Route of Peaks(Path 14-Dark Sorcerer)

“Ha, we don’t fight you without the capacity to do so!” Cogra switched his surfboard back to laser blade and dashed towards the woman, but she merely pointed her wand to him and he was stopped instantly. A quick swung of the rod from her stopped everyone, but,
“And this is the proof,” Sieffe charged herself with alkali aura and the purple paint on the amber was washed away, recovering everyone from the stop status ailment. She quickly dashed backwards, trying to run away, yet Ophark charged his spiked club with fire aura and knocked it onto the ground vertically.
“Oh no you don’t!” She charged herself with water aura, turning fire pillar striking her from the ground into steam, absorbed it as her wand’s steam aura and released steam mists onto them. They quickly protected themselves with heat barrier and continued to dash backwards, despite the water drops formed on their barrier and the steam was hindering their vision.
“The same thing goes to you,” Irliay charged her pole shield with light and dark auras. “Trace of Light and Shadow!” She fired a light and dark ball each which traced the woman’s movement and moved along it. Knowing she will be hit, she formed a wall using rock aura and on the mountain pathway, but the balls dodged past it and hit her.
“Now this is for the victims!” Sieffe charged her feet with air, wind and sky auras. “Smash kicking blow!” She kicked it using both of her legs, but just when she hit the wall it was blown into pieces as if it was exploded. In split second a dark green colored energy ball hit her and she was poisoned.
“You should have just stop pursuing me. But since that you are insistent to die I guess I’ll let you have the honor of being killed. Wood magnarid!” The woman charged herself with wood aura and cast the spell. The magic circle formed on the ground was large that they were within the spell’s range. They were hit by wooden spikes striking them over and over again.
“Die? We are not here to die,” Cogra shrugged off the pain, charged his laser blade with fire aura and smashed the wooden spikes back to her while burning them, yet she merely blocked them with a barrier. Then, he tried to dash out the magic circle but an invisible hemispherical barrier blocked him.
“She cheated you. This isn’t a magic circle! This is a spell trap!” Irliay charged her pole shield and slammed the barrier, but shockwaves formed injured them instead. Ophark did the same with his club with the same result. Then, suddenly Sieffe sensed the change in the magic circle’s aura.
“I guess you really want us to go down, but we will stand up till the last drop of our blood,” Sieffe took out her rod, charged it with ice aura and knocked it onto the ground. The barrier and the magic circle was frozen, but soon the ice formed were melt.
“I know what you mean, Sieffe,” The water formed sealed Cogra’s laser blade. “Now this is what I call power!” Then, he charged it with wind aura and launched a hurricane out of his pen’s tip. The barrier was shattered and the magic circle disappeared. The woman tried to block it using a barrier and it shattered instead, washing her down the slopes.
“You pen is indeed a masterpiece. Like our weapons, isn’t it?” Ophark swung his club as if it was a sword, which was easy as it’s handle is a sword hilt.
“Oh? I guess you are right. Perhaps this is why are together. Let’s go. We have to be quick if we want to reach the valley before sunset,” Cogra quickly ran along the mountain path while the others followed him. This is only the beginning…


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