Route of Peaks(Path 13-Downhill Battle)

June 30, 2010

After two hours of walking, the sun was high above the sky. While they were walking down a slope,
“They are here. Fire the weapons,” Two man with farmer’s clothing fired a few ground waves from several slash wave cannons. They looked like shark fins, with sands flowing off their paths. Cogra switched his laser blade into a surfboard, but Sieffe quickly stopped him, leaving Irliay firing slash waves to knock them back, but they merely move past instead of cancelling each other.
“True concentrated waves…they are determined to go against us,” Sieffe let Cogra go. He slid down the slope with the surfboard perpendicular with the slash wave’s pathway. After a few seconds, Cogra was thrown back to them while the slash waves were blocked and dispersed.
“Damn it…charge!” They ran upwards while firing encased nitroglycerine glass sphere from a 3 meter long cannon, which missed them. The explosions prevented everyone from looking, but knowing the danger Sieffe took out her rod, charged it with rock aura and rolled it down onto the slope, getting bigger as it absorbed rock aura from the sands and smokes.
“This is certainly….” Irliay and Ophark sensed the encases and destroyed them just when they appeared. “A big threat,” Irliay charged her pole shield and fired metal needles down the slope, killing them in a single attack, but sounds of hitting something was still heard. Then, sounds of people falling off the mountain was heard.
“Indeed,” Cogra flew upwards with his surfboard intact and saw hordes of bandits rushing at their direction. The surfboard tuned into a rectangle shaped cannon and fired laser beams on them, killing tens of them with each shot. Suddenly, Sieffe’s rod was thrown towards him along with volleys of bullets fired at him.
“How dare they use my rod against us…this is your ultimate punishment!” Sieffe teleported to Cogra’s right, took back her rod and charged it with vacuum aura. “Suction of doom!” She teleported the rod down the mountain pathway and it was sucking the bandits onto it, leading to a human with human crash. Cogra continued to fire laser beams on the bandits who escaped the rod while dodging the bullets from their guns.
“Shall we aid you?” Irliay charged her pole shield with rock aura and fired boulders, crushing the remaining bandits who were climbing upwards. Then, they continued to roll towards the rod, which were still sucking the bandits.
“This is what we should do in such a situation,” Ophark launched the spikes on his club and fired laser blasts from each of them. The bandits were soon eliminated, but after they walked down the downward slope a new bunch of bandits were seen rushing towards them.
“This can’t be? How they can amass such a huge number of bandits?” Irliay charged her pole shield and fired the boulders again, but this time the boulders were crushed instead. They brandished their stainless steel swords and dashed even faster.
“Doppelgangers…someone is forming them somewhere far away from here. Hang in there and I’ll kill the puppet master!” Cogra quickly reformed his surfboard and flew away from them. The rest tried to hold off by forming a marble wall using wall spell and move it using push spell. After 5 minutes, the bandits suddenly disappeared and Cogra was teleported back.
“Today isn’t my day, but you shall be slaughtered!” A woman wearing dark purple robe with silver coated silk gloves and boots appeared in front of them. His purple painted amber wand with Bakelite handle was emitting concentrated light aura. Another obstacle will attempt to stop them….


Route of Peaks(Path 12-Background)

June 29, 2010

While they were walking along the outer mountain path,
“Who are you two actually? From what I know the police could not handle them while the army decided to leave them alone. They think that as long as the bandits are not attacking the ground it is fine,” Cogra asked Ophark and Irliay.
“You surely know the situation around this country. This is why we were sent here. Those people are nothing but wimps. They only accept our presence under international pressure. After all, other countries are currently fighting using the armed forces,” Ophark answered him with an arrogant tone.
“Even my father who is currently the foreign affairs minister was angry over your country’s reply over our involvement,” Irliay sadly looked at the ground, which reminded him the words uttered to them before they started their mission of eliminating the bandits…

