Route of Peaks(Path 11-Fortified Challenge Part Three)

“I guess I have to appear myself in order to defeat you,” The mortar was destroyed into dusts, but the needles were fired at them. A man wearing yellow and white horizontal stripes Kevlar suit appeared in front of them with a goggle on his head appeared at the top of the mountain path. Cogra quickly warped them to the slopes to prevent them used for attacking.
“Shut up!” Irliay charged her pole shield with rock aura and fired a few soccer ball sized mortars to him, only to be launched backwards to them by a repel barrier. Suddenly, Ophark teleported to the mortars and knocked them back to him by force. The repel barrier was broken, but he managed to dodge them and the counterattack missed.
“You seemed to forget that you are fighting against four of us,” A rod hit him at a sudden. Then, he took the rod, only to be electrocuted. Irliay fired her mortars again, only to be crushed into bits with a few electric sparks fired from the electrocution which healed him instantly. Cogra switched his shield into a positron cannon pod and fired a blast at him, but he formed a barrier from the rod and the blast was blocked.
“I know, and I know your tricks,” He threw the rod back to her. She attempted to hold her weapon but it ended up exploded and throwing her down the mountain path. He smiled wryly while charging himself with ice aura. The mountain path was turned into ice and they were skidding down. It get worse when snowballs were rolled down the mountain pathway, absorbing the ice aura on it which making it larger.
“If this is your plan, so be it!” They let themselves thrown off the icy pathway, charged themselves with wind aura and dashed midair towards him. Sieffe teleported herself to his back and smacked him down the ground, yet he managed to land and standing still while reverting the icy pathway back to normal.
“You certainly knows everything, huh?” Cogra dashed down towards him, only to be blocked by a repel barrier. Suddenly, Ophark’s spikes fired laser beams on him with chaining hits. Smokes covered the pathway as the spikes continued firing, but suddenly the spikes were destroyed when he appeared among the spikes for a split second before teleporting himself away. The laser beams were fired onto the spikes.
“And we know everything as well,” Irliay turned around and struck him just when he appeared behind her, throwing him straight to a spot on the mountain range, only for him to be warped and she narrowly dodged it. He quickly cast brake, but this gave Sieffe opportunity to cast dark fizat on him. A magic circle appeared above him and a purple colored beam was fired at him, knocking him out of his consciousness and he crashed onto a tree on the mountain slopes.
“Let’s take care of those needles,” Cogra ran down the pathway and looked at the “wall” of needles seen on the mountain slopes. “Any ideas?”
“I guess I’ll have them as ammunition for a needle gun,” Irliay teleported the needles into her dimensional storage. “Let’s go. We have the goal of eliminating the Phlaq Mountain Unity Front, isn’t it?”
“Sure. But only if you go and crush the cursed saints with us,” Sieffe smiled at them and started walking along the straight pathway. The rest just followed her. At the meantime,
“What? Our latest base was destroyed? Send people to stop them! They must not reach the valley!” A man commanded someone through the sound portal,” Their path will be harder to walk….


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