Route of Peaks(Path 10-Fortified Challenge Part Two)

While they were walking upwards the mountain pathway,
“Mooks. Let’s go,” Cogra switched his cannon pod into a gun pod and fired laser shots at the bandits blocking their way to the top. Sieffe followed suit by switching to a pair of shoulder gatling barrels.
“What the foolishly hell you are doing? Stop their advance!” A man wearing blue formal wear with a face covering scarf yelled. Mortars were fired down onto them, but they were crushed by the spikes launched from Ophark’s club. Irliay took out her pole shield and, charged it with acid aura and launched bursts of hydrochloric acid to corrode the mortars, making them easier to be curshed. After one minute, the bandits were mostly killed and the mortars were stopped firing.
“Sorry, but you don’t,” Cogra saw him and fired a shot, but it was missed and ran down over the dead bodies of the attacked bandits while taking out a platinum sword. Its side blades were shifted away, making an opening wide enough to fire twin laser beams. Then, he fired a few laser beams to Cogra, but Cogra quickly switched his gun pod into a shield and blocked the beams.
“Aaaaaargh!” Sieffe switched to a two handed positron cannon and fired a positron blast towards him, crushing the mountain path, yet he managed to jump just in time, albeit being damaged by the splattering rocks from the ground, throwing him out of his control. Ophark quickly directed his spikes and struck him repeatedly.
“This is what you get when you work for the evil beings!” Irliay charged her pole shield with photons and fired a laser blast straight at him, killing him instantly. His dead body fell down straight to the ledges. Then, a girl walked out from the hut at the top. Her purple robe with garnet attached to a constantan wand were emitting wind aura.
“So, he died? I’ve told him to stay out of this despicable job, but now…I’ll be very glad that if you leave me alone,” She walked down onto the mountain pathway, searching for the guy’s body. But suddenly a man walking up, albeit limping and crutching using his pair of cupronickel sword. “That’s enough of you! Look at your dead comrades!” She quickly ran downwards and slapped him. “Are you really want to die then regret whatever you’ve down then you’ll satisfied? Please, return and live peacefully down there, shall we?”
“Let’s go to Norsia. We will be captured if we go down there. We have crossed the point of return. We just have to cross the goal, but with different ends,” He limped and crutched down the mountain path while she slowly healed him.
“I guess this means our liberation mission here is complete. Wait…this is bad. Someone strong is approaching here!” Cogra warned everyone. A large mortar was fired at them in projectile motion. Ophark quickly directed the spikes to the mortar, charged them with acid aura and fired sulfuric acid bursts on it, but it was merely shrinking and getting harder to corrode as the corroded mortar turned into rock aura which was absorbed into the mortar for hardening.
“Ha, you think we are that weak? Never!” Irliay charged her pole shield with metal aura. “Death of infinion!” Metal needles were fired onto the mortar. The attack looked like a swarm of needles trying to burst through the meteor forcefully, but they were all blocked and thrown away, but soon it was covered in a sea of needles. “And this is the proof!” She charged her spikes with fire aura.
“Let us aid you,” Ophark’s spikes surrounded the mortar and formed a pressure field while Cogra and Sieffe charged the needles with wind aura for drill effect.
“Thanks,” She charged them with fire and acid auras. “Burning corrosive drills!” The needles crushed the mortar into dusts. The real challenge just starts….


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