Inside a room,
“This is the reply from Tziac. Read if for yourselves. How dare they send such an letter to a foreign country!” A man wearing white formal wear plus a black coat threw a letter to Ophark. It reads:
“You scums are nothing but interfering our internal affairs. You are allowed to infiltrate the bandits, but appear on the ground and you will be shot to death. Oh, your dead body won’t be sent back to your country as well. Instead, your body will the thrown off to the ocean. Hopefully you won’t get such a humiliation,

The Unwelcoming,
Actiseo Irnakra,
Minister of Foreign Relations of Tziac”
“Is this mission a must, sir?” Ophark angrily tear the letter.
“Yes. If no one take care of the bandits over there they might become a continental threat. But as a compensation, you are allowed to take her along. Please take care of her well. She begged me to join you since you appeared,” Irliay appeared beside Ophark.
“Thank you, dad, I mean, Mr. minister,”
“It’s okay. It is only three of us here. Yeah, this is for you. If you make it safe…you know what that means,” The man suddenly threw a pair of rings to them.
“Thank you very much, sir!” They caught the rings and bowed at him.
“Don’t thank me yet, agent. If neither of you come back alive I want those rings back, you know,” He chuckled a bit.
“Don’t worry. This is a mission not only for our country, but also for this continent. We won’t fail you,” They walked out the room with their rings worn.

“They gone as far as that? I’ll vote for the opposition in the next election!” Cogra stomped the ground repeatedly.
“Those humans…no wonder I was assigned to this country,” Sieffe mumbled to herself, but Ophark and Irliay overheard it and stopped walking.
“Are you from another country? I don’t heard that other countries within this continent secretly sending anyone,” Irliay asked her with a curious tone.
“What if I say sent by the gods? I am an angel after all,” Sieffe spread her feathery wings, which wrapped Cogra on purpose. Cogra was embarrassed by her sudden move, but he somehow felt comfortable and warm with it.
“I see. Those statues exists along with every segment of the Phlaq’s mountain range and you two are here to remove them. I guess the bandits are just secondary enemies for you right?” Ophark continued walking.
“No. I consider the bandits as my enemies as well, just don’t expected that I’ll exterminate them myself rather than defending against them,” Cogra and the rest quickly followed them.
“This must be the will of the gods,” At the meantime,
“Hey, are you sure that you are going to fight at this place? We are facing upwards,” A bandit was talking to his coworker.
“This gives us more room to attack,” Another battle ensues….

Route of Peaks(Path 11-Fortified Challenge Part Three)

June 28, 2010

“I guess I have to appear myself in order to defeat you,” The mortar was destroyed into dusts, but the needles were fired at them. A man wearing yellow and white horizontal stripes Kevlar suit appeared in front of them with a goggle on his head appeared at the top of the mountain path. Cogra quickly warped them to the slopes to prevent them used for attacking.
“Shut up!” Irliay charged her pole shield with rock aura and fired a few soccer ball sized mortars to him, only to be launched backwards to them by a repel barrier. Suddenly, Ophark teleported to the mortars and knocked them back to him by force. The repel barrier was broken, but he managed to dodge them and the counterattack missed.
“You seemed to forget that you are fighting against four of us,” A rod hit him at a sudden. Then, he took the rod, only to be electrocuted. Irliay fired her mortars again, only to be crushed into bits with a few electric sparks fired from the electrocution which healed him instantly. Cogra switched his shield into a positron cannon pod and fired a blast at him, but he formed a barrier from the rod and the blast was blocked.
“I know, and I know your tricks,” He threw the rod back to her. She attempted to hold her weapon but it ended up exploded and throwing her down the mountain path. He smiled wryly while charging himself with ice aura. The mountain path was turned into ice and they were skidding down. It get worse when snowballs were rolled down the mountain pathway, absorbing the ice aura on it which making it larger.
“If this is your plan, so be it!” They let themselves thrown off the icy pathway, charged themselves with wind aura and dashed midair towards him. Sieffe teleported herself to his back and smacked him down the ground, yet he managed to land and standing still while reverting the icy pathway back to normal.
“You certainly knows everything, huh?” Cogra dashed down towards him, only to be blocked by a repel barrier. Suddenly, Ophark’s spikes fired laser beams on him with chaining hits. Smokes covered the pathway as the spikes continued firing, but suddenly the spikes were destroyed when he appeared among the spikes for a split second before teleporting himself away. The laser beams were fired onto the spikes.
“And we know everything as well,” Irliay turned around and struck him just when he appeared behind her, throwing him straight to a spot on the mountain range, only for him to be warped and she narrowly dodged it. He quickly cast brake, but this gave Sieffe opportunity to cast dark fizat on him. A magic circle appeared above him and a purple colored beam was fired at him, knocking him out of his consciousness and he crashed onto a tree on the mountain slopes.
“Let’s take care of those needles,” Cogra ran down the pathway and looked at the “wall” of needles seen on the mountain slopes. “Any ideas?”
“I guess I’ll have them as ammunition for a needle gun,” Irliay teleported the needles into her dimensional storage. “Let’s go. We have the goal of eliminating the Phlaq Mountain Unity Front, isn’t it?”
“Sure. But only if you go and crush the cursed saints with us,” Sieffe smiled at them and started walking along the straight pathway. The rest just followed her. At the meantime,
“What? Our latest base was destroyed? Send people to stop them! They must not reach the valley!” A man commanded someone through the sound portal,” Their path will be harder to walk….

