Route of Peaks(Path 12-Background)

While they were walking along the outer mountain path,
“Who are you two actually? From what I know the police could not handle them while the army decided to leave them alone. They think that as long as the bandits are not attacking the ground it is fine,” Cogra asked Ophark and Irliay.
“You surely know the situation around this country. This is why we were sent here. Those people are nothing but wimps. They only accept our presence under international pressure. After all, other countries are currently fighting using the armed forces,” Ophark answered him with an arrogant tone.
“Even my father who is currently the foreign affairs minister was angry over your country’s reply over our involvement,” Irliay sadly looked at the ground, which reminded him the words uttered to them before they started their mission of eliminating the bandits…

Inside a room,
“This is the reply from Tziac. Read if for yourselves. How dare they send such an letter to a foreign country!” A man wearing white formal wear plus a black coat threw a letter to Ophark. It reads:
“You scums are nothing but interfering our internal affairs. You are allowed to infiltrate the bandits, but appear on the ground and you will be shot to death. Oh, your dead body won’t be sent back to your country as well. Instead, your body will the thrown off to the ocean. Hopefully you won’t get such a humiliation,

The Unwelcoming,
Actiseo Irnakra,
Minister of Foreign Relations of Tziac”
“Is this mission a must, sir?” Ophark angrily tear the letter.
“Yes. If no one take care of the bandits over there they might become a continental threat. But as a compensation, you are allowed to take her along. Please take care of her well. She begged me to join you since you appeared,” Irliay appeared beside Ophark.
“Thank you, dad, I mean, Mr. minister,”
“It’s okay. It is only three of us here. Yeah, this is for you. If you make it safe…you know what that means,” The man suddenly threw a pair of rings to them.
“Thank you very much, sir!” They caught the rings and bowed at him.
“Don’t thank me yet, agent. If neither of you come back alive I want those rings back, you know,” He chuckled a bit.
“Don’t worry. This is a mission not only for our country, but also for this continent. We won’t fail you,” They walked out the room with their rings worn.

“They gone as far as that? I’ll vote for the opposition in the next election!” Cogra stomped the ground repeatedly.
“Those humans…no wonder I was assigned to this country,” Sieffe mumbled to herself, but Ophark and Irliay overheard it and stopped walking.
“Are you from another country? I don’t heard that other countries within this continent secretly sending anyone,” Irliay asked her with a curious tone.
“What if I say sent by the gods? I am an angel after all,” Sieffe spread her feathery wings, which wrapped Cogra on purpose. Cogra was embarrassed by her sudden move, but he somehow felt comfortable and warm with it.
“I see. Those statues exists along with every segment of the Phlaq’s mountain range and you two are here to remove them. I guess the bandits are just secondary enemies for you right?” Ophark continued walking.
“No. I consider the bandits as my enemies as well, just don’t expected that I’ll exterminate them myself rather than defending against them,” Cogra and the rest quickly followed them.
“This must be the will of the gods,” At the meantime,
“Hey, are you sure that you are going to fight at this place? We are facing upwards,” A bandit was talking to his coworker.
“This gives us more room to attack,” Another battle ensues….


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