Route of Peaks(Path 22-New Team)

After one day of walking, a guard stopped them. His full armor and the helmet with visor concealed his full body.
“Are you Cogra Hazran?” The guard asked him. He nodded and they were teleported inside the room. It’s the minister of foreign relations of Cisq’s room. Four book racks were seen behind the seat while two women was standing beside the minister.
“So you guys are the ones who defeated the bandits of Tziac? Impressive. I’m here to tell you other things, though. Our army mostly crippled the bandits in this country, but apparently there are a few people still guarding the bases and we could not penetrate them from the ground. It’s up to you to defeat the remains of the enemy. Now these two people will help you,” He turned his head back and forth once and the two woman walked towards them.
“Xiel Dinar, local bounty hunter,”
“Rhya Tahil, ex-member of Phlaq mountain unity front…wait…you are….”
“Yes, I guess this is fate, I think,” Uknaras suddenly pulled her hand over him.
“Stop that, will ya?” Cogra was embarrassed by the situation. After a few seconds, they were teleported back to the very spot they were before. Uknarax was flirting with Xiel, but the rest were discussing why Eirlok held Rhya’s hand.
“I had some ‘good’ past with her, until I was tasked to lead the invasion at Tziac. I thought that I will die when I face you, but now…I guess I have chosen to live,” Eirlok was still holding Rhya’s hand.
“I see. I’m Cogra Hazran, a guard and she’s Sieffe Odphi, an angel from the realm of heaven. That pervert over there, Uknarax Ecias,” Cogra introduced themselves while bad mouthing Uknarax in purpose. He heard the words, walked towards Cogra and slapped him.
“Pervert? If I’m a pervert, you are a moron who only knows to fight and nothing else,” Uknarax tried to insult Cogra, but it backfired when Xiel walked towards him and touched his butt.
“He is. Touching inner thighs of a woman whom he knows just seconds ago is the best proof. But it’s him so it’s okay,” She hugged him from the back tightly, making him flustered.
“Well, Xiel…I….” He was totally at lost of words. After a few seconds, she let him go, but still holding his hands. Then, they continued walking along the mountain pathway. At the meantime, around a base,
“Those ground scums stopped wasting their ammunition, but apparently they have different ideas,” A man was cleaning the area where the ground forces attacked them for the past month.
“What do you mean? Is it the same way Tziac’s forces were destroyed?” A woman did the same thing.
“Yes. I doubt if they can survive the cursed saint just below this base, though,” At the meantime, at a press conference in front of Grio,
“The forces of the bandits, or what they so called as Phlaq Mountain Unity Front in Tziac is now completely eliminated, thanks to the anonymous people who fight against them in vigilante fashion. They are now aiding other countries in defeating them, however whether they will be rewarded is not under my control. Plus, the government of Cisq has sent us a letter of compliment,” A man threw a letter to the reporters, which shocked everyone present.
“Can you tell what it is about?” A reporter asked him.
“I can summarize this in one sentence: ‘Congratulations on Tziac government who wiped out the bandits in one attack silently with zero casualties’. This is the proof that we do take actions against them. I demand any media who called us wimps issue an apology or I’ll personally sue them,” He teleported himself away and ended the press conference. This starts to getting intense….


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