Route of Peaks(Path 20-Duel Over The Kilometers)

“Electrostorm!” Cogra charged himself with electric aura and electric storms were rained down the bandits, killing 30% of them. Knowing being ambushed from far, the flag bearer threw the flag down the slopes and charged himself with rock aura. Rock spikes were struck exactly at Cogra, but it was quickly blocked by Sieffe’s and Feil’s barrier spell.
“I guess this will make them busy,” Ophark launched the spikes from his spiked club far to the army of bandits and fired laser beams on the flag bearer, but they were absorbed into his tetrahedral barrier. Just when he attempted to fire a laser blast back to them, suddenly,
“Oh no you don’t!” The blast was suddenly knocked off to the army of the bandits when Irliay charged her pole shield with rock aura and fired a mirror towards him, killing another 20% of them. The barrier was soon shattered, yet the group of bandits behind the flag bearer jammed the spikes using shockwaves. The jamming was soon recovered, but another group of bandits dashed towards them and attacked at close range, forcing them to teleported back.
“I guess I just have to go against them myself,” Uknarax teleported to the army of bandits, took out a pair of rocket launchers and fired them as if firing machineguns. Another 5% of them were killed, but the flag bearer survived and took out a pair of platinum scythe and dashed towards him, attempting for a duel. The rest of the bandits quickly rushed for aid, forcing Uknarax to deploy a pair of stainless steel spears in mind control mode to block his advance while continued to fire the rockets and dashing backwards.
“This is nothing but hell. I guess they are getting extremely serious this time,” Cogra charged himself with light aura and fired light pillars onto the army of bandits, killing 25% of the bandits at the rear. Then, he switched to dark pillars and killed rest of the bandits, but the flag bearer was still attacking Uknarax.
“You are still standing? I guess I just have to fight you fair and square,” Uknarax kept the rocket launchers inside his dimensional storage, took the spears and attempted to attack the flag bearer, but he continued to block the strikes directed at him. After twenty seconds,
“You certainly is a good fighter. See you at the borders and I shall fight again with you,” The flag bearer teleported himself away. “Oh, and my name is Eirlok Niel,” Uknaras teleported back to Cogra and the others. They were all exhausted and the sun was going to set. They decided to continue walking until late night.
“Is this all of them?” Uknarax asked Feil. He was worried that there will a similar battle after this, which is very exhausting.
“Yes, from my superiors’ recent data. Anyway, someone challenged you for a duel, isn’t it?” Feil asked him with a curious tone.
“Yes. And I have a good feeling that he will join us if I give him a good fight,” Uknarax looked at the cloudy night sky, which another planet was still visible. At the meantime, inside the very office Ophark and Irliay were long time ago,
“The intelligence said that the bandits in Tziac were eliminated when they were marching along the mountain range. Those people…doing nothing all along but create a blast when they do…this is what I call as Tziac,” The minister was happy upon looking at the speech said earlier at the press conference. “I guess I just have to compliment them for it. Perhaps the discretion is the better part of valor,” He started to write a letter using a feather pen. The duel is going to start soon….


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