Route of Peaks(Path 10-Fortified Challenge Part Two)

June 27, 2010

While they were walking upwards the mountain pathway,
“Mooks. Let’s go,” Cogra switched his cannon pod into a gun pod and fired laser shots at the bandits blocking their way to the top. Sieffe followed suit by switching to a pair of shoulder gatling barrels.
“What the foolishly hell you are doing? Stop their advance!” A man wearing blue formal wear with a face covering scarf yelled. Mortars were fired down onto them, but they were crushed by the spikes launched from Ophark’s club. Irliay took out her pole shield and, charged it with acid aura and launched bursts of hydrochloric acid to corrode the mortars, making them easier to be curshed. After one minute, the bandits were mostly killed and the mortars were stopped firing.
“Sorry, but you don’t,” Cogra saw him and fired a shot, but it was missed and ran down over the dead bodies of the attacked bandits while taking out a platinum sword. Its side blades were shifted away, making an opening wide enough to fire twin laser beams. Then, he fired a few laser beams to Cogra, but Cogra quickly switched his gun pod into a shield and blocked the beams.
“Aaaaaargh!” Sieffe switched to a two handed positron cannon and fired a positron blast towards him, crushing the mountain path, yet he managed to jump just in time, albeit being damaged by the splattering rocks from the ground, throwing him out of his control. Ophark quickly directed his spikes and struck him repeatedly.
“This is what you get when you work for the evil beings!” Irliay charged her pole shield with photons and fired a laser blast straight at him, killing him instantly. His dead body fell down straight to the ledges. Then, a girl walked out from the hut at the top. Her purple robe with garnet attached to a constantan wand were emitting wind aura.
“So, he died? I’ve told him to stay out of this despicable job, but now…I’ll be very glad that if you leave me alone,” She walked down onto the mountain pathway, searching for the guy’s body. But suddenly a man walking up, albeit limping and crutching using his pair of cupronickel sword. “That’s enough of you! Look at your dead comrades!” She quickly ran downwards and slapped him. “Are you really want to die then regret whatever you’ve down then you’ll satisfied? Please, return and live peacefully down there, shall we?”
“Let’s go to Norsia. We will be captured if we go down there. We have crossed the point of return. We just have to cross the goal, but with different ends,” He limped and crutched down the mountain path while she slowly healed him.
“I guess this means our liberation mission here is complete. Wait…this is bad. Someone strong is approaching here!” Cogra warned everyone. A large mortar was fired at them in projectile motion. Ophark quickly directed the spikes to the mortar, charged them with acid aura and fired sulfuric acid bursts on it, but it was merely shrinking and getting harder to corrode as the corroded mortar turned into rock aura which was absorbed into the mortar for hardening.
“Ha, you think we are that weak? Never!” Irliay charged her pole shield with metal aura. “Death of infinion!” Metal needles were fired onto the mortar. The attack looked like a swarm of needles trying to burst through the meteor forcefully, but they were all blocked and thrown away, but soon it was covered in a sea of needles. “And this is the proof!” She charged her spikes with fire aura.
“Let us aid you,” Ophark’s spikes surrounded the mortar and formed a pressure field while Cogra and Sieffe charged the needles with wind aura for drill effect.
“Thanks,” She charged them with fire and acid auras. “Burning corrosive drills!” The needles crushed the mortar into dusts. The real challenge just starts….

