Table of Contents

Route of Land:

Path 0:The mission’s briefing

Path 1:Engage

Path 2:Siege

Path 3:Battle With A Criminal

Path 4:Information

Path 5:Ruins of Ex-Capital

Path 6:Devil of Weapons

Path 7:Dangerous Disscussion

Path 8:Terror Blockage

Path 9:Tactics

Path 10:Tournament of Hell

Path 11:Dog Eat Dog

Path 12:Reunion

Path 13:Preparation

Path 14:The Fight Begins

Path 15:The Second Cycle

Path 16:The Coincidental Elemental Battles

Path 17:The Opposing Strikes

Path 18:Taking A Break

Path 19:The Tough Fights

Path 20:Strikes of Attacks

Path 21:Expected

Path 22:Unworthy Winning

Path 23:Fights of Same Strength

Path 24:Tricks

Path 25:Lovers’ Fight

Path 26:Exhaustion

Path 27:Crushing Attacks

Path 28:Counterattack

Path 29:Before The Ruins

Path 30:Chase

Path 31:Unexpected People

Path 32:The Night Outside Norch

Path 33:The Hard Fight

Path 34:Repairs

Path 35:The Hard Fight Second Round

Path 36:The Hard Fight Third Round

Path 37:Long Talk

Path 38:The Hard Fight Fourth Round First Half

Path 39:The Hard Fight Fourth Round Second Half

Path 40:The Hard Fight Fifth Round Part One

Path 41:The Hard Fight Fifth Round Part Two

Path 42:The Hard Fight Fifth Round Part Three

Path 43:The Tranquil Late Night

Path 44:Another Reunion

Path 45:Suprise Attack

Path 46:The Awakened Heart

Path 47:The Mission’s Breifing Second Message

Path 48:The Key Holder

Path 49:The Connected Minds

Path 50:The First Meet

Path 51:Counterattack of Counterattack

Path 52:A Gift From The Past

Path 53:The Legendary Blacksmiths

Path 54:Magical Tricks

Path 55:Owning

Path 56:Spell Strike

Path 57:Astral Change

Path 58:The First Intermission

Path 59:The Gifts

Path 60:The Confession Part One

Path 61:The Confession Part Two

Path 62:The Confession Part Three

Path 63:The Demon’s Lair

Path 64:Clone Image

Path 65:Removal of Satan

Path 66:A Plan

Path 67:Prelude of Matches

Path 68:Second Magical Tricks

Path 69:Tricks For The Second Time

Path 70:Last, But Not Least

Path 71:Striking Blows

Path 72:Time Attack

Path 73:The Second Intermission

Path 74:Long Range Battle 1

Path 75:The Mission’s Briefing Third Message

Path 76:Night Raid

Path 77:The Test Part One

Path 78:The Test Part Two

Path 79:Alert

Path 80:Request

Path 81:The Search Part One

Path 82:The Search Part Two

Path 83:The Search Part Three

Path 84:The Search Part Four

Path 85:The Second Intermission

Path 86:Border’s War Briefing

Path 87:Long Range Battle 2

Path 88:Predicted Ambush First Half

Path 89:Predicted Ambush Second Half

Path 90:Unexpected Ally

Path 91:Planning

Path 92:Operation

Path 93:The Entry

Path 94:The Assessment

Path 95: Unity

Path 96:Second Planning

Path 97:Aid From An Enemy

Path 98:An Old Enemy

Path 99:Retrieval

Path 100:A Tough Enemy

Path 101:The Secrets

Path 102:Underground Battle Part One

Path 103:Underground Battle Part Two

Path 104:The Ultimate Demon Fights Round One Part One

Path 105:The Ultimate Demon Fights Round One Part Two

Path 106:The Ultimate Demon Fights Round Two Part One

Path 107:The Ultimate Demon Fights Round Two Part Two

Path 108:The Ultimate Demon Fights Round Three

Path 109:The Final Threat Part One

Path 110:The Final Threat part Two

Path 111:The Final Threat Part Three

Path 112:The Final Threat Part Four

Path 113:The Last Stop Part One

Path 114:The Last Stop Part Two

Path 115:The Last Stop Part Three

Path 116:The Last Stop Part Three

Path 117:The Last Stop Part Four

Path 118:The Last Stop Part Five

Path 119:The Last Stop Part Six

Path 120:The Holy Trial Stage One Part One

Path 121:The Holy Trial Stage One Part Two

Path 122:The Holy Trial Stage Two Part One

Path 123:The Holy Trail Stage Two Part Two

Path 124:The Holy Trial Stage Three Part One

Path 125:The Holy Trail Stage Three Part Two


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