Route of Earth(Path 21-Valley Battle)

After five days, they arrived at Grio, located exactly at the borders. The gates were absent, dusts were abundant and the buildings were all destroyed. The upward mountain pathway was steep. Just when they reached the top, a fiberglass spear was fired from a bow.
“This fast? So do I,” Uknarax kicked it back to Eirlok. He quickly rushed frontward and a cubic barrier was formed, preventing anything interrupting the fight they have promised. Eirlok took back the spear, barely preventing it from piercing himself. The atmosphere inside the barrier was intense. They were staring sharply on each other.
“Ha, now we can battle at our own pleasure!” Eirlok started his attack by charged his spear with fire aura and slammed it onto the ground. The ground turned hot, then a few cracks appeared on the ground, emitting fire arrows on Uknarax, only to be blocked by his nimble movements of using his platinum spear.
“Yeah. Take this!” Uknarax charged his spear with water aura and let the tip touch the ground and ran in a zigzag formation while dodging the fire arrows emitted on him. Just when he reached close, a crack was formed on the ground just in front of him and a fire arrow pierced his body. He fell onto the ground, but the spear was slammed onto ground as well.
“Whoa, this is far more exciting than I’ve expected,”  The fire arrows turned into steam arrows which were emitted at Eirlok instead of Uknarax. Eirlok quickly jumped while charging his spear with ice aura and dived down. An ice dove was formed on the tip of the spear with the tail feather formed exactly at it. Uknaras quickly woke up, charged his spear with metal aura and swung it upwards, breaking the ice dove but Eirlok was merely blocked.
“This is going beyond what we have expected,” He charged it with poison and electric auras, trying to poison Eirlok using electric current. Eirlok was electrocuted, but he shrugged off the pain and jumped backwards. The cracks were disappeared while they were healing themselves. Their stares were sharper than earlier, perhaps knowing the opponent they are facing is skillful.
“How about joining us? We are going past this place anyway and destroy your organization,” Uknarax switched to a double sword lance, charged it with wind aura and stabbed it onto the ground. Whirlwinds were launched towards Eirlok, yet he charged his spear with non-elemental aura and formed a barrier, blocking the whirlwinds.
“Oh? Then break through this barrier. You got only one chance,” Eirlok dashed towards Uknaras while shooting missiles made from the barrier.
“Sure,” Uknarax charged his sword lance, threw it upwards and bicycle kicked it. The weapon was rotating like a razor, shattering the barrier and broke the spear before slashing Eirlok repeatedly. He fell onto the ground and the barrier disappeared. Then, he work up and healed himself, giving a softer stare.
“Let’s go, warrior. My ex-comrades past this point is harder to kill,” He ran past the non-existent northern gate. The rest quickly followed him, but Ophark and Irliay teleported themselves away.
“Our mission is finished. The rest, good luck,” Feil quickly chased Uknarax and stopped him.
“I must stay here. Who is going to report everything?”
“This is just an excuse to stay with that officer. I know that better. But, beware of remaining survivors,” He shrugged her off and ran away from her. At the meantime, inside that office,
“They have completed theirs. It’s now yours to help them. Especially you, you defector,” A man was finished writing a letter and teleported it away. This shall be their new continuation of this mission….


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