Route of Peaks(Path 9-Fortified Challenge Part One)

June 26, 2010

Just when Cogra and Sieffe saw a branching mountain pathway, they saw an elf and a vampire, apparently having the same target.
“Are you going upwards?” The elf asked him. His spiked club with a sword handle was clearly seen while the vampire was seen wielding her brass round shield attached to a pole.
“Yes. Someone there has attacked us so we decided to strike them back,” Cogra took out his pen with his laser blade formed. Sieffe took out his rod as well.
“Great. My name is Irliay Jike and he is Ophark Krigs. Let’s storm this wretched den of the bandits,” Irliay quickly ran upwards while charging it with vacuum aura. The others quickly chased her. After 5 minutes, they were blocked by a full armored knight and the cannons around him were suddenly fired on them.
“This is nothing against us!” Ophark charged his club and launched slash waves while strafing left and right, destroying the cannon rounds fired at them. The rest did the same thing with their weapons and the cannons were destroyed. Then, the armored knight took out a two handed laser cannon and fired a huge blast.
“Ha, this isn’t enough to defeat us!” Cogra quickly dashed, switched his laser blade into a shield and formed a barrier. The blast was so strong that despite the barrier shows no signs of weakening, he was slowly pushed backwards, with no room for errors. He sensed aura behind the knight and changed the angle of his barrier while switched to deflective barrier.
“Let me help you, Cogra,” Sieffe saw his moves, took out her shoulder cannons and fired in projectile motion. The shots hit the artilleries behind the fortification  while the deflected blast was slowly destroying it. Knowing that they were dominating the fight, he switched to a pair of arm mounted gatling gun and rapidly fired them, but Cogra enlarged his deflective barrier and the shots were all deflected to the artilleries behind the fortification.
“This is not your stage!” Ophark launched the spikes out from his club and fired tornado needles on the armored knight, which slowly pushed him backwards while drilling his armor. Then suddenly a laser burst was fired from Irliay’s pole shield, knocking him straight onto the fortified gate. A few seconds later, the artilleries behind the gate fired rockets on them.
“I guess I have no choice here. I you want it so much, this is it,” Irliay switched to a bowgun and fired screw tipped arrows to the rockets, which exploded them midair. Sounds and colors of explosion were not distracting anyone from attacking. Cogra switched his laser blade to a cannon pod, charged it with wood aura and fired a high speed aerial battering ram.
“Oh no, you don’t, you wretched fighter. I’m not guarding here without reason!” Knowing that getting hit means instant knockout, he quickly strafed to his right, took out a grunt hammer and attempted to knock it back. Instead, he was stunned by the impact despite both the hammer and the battering ram was stopped instantly.
“But you alone can’t do everything!” Ophark charged his still launched spikes with ice aura and fired ice needles onto the fortified gate. The ice needles broke instantly upon hitting the fortification, forcing him to charged the spikes with acid aura and fired corrosive shots instead. This time, holes were seen on the gate.
“Let me finish this. Everyone, stay back!” Irliay switched back to her pole shield while charging it with light and dark auras. “Dualist blast!” A gray colored blast was fired on the gate. The armored knight attempted to block it using a barrier, but it was shattered the instant it was formed and the gate was destroyed, along with the artilleries behind it. The raid continues….

