Route of Peaks(Path 16-They Finally Reacts Part One)

After a day of walking without any encounters with the bandits, they decided to stop for a while and enjoying the scenery. The bright but cloudy sky with an unknown scattering pattern matched perfectly with the grass plains below them, which were unaffected by Phlaq’s modernization. They were lying against the slope which is covered by meadow grass.
“If we are not fighting against the bandits this is a perfect spot for dating, isn’t it?” Cogra asked Sieffe, which not only surprised her but made her flustered as well. She quickly turned to him and tried to slap him, yet he caught her hand and the atmosphere was tense.
“Don’t ask such a thing at such a time!” She scolded him and turned against him, but soon she turned around and blushed. “At least ask this while we are alone!”
“Well, we prefer the places down there instead of here,” Irliay who overheard them threw a random reply to ease the atmosphere. “But for likes like you this place is a perfect spot. After all, for some couples talking alone under the nature is better,”
“Wait…I sensed someone rushing towards us,” Ophark suddenly stood up and took out his spiked club, only to see a lancer wearing magnalium armor with a bronze lance walking towards them with its tip facing onto the ground instead of to the air. Apparently there was no malice detected from him.
“So you are the ones who captured Viloc Valley?” He asked them with a curious tone. He removes his armor and put it against the slope while taking rest by sitting onto the ground. It appeared that he was tired by all the walking that he has gone through to see them.
“Yeah, it is us. What is it?” Cogra gave him a bottle of energy potion and he drank it slowly. “And I’m surprised that you are able to come to us from that way without any injuries,” Cogra pointed at the direction they were walking to, which is also the way he was walking.
“Apparently the bandits are currently reorganizing their troops. In fact with the fall of the valley they can’t afford to lose anymore. I’m from the ground, sent by some morons,” He was polishing his lance with shoe wax, making it black and shiny. “I thought they will at least assemble a small army and attack the borders directly,”
“If even you can call them morons you know how they doing things. Granted that they claiming that they will not meddle with the mountains, but out of fear of attacking the ground they will do something. Unnecessary pride…why they must hold onto it?” Cogra told him while walking away. The others quickly followed him.
“I see. Let’s go, warrior,” At the meantime, at the ground below where they were,
“That lancer go without our consent. Our intelligence approximated that there are currently 20,000 bandits amassed in the borders, which will be risky to attack directly given that they have various weapons stored inside their base. Our army’s stance is to assess the situation and monitor them before we launch a kill them all strike on them. We must not repeat the disaster happening during the Phlaq-Yedrei Confrontation which we lost almost one hundred thousand soldiers. Outsiders might see us as cowards, but we prefer minimizing unnecessary assaults and casualties. Please forward other questions to my assistant,” The minister of national defence told the reporters before teleported himself away. At the meantime, near the ninth cursed saint statue,
“We are now at the cursed saint. Orders, sir!”
“Kill them once you see then,” This is not good….


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