Route of Peaks(Path 13-Downhill Battle)

After two hours of walking, the sun was high above the sky. While they were walking down a slope,
“They are here. Fire the weapons,” Two man with farmer’s clothing fired a few ground waves from several slash wave cannons. They looked like shark fins, with sands flowing off their paths. Cogra switched his laser blade into a surfboard, but Sieffe quickly stopped him, leaving Irliay firing slash waves to knock them back, but they merely move past instead of cancelling each other.
“True concentrated waves…they are determined to go against us,” Sieffe let Cogra go. He slid down the slope with the surfboard perpendicular with the slash wave’s pathway. After a few seconds, Cogra was thrown back to them while the slash waves were blocked and dispersed.
“Damn it…charge!” They ran upwards while firing encased nitroglycerine glass sphere from a 3 meter long cannon, which missed them. The explosions prevented everyone from looking, but knowing the danger Sieffe took out her rod, charged it with rock aura and rolled it down onto the slope, getting bigger as it absorbed rock aura from the sands and smokes.
“This is certainly….” Irliay and Ophark sensed the encases and destroyed them just when they appeared. “A big threat,” Irliay charged her pole shield and fired metal needles down the slope, killing them in a single attack, but sounds of hitting something was still heard. Then, sounds of people falling off the mountain was heard.
“Indeed,” Cogra flew upwards with his surfboard intact and saw hordes of bandits rushing at their direction. The surfboard tuned into a rectangle shaped cannon and fired laser beams on them, killing tens of them with each shot. Suddenly, Sieffe’s rod was thrown towards him along with volleys of bullets fired at him.
“How dare they use my rod against us…this is your ultimate punishment!” Sieffe teleported to Cogra’s right, took back her rod and charged it with vacuum aura. “Suction of doom!” She teleported the rod down the mountain pathway and it was sucking the bandits onto it, leading to a human with human crash. Cogra continued to fire laser beams on the bandits who escaped the rod while dodging the bullets from their guns.
“Shall we aid you?” Irliay charged her pole shield with rock aura and fired boulders, crushing the remaining bandits who were climbing upwards. Then, they continued to roll towards the rod, which were still sucking the bandits.
“This is what we should do in such a situation,” Ophark launched the spikes on his club and fired laser blasts from each of them. The bandits were soon eliminated, but after they walked down the downward slope a new bunch of bandits were seen rushing towards them.
“This can’t be? How they can amass such a huge number of bandits?” Irliay charged her pole shield and fired the boulders again, but this time the boulders were crushed instead. They brandished their stainless steel swords and dashed even faster.
“Doppelgangers…someone is forming them somewhere far away from here. Hang in there and I’ll kill the puppet master!” Cogra quickly reformed his surfboard and flew away from them. The rest tried to hold off by forming a marble wall using wall spell and move it using push spell. After 5 minutes, the bandits suddenly disappeared and Cogra was teleported back.
“Today isn’t my day, but you shall be slaughtered!” A woman wearing dark purple robe with silver coated silk gloves and boots appeared in front of them. His purple painted amber wand with Bakelite handle was emitting concentrated light aura. Another obstacle will attempt to stop them….


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