About the novel

My name is William.This is a science fantasy+fighting novel.Well,I don’t sure if my work is good,but I’m sure you’ll have a great time reading.If you find any confusions or feedbacks or errors about the content,feel free to give comments.If you want to read newer updates and fixes,visit my original works. Or, you can go and read the new story arc for something new.Thank you for reading!

Note: Copyright 2008-2009 Murazrai. The only sites which I post up my stories are:





If you found out any of my stories posted up somewhere else, the owner of the websites ripped my works. Don’t support literary thieves.


2 Responses to “About the novel”

  1. mithfalath Says:

    Hey, thanks for linking my novel to your site. I’ll link you back. I like your novel. I always liked sci-fi novels. It’s so cool. ^^ Keep it up. We can finish this! Haha.

  2. chaosfighters Says:

    Sorry,this is not sci-fi,but science fantasy.You’ll understand why when you read this novel.

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