier.
“Let me help you, Cogra,” Sieffe saw his moves, took out her shoulder cannons and fired in projectile motion. The shots hit the artilleries behind the fortification  while the deflected blast was slowly destroying it. Knowing that they were dominating the fight, he switched to a pair of arm mounted gatling gun and rapidly fired them, but Cogra enlarged his deflective barrier and the shots were all deflected to the artilleries behind the fortification.
“This is not your stage!” Ophark launched the spikes out from his club and fired tornado needles on the armored knight, which slowly pushed him backwards while drilling his armor. Then suddenly a laser burst was fired from Irliay’s pole shield, knocking him straight onto the fortified gate. A few seconds later, the artilleries behind the gate fired rockets on them.
“I guess I have no choice here. I you want it so much, this is it,” Irliay switched to a bowgun and fired screw tipped arrows to the rockets, which exploded them midair. Sounds and colors of explosion were not distracting anyone from attacking. Cogra switched his laser blade to a cannon pod, charged it with wood aura and fired a high speed aerial battering ram.
“Oh no, you don’t, you wretched fighter. I’m not guarding here without reason!” Knowing that getting hit means instant knockout, he quickly strafed to his right, took out a grunt hammer and attempted to knock it back. Instead, he was stunned by the impact despite both the hammer and the battering ram was stopped instantly.
“But you alone can’t do everything!” Ophark charged his still launched spikes with ice aura and fired ice needles onto the fortified gate. The ice needles broke instantly upon hitting the fortification, forcing him to charged the spikes with acid aura and fired corrosive shots instead. This time, holes were seen on the gate.
“Let me finish this. Everyone, stay back!” Irliay switched back to her pole shield while charging it with light and dark auras. “Dualist blast!” A gray colored blast was fired on the gate. The armored knight attempted to block it using a barrier, but it was shattered the instant it was formed and the gate was destroyed, along with the artilleries behind it. The raid continues….


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