Route of Peaks(Path 8-Sepuluh Part Two)

June 24, 2010

“Uggghhh…this isn’t over yet….” Sieffe woke up while lifting up Cogra. They both crutching using their weapons, looking at Sepuluh with their blurry vision. A light spot was clearly visible, triggering their senses and they quickly jumped off a laser burst fired on them.
“I guess I should have finished you off!” Sepuluh switched to a fan shaped laser gun, but Cogra quickly teleported to his front and stabbed him straight through the weapon before jumping back. Then, he emitted laser beams right from his laser blade’s tip with firing pattern of a sprinkler. Sepuluh blocked them with a barrier, but it was quickly shattered. Whether the attack hits was unknown as he was surrounded by the smoke formed when the laser beams hit the ground.
“You can’t escape my eyes,” Sieffe switched to a spell gun and fired a electric pulse just when Sepuluh strafed to his right, piercing through his right shoulder and a magic circle appeared on the ground where he was standing. He merely standing there, letting her firing electric pulses at him.
“Watch out!” Cogra quickly teleported to her back and pushed her away. An electric spark struck down onto him, causing him to be electrocuted, yet he tried to flow the current into his laser blade. Electric sparks were seen surrounding it like an electric cage. “This is your mistake!” He teleported to Sepuluh’s back and stabbed him. Sepuluh was electrocuted, but the current flowed back to him that he teleported himself to Sieffe.
“You haven’t win yet!” They were suddenly sealed in an electric cage while Sepuluh ejected the laser blade, charged it with fire aura and launched it to them as if fired from a grenade launcher. “!” Cogra strafed slightly to his left and held his pen. The laser blade was burning while he cut the cage into half before it disappeared.
“Of course, but the victory is not yours! That’s for sure!” Sieffe switched to her rod and dashed towards Sepuluh, dodging explosives rounds fired from Sepuluh’s “pill” launcher by wither jumping, strafing or bending while waiting for Cogra to turn his laser blade into a fire blade. After 5 seconds,
“Burn beam!” A crimson red beam was fired upwards, which distracted Sepuluh and he ended knocked over and over again before stuck upwards by a hit through his chin. She quickly jumped backwards while the beam hit him and dashed back upon him crashing the ground, delivering a slam which knock him out of his consciousness.
“!” Cogra and Sieffe were teleported back to the very spot they examined Sepuluh, but he was missing with a scroll reads:
“You win, huh? That’s how the chosen one should fight. Good luck on fighting the next one,”
“Let’s go. I sensed our enemy somewhere nearby,” Sieffe yelled at her while continued walking along the mountain pathway. Cogra quickly chased her. At the meantime, at a hut somewhere near them,
“Hey, are the preparations complete?” A full armored knight was standing in front of a fortified gate.
“Yes. The weapons and personnel are ready, sir,” A bandit answered him with a formal tone.
“Good. Now get into positions. Our enemy is currently on their way,” The armored knight put a few cannons on the ground, readying to strike them once they arrived. At the meantime,
“Hey, are you sure of this? It is indeed their fault, but storming their base like this might be a little risky,” An elf was talking to a vampire.
“I know, but I sensed some people going there. If we join forces then we have some good chance. Let’s go and find them quick,” The vampire replied him nonchalantly. This will take some time….

