Route of Peaks(Path 15-Assault At The Valley)

After a week of walking and fighting against mobs of enemies attacking them, they arrived at Viloc Valley. The stone made buildings were in rubbles as if the whole town is a ruin. A rock gate was seen with a pair of bamboo fireworks well hidden behind it. They were standing behind a pair of walls as a hiding spot.
“This is it. The main base of operations. Let’s storm inside,” Cogra switched his laser blade into a cannon pod and fired cannonballs in projectile motion, killing the guards around it and destroyed the bamboo fireworks. Sounds of alarms ringing was heard and a hoard of bandits were rushing out.
“This will take care of them,” Sieffe took out her boulder launcher and fired a few rock boulders, smashing many of the bandits but some of them were smart enough to jump over the boulders. Upon sensing a few of them attempting to run past the pair of walls,
“You are not smart enough,” Ophark launched the spikes from his club and fired energy beams on them. The waves of attack was stopped for a while, but after a few seconds a weird sound was heard. It was the rockets fired from a tower far middle to the valley. Sieffe quickly cast metal magnarid and steel pocket knives were fired from magic circles appeared beneath them, exploding them.
“They have such equipment?” Irliay charged her pole shield with fire and wind auras. “Pole shield, rocket launch!” The shield along with part of the pole was fired, revealing a lance hidden inside. It was fired straight to the tower, blocking and dodging attacks from them. Meanwhile, another horde of bandits were rushing towards them, with firearms that slowly withering the walls.
“Doppelganger trick? I guess I have no choice,” Cogra switched his cannon pod to a grenade launcher and fired a few of them to blow them while Sieffe quickly fired several boulders to stop them from advancing. The walls were start cracking, forcing them to fix the walls. After a few seconds,
“Our base was destroyed! Retreat!” The bandits teleported themselves away upon seeing the tower fell onto the ground as it was attacked repeatedly by the launched shield. They quickly walked out the walls and walked inside. The buildings were all damaged, perhaps to create an illusion of nothing is inside.
“So this is the valley. It isn’t like what my superior said. Perhaps the bandits destroyed this town in purpose. Hopefully your country’s government will fix this once this problem is solved,” Irliay sighed at the town which was once a tourist attraction. Walking past the town was hard as the debris scattered on the ground formed obstacles.
“Past this is the Ziusc mountain range. After this defeat they will definitely strike harder than us. Too bad everyone else is trying to reclaim the mountains or we might get reinforcements,” Ophark sighed at the spot where the tower was. At the meantime, somewhere near the borders,
“So they defeated us. They must be dispatched by some secret organization. Those wimpy uppermen surely know how to handle us,” A man wearing white formal wear inspected his magical map of the Phlaq continent showing the bandits’ bases. Then, a hollow walked inside.
“What is your next order, sir?”
“Secure the cursed saint and kill them there. Leave no survivors,”
“Yes, sir,” The hollow teleported itself away. Then, a sound portal appeared in front of him.
“What the hell you are doing? While we are struggling against forces on the ground you can’t even handle four people?”
“They are apparently secret forces. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they won’t get past me,” This isn’t good….


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