Route of Peaks(Path 18-Sembilan Part One)

“This is my ‘gift’ for you!” Cogra switched his laser blade into a pole shield which mimicked Irliay’s pole shield, charged it with vacuum aura and ‘placed’ a vacuum spot just behind her. She was sucked to the spot, preventing her advance. Then, Uknarax charged his spear and launched a slash wave on her, but she quickly kicked it back at them.
“I guess I just have to be daring this time,” Uknarax dashed, swung his lance horizontally to let the slash wave ‘stuck’ on it and swung it vertically, attempting to slash her from above, yet she blocked them using barrier glove. Then, she charged her glove with electric aura, attempting to electrocute him, yet the current stopped at his glove.
“You are not thinking of everything! Transpose!” She cast the spell and the vacuum spot shifted to Uknarax. Cogra quickly cancelled the spell, but that did not stop her from charging her chain which straightened it as if it was a lance, thrust it through his armor and pulled it out. He quickly jumped backwards and healed himself, thinking of what to do next.
“She is a cursed saint, after all. Those tactics against the bandits won’t work on her,” Cogra switched her pole shield back to laser blade and dashed towards her, dodging the swings from her. Uknarax switched to a shorter spear and followed him. Just when Cogra came close, she took out a platinum spear and attempted to stab him, yet,
“You surely know how to counter such attack,” Uknarax was amazed when Cogra swung his laser blade clockwise, which knocked it off a bit and made the stab attack missed, and slashed along the spear, hitting her hand holding it and her body. Then suddenly he was kicked and thrown 15 meters away.
“What the….no wonder he is selected to fight against me,” Uknarax charged his spear with metal aura, which suddenly elongated the weapon and she was stabbed. He quickly swung it upwards and slammed her onto the ground, but the shockwave formed on the ground threw him back to Cogra while the spear was pulled out of her body. Then, she charged herself with acid aura.
“This is nothing for us!” They quickly charged themselves with alkali aura and formed a skin tight barrier which neutralized acid formed on their clothing, but the heat was intense that they suffering from heat damage, which perhaps she was planning such trick all along. While the pain from the heat damage was in effect, she quickly switched to a pair of desert eagle handgun and fired a few shots at them, yet,
“Ha, you think this really works? You are underestimating us!” The shots were blocked by the supposedly weak neutralized barrier. Then, they healed themselves and rushed towards her again, dodging the shots fired at them. Just when they came close, she suddenly disappeared from their sights.
“No,” Two screw tipped spear stabbed their back and the attack Uknarax used on her was was repeated, except that there were no shockwaves were formed, allowing her to attack them that way repeatedly. After a few seconds, Cogra barely managed to focus his mind and charged himself with ice aura, sealing her under an ice pyramid. The attack was stopped and they teleported themselves away from her.
“Your answer is a blatant lie,” Cogra switched his laser blade into a screw tipped laser spear, charged it with fire aura and threw his pen to her. A burning phoenix was “formed” and it pierced through her body, with the ice shattered into pieces. Then, Uknarax charged his spear, attempting to throw it to her. This is not over yet….


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