Route of Peaks(Path 7-Sepuluh Part One)

June 21, 2010

0600 the next day, they woke up and continued walking around the mountain path. There was no branches until they stumbled to a cursed saint statue. It was wingless and seen holding a dagger. Just when they examined the statue, it suddenly flashes and blinded them as if seeing a flashbang exploded. Then, when their sights were recovered,
“What? So this is what we have deal with?” A man wearing black cloak, mask and gloves wielding a pair of stainless steel kitchen knives were seen in front of them. They were standing at the same platform they were when they fought the cursed saints’ prototype. This time, the platform was sandy rather than looked rough while it was surrounded by an infinitely high barrier, which seemed to be indestructible.
“I’m the tenth cursed saint, Sepuluh. Feel my wrath,” He dashed towards Cogra at extreme speed using flash spell that he could not react and he was cut a few times. Then, the spell was ended and his speed was more reasonable, leading Cogra blocking Sepuluh’s cross slash using his pen’s laser blade.
“You are fighting two people, you fool!” Sieffe dashed towards him while taking out a stainless steel spear, but he noticed her presence and jumped to his right. Then, he charged his knives with metal aura which duplicated his knives midair. The knives were launched as if the knives were rained onto them.
“You surely strong enough to hold onto my attacks, but defense only strategy is always a failure!” Cogra jumped backwards to Sieffe, switched his laser blade on his pen into a shield, charged it with non-elemental aura and formed a barrier while shrugging off the damage from the knives. Then, Sepuluh charged his legs with poison aura and launched diving kick attack on them, attempting to poison them with its blow.
“Tch…you think we are holding back? No!” Cogra switched his shield into a drill and threw it as if it was a lance. Knowing it will hit, Sepuluh warped to their back, yet they sensed it and jumped away from him. Sieffe turned around and threw her rod while charging it with electric aura. Just when he landed onto the ground the rod hit him and he was electrocuted, but he shrugged off the pain and forced his body to pick up the rod and threw it back to her.
“This is impossible!” Sieffe took back the rod and flew towards him. He merely stood up and formed a rock wall by charging the platform with rock aura. The wall was completely crushed, but he managed to catch his legs and flip her over. Then, suddenly Cogra dashed towards her, charged his fists and,
“Human shockwave!” He punched her straight to Sepuluh with shockwaves emitted injuring both him and Sepuluh. She crashed straight to Sepuluh and this gave a chance for him to strike her back by switching to a pair of dagger. Knowing this particular tactic, she quickly teleported herself to Cogra.
“You surely know how to defeat me, huh? But you will never be able to execute it!” He jumped backwards, switched to a pair of arm laser cannons and fired laser bursts on them. They switched to arm mounted drills and dashed towards him while blocking the bursts fired on them. Just when they reached close, he suddenly knocked his cannons onto the ground and fired a blast onto the platform.
“!” Laser blasts suddenly struck up and hit them repeatedly upwards, throwing them 25 meters away from the platform. Then, Sepuluh teleported above them and slammed them onto the ground using his cannons’ barrel. They crashed onto the ground, suffering from severe injuries. This is not over yet….

Route of Peaks(Path 6-Slope Rest)

