Route of Peaks(Path 17-They Finally Reacts Part Two)

After two days, they reached a cursed saint statue with a horde of bandits pointing their firearms on them.
“Man, they anticipated this? I guess this means go for a massacre,” Irliay charged her pole shield with water and wind auras. “Blowing water jet!” She fired bursts of water, knocking the enemies down the slopes. The shots were too weak that they ignored the damage inflicted on them.
“Ha, you mooks are nothing but fools!” Ophark launched the spikes to the bandits, charged them with fire aura and fired them as if from flamethrowers, burning the bandits. The streams of weak firearms shots was still intense as well.
“I guess they have reinforcements. Laser blade, let’s go,” Cogra took out his laser blade and dashed down the mountain pathway, blocking the shots fired at them. Then, he dashed towards them, slashing the bandits who is in his sight. Sieffe quickly joined him while taking out a stainless steel scimitar.
“Don’t enjoy such a killing alone!” Sieffe took out another scimitar and did the same with Cogra. The firearms’ shots were less intense. They quickly ran downwards and joined the fun. The bandits were quickly eliminated, but the reinforcements were keeping them busy. Their amounts were in hundreds, but they were getting harder and harder to kill.
“Those bastards…I guess this is the only thing that can eliminate them,” Cogra took out his pearl wand and charged it with electric aura. “Electric magnarid…range extension!” He shouted loudly while running towards the reinforcements. A huge magic circle appeared on the mountain pathway and electrical sparks were emitted on the bandits from it, striking upwards and electrocuting them. The bandits were killed in an instant, but the smile on Cogra’s face turned into sorrow. He walked slowly back towards them, but a bandit with a platinum sword dashed towards him without him noticing.
“Watch out!” The lancer teleported to his back and blocked the bandit’s attack using his spear’s tip. “I, Uknarax Ecias, will knock this bandit down!”  He then charged it and broke the sword, thrusting through the bandit’s body which killed him instantly. Uknaras pulled it out and pointed it at Cogra.
“Sorry. I have some problem regarding massacring such a number of people. They are criminals, but they are humans as well. You are soldier trained to combat these feelings, but I’m just a guard who will only kill when they become a threat. After a few more assaults I will get used to it,” Cogra looked at the cloudy sky and sighed. Uknaras quickly lowered his lance.
“I see. The same thing happened to us as well while we were fighting our way to reach you. Whatever it is, shall we slay the cursed saint?” Ophark winked at them and walked back to the cursed saint statue with Irliay and sieffe.
“Hey, wait for us!” Cogra and Uknaras quickly ran to catch up. After a minute, they went back to the statue, but nothing happened. Then, a sound suddenly was heard in Cogra’s head.
“Choose your partner with your mind and you shall be transferred to the platform,”
“I understand,” Cogra closed his eyes. After a few seconds, he and Uknaras was teleported away to the same floating platform he was earlier.
“Why you are choosing me?” Uknaras switched to a platinum spear.
“Because you have extremely strong will. She’s coming,” Cogra kept his wand in his dimensional storage. Then, a nun looking saint with black feathery wings appeared in front of them.
“Names Sembilan, the ninth cursed saint. Kill me or I’ll kill you all,” She took out her short spear attached to a chain whip and dashed towards them. A new battle begins….


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