Route of Peaks(Path 19-Sembilan Part Two)

“This is not over yet…defeating me requires more work than what you think!” Sembilan woke up, formed a barrier and blocked the spear thrown to her. She even absorbed the energy from the attack to heal herself. Uknarax tried to charged it with metal aura, but it was absorbed as well and metal blocks were dropped onto him instead.
“Oh? I guess you are right,” Cogra switched his spear into a drill and dashed towards her while narrowly dodged Uknarax’s spear launched on him using eject spell. Just when he came close, the barrier was ejected onto him at high speed. He was hit and thrown 30 meter upwards.
“This is the proof of his words,” Uknarax teleported to the edge of the platform charged his leg with water aura. Just when the barrier reached close to him, he jumped and kicked it back to her, with water crystal spikes formed on the surface of the barrier. She tried to block it using another barrier, but the water crystals hitting it, causing it to shatter just before the water crystals turned into water. She was hit and smashed the barrier at the platform’s edge.
“This is really devastating…you certainly know how to hidden your strengths, but I am not finished with you,” She took out a pair of chain whips with lance tip welded at the end of the chains. She swung it repeatedly that they could only dodge her swings and could not reach close to her.
“I guess this really mean something. But if guess this goes escalating after all,” Cogra focused his mind and charged himself with poison aura. “You go for long range, so do us,” Poisonous needles suddenly surrounded her and pierced through her. Unlike usual poisons, the poison merely paralyzing her hand and leg muscles which stopped her movements and by extension, her attack.
“I agree with you, pal!” Uknarax took out a tuning fork shaped spear, charged it with rock aura and threw it towards her. Sandstone sealed the spear along its pathway before thrust through her body and the barrier. After a few seconds, light dusts were flying upwards before she was disappeared.
“I guess this is quite some good work, huh?” Cogra was tired from the battle and lied onto the ground while drinking a bottle of energy potion. A Uknarax quickly walked towards him and did the same, laughing together.
“I can’t imagine we are having fun like this, isn’t it?” After a few seconds they were teleported back to the ground. They were surprised that the others were standing still and staring sharply at them.
“What takes you this long, huh?” Sieffe took out her rod and pointed it at him as if she was going to attack him soon. “Just kidding. Let’s go,” They woke up and started walking, but suddenly a humanoid demon appeared in front of them. Her glittering light green robe with similarly painted trident was clearly visible.
“What the hell you are doing here, Feil Gaix? Isn’t that you are supposed to be at the borders?” Uknarax shouted at her.
“We have a problem here. The bandits are now marching towards us and they will arrive in four days. I personally could not stop them so I asking for your assistance,” Feil held his hands.
“I have a good solution for that. How about some long range spells?” Cogra drew a magic circle on the mountain pathway and sat on it. At the meantime, while an army of bandits were marching along the mountain pathway,
“This time, with this much of troops, the Phlaq Mountain Unity Front shall take the triumph!” The flag bearer shouted. This is a danger for everyone….


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