June 21, 2010

Around 1900, they were tired and decided to rest by the mountain slope. The woods on the slopes above and below are different than the ones near Cogra’s village. The sun was set and the mountain path was dark, forcing him to use torch spell on his pen and it turned into like an actual electrical torch.
“Hey, are you sure of this? If you rest here more of your people will be a victim under the cursed saints,” Sieffe was polishing her rod with bee wax and soaked them in palm oil using a sink magic. The night was filled with stars and the moon of Lefrad was clearly seen. It appeared that the Scorpio stars were visible that night, which giving her a few shivers.
“We can’t move forever. We need rest or how we are going to crush the cursed saints?” Cogra was placing his pen onto the ground and light was seen emitting from both ends of the pen. He sighed at the weapon and turned to look at Sieffe, who was just sitting beside him. She gave her a smile and looked away from him, perhaps not getting used to looking at people at such a close distance.
“I see. Um…why does the cursed saints are here? Is it because of the Zard incident which pissing the gods off?” She stood up and gazed upon the lights at the bottom. Apparently the area down there was urbanized with things completely different with anywhere outside of the Phlaq continent. Lights was flashing as if they were from planet Earth instead of Lefrad.
“This is one of the reasons, but apparently the gods wants to put an alternate test as a substitute of demons since that they won’t attack here anyway. It could be a punishment to the Phlaq citizens as they overly modernized this continent and leading to Yedrei-Phlaq confrontation. I don’t know if what we are doing is actually right, but at least the part of building space stations and various observation probes was welcomed by the gods,” He stood up and walked to her side, tapping her shoulder. “And who are you actually? It appeared that you know everything,”
“I was informed by the gods who oversees the whole thing and tasked to go along with you. After all, it is very dangerous for you to go alone in a mission like this, especially that the enemies that I was not informed appeared out of nowhere,” She pushed his hands down, but seemed to holding his hands while blushing.
“If this is what you are worried about you are dreaming. If I can be the chosen one that means I can fight very well. You should seen my battles which happened along the day,” He let go his hands off and sat back against the mountain slope and took a nap. He just put his hands on the slope and closed his eyes, snorting as if he has nothing to worry about.
“Sure surely have a little worry in your life, huh? You are quite cute in this regard,” She picked up the pen and the torch light was disappeared. Then, she slept beside him with her head leaned against his right shoulder. The calm wind ease their sleep. At the meantime, at an isolated hut,
“Boss, the ones whom you called to attack them were found died at the mountain foot. Apparently it’s the work of the same people,” A man was reporting to his boss after burying several corpses.
“What? Damn…if this keeps on this is bad…set up some barricades in front of this hut! We must prevent them getting to us!” He gave the command and walked outside. At the meantime, somewhere along the mountain path,
“Target detected…target detected….” The cursed saint shall be revealed….

Route of Peaks(Path 5-Revenge Part Two)

June 20, 2010

The gunner stormed down the mountain slope while taking out a pair of uzi sub machineguns, which Sieffe unnoticed, but Cogra switch to a steel wand with a spherical glucose sphere as its “gemstone” attachment, charged it with ice aura and fired a few spike shaped freeze bursts on him, which formed ice spikes on the slopes. He ignored his injury and continued storming down, thinking that the bullets were best saved against them.
“This is not enough!” He jumped over a few spikes while shooting at them. Sieffe stared sharply at him before taking out a burst pipe, charged it with rock aura and shot a few rock pellets on him using wind blows from her mouth. The shots were so precise and fast that they pierced through his body and lost his focus.
“This…you….” He fell onto the mountain pathway, almost falling off to the slope, but he quickly woke up and healed himself. He switched to a pair of cylancos. The sword’s brass blade was replaced by a pencil shaped brass laser gun pod and dashed towards them while launching laser slash waves on them.
“I can pull this off as well!” Cogra switched to his pen, altered his laser blade into a planar blade and launched laser slash waves, with the shape and speed exactly the same. Sounds of deflected slash waves hitting the mountain slope was heard and it was getting louder and louder. Just when their distance was less than 5 meters,
“And you seemed to forget that I am here,” Sieffe switched to a bronze wand with a cubic amber attached onto it, charged the wand with air aura and cast air jet on him. He was blown with wind that the gunners and his slash waves’ speed were reduced. Cogra quickly increased his attack speed and launched more slash waves. He quickly dashed backwards, which the wind made his dodging more effective.
“I guess this means I have nothing to lose after all,” He switched to his uzi and charged it with dimensional aura. “Let’s see if you can resist this!” He shot the bullets that speed up when wind was blowing against their movement. Sensing this trick, Sieffe inverted the wind blows and the bullets were directed towards him instead and his gun was damaged instead.
“Hmph,” Cogra teleported himself to his back, charged his feet and kicked his crotch, sending him 10 meters vertically upwards. Then, Cogra reformed his laser blade, held his pen as if his sword is in reverse grip and launched a narrower but longer slash waves which was rotating like a drill. The gunner quickly formed a deflective barrier around himself and it was directed at Sieffe instead.
“Are you forgetting something?” She charged his wand with non-elemental aura and apparently nothing happened. The gunner laughed and dashed towards Cogra while switching to a alsiegit. The hammer’s metal blocks were painted black and rather than being single on both sides it was a smaller one attached to a larger one. Then, The gunner launched the larger metal blocks on Cogra, trying to attack him when he is dodging the metal blocks, but suddenly,
“What?” Just when the large metal blocks hit the ground and Cogra jumped to dodge it, the slash wave the gunner launched earlier suddenly appeared in front of him and pierced through his body, throwing him off the slopes onto the ground, 500 meters down from where they standing.
“I guess this is what people mean when doing bad deeds nets you nothing but bad karma,” Cogra drank a bottle of energy potion while throwing one to Sieffe.
“Yeah. Let’s continue. I sensed something nearby but can’t sure what is it. Let’s go,” Sieffe drank one and continued walking. The route continues….

Route of Peaks(Path 4-Revenge Part One)

June 18, 2010

While they were on their way with the rain stopped, the thieves who attacked them earlier appeared again, but armed with pitchforks instead of hoes and dashed towards them faster than their first encounter.
“You didn’t learn your lesson, huh?” Cogra charged his laser blade on his pen and launched a few ground travelling slash waves. Just when they jumped, he swung his laser blade upwards and the slash waves followed suit. As the result, they were hit and crashed onto the ground, with the pitchforks stabbed onto them.
“Die!” Sieffe charged herself with electric aura and cast electric ignalial on them. A magic circle appeared on the ground, but they quickly jumped away and dodged the spell. They continued running towards him with increased speed. Cogra changed his laser blade into a mini shield and generated a spiked barrier by charging it with non-elemental aura. The attacks from the thieves were blocked while spikes were launched from the spikes, hitting them hard.
“Tch…you are certainly powerful…but it takes more than that to kill us!” They teleported themselves away from them, switched to shotguns with extremely sharp spike bullets and fired them from a distance, trying to prevent any close range attacks. The blows were so strong that the spikes were crushed and Cogra was forced to charged his shield constantly to maintain his barrier.
“Long range, huh? I shall ruin you no matter what!” Sieffe switched to a pair of shoulder cannons and fired explosive cannonballs in projectile motion, but they were blown midair by a few rounds of the shotgun bullets while a few of them fending off the spikes from the barrier. She switched to a laser ball with the same trajectory and they dashed backwards to dodge them, knowing that they can’t be destroyed.
“Aaaargh!” He charged his spiked barrier with photons and the spikes emitted laser beams, which eliminated the pressure on the barrier but still away from hitting them. Sieffe switched to a pair of shoulder laser cannons and fired laser blasts on them on a horizontal trajectory, yet they jumped, switched to rocket launchers and fired a few rockets on them.
“This is nothing!” Sieffe fired another few blasts and destroyed the rockets midair. Cogra quickly pointed his shield upwards and the spikes were directed at them once again. This time, they were hit and crashed onto the ground. He quickly pointed his shield horizontally and resumed his spike attacks.
“We will not going down…for our own ideals!” They woke up without even healing themselves. Their clothing were badly ripped while their faces were severely bruised. They switched to steel hoes with oak wood handle and dashed towards them while blocking the laser beams from the spikes.
“Oh? Then this shall be your gateway to peaceful rest!” Cogra switched his shield into a laser blade shaped like a metal blade and launched a few slash waves. They jumped to dodge the slash waves, only to the hit by Sieffe when she switched to shoulder gatling guns and fired as if they were machineguns. Their bodies could not sustain their damage and crash onto the ground, losing their fight capabilities forever.
“I guess this means they are down. Let’s continue our path. I guess this means fighting against them for sure,” Sieffe teleported the corpses away and cleaned the battlefield.
“Yeah. And you are more versatile than I think,” Cogra smiled at her and continued walking under the sunny and clear sky. She felt weird of his words, but she quickly followed his steps. At the meantime, someone was spying at them from the woods at the upper slopes.
“This is your last day of living,” This is dangerous….