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Chaos Fighters-Route of Land(Path 17-The Opposing Strikes)

November 21, 2008

The previous eight fighters were teleported back to the fighters’ chamber.The last eight fighters were teleported to the arenas.
At the first arena,contestant no.25,Muzert Nugwon,fought contestant no.26,Orin Deltanag,a fist fighter from Dlig.Muzert was emitting fire aura and Orin was emittimg water aura,causing steam surrounding the arena,but still clear to the visitiors.”Are you ready?Fight!”The referee started the battle.
Orin cast flood on the arena,but quickly cancelled by the Muzert’s dry spell.Orin shocked that fire can retaliate water.Muzert heated up Orin’s water aura but he converted the heated aura into hot water and dropped onto Muzert directly from above.Muzert avoided the counterattack while Orin reemited the aura.
“I don’t know how to deal with that fighter.”Both of them felt that the fight was tough.
Orin cast rain on Muzert but still cancelled quickly by Muzert’s dry spell.Then,Orin charged his water aura and tried to punch Muzert,but Muzert blocked his attack by charging his fire aura and punched at Orin’s water aura fist.Steam evolved from the fists and Orin cannot see anything.Muzert took the chance by pushing him out from the arena using fire wall.Muzert won the battle.
At the second arena,the fight was more intense than this.Contestant no.27,Zoher Baldre,a solider of Oszer guarding the Oszer-Zyland borders in Dlig,which emmiting earth aura and contestant no.28,Preline Fasoh,an aeronaut(a person who fly on his/her own)from Uraf,which emitting wind aura was staring at each other sharply.
“Are you ready?Fight!”A referee announced the start of the battle.
Preline started her attack by shot an air blast on Zoher.Zoher built up a wall to block her attack.Then,Zoher threw a rock on her.The attacked missed too.Preline attempted to strike Zoher by forming air lances and threw at him,but Zoher quickly reacted by forming sand lances and threw them at Preline.The lances hit each other,forming dusts in the arena,hindering both fighters vision.Zoher rushed towards her to attempt a knock out punch,but quickly avoided by the wind wind spell cast on the arena by Preline.This cause the dust were blew away and Zoher had to block the wind,preventing him being flown out from the arena.
“That fighter is very presistent.This is going to be dangerous.”Both fighters start to become anxious.Preline cast wind on Zoher to flew him out again,but this time he did not block the spell but still stood on the arena,stationary.Preline shocked that the spell didn’t work at all.
“I’m now bound to earth.Unless you can fly the whole arena,you can’t defeat me!”His legs were buried in the arena.
“Then,how about this?”Preline launched a very sharp air wave on him.
“This won’t work on me!”Zoher raised up himself and blocked it using mountain spell.
“Rock fall!”Zoher cast the spell on her.Rocks falling one her but she managed to avoid each of them.Preline even countered the spell by swept the rocks on him.Zohar was hit by the rocks and fainted.Preline won the battle.
At the third arena,it became a quick one.Contestant no.29,Cafip Ortel,a metallic knight from Blazet,who was emitting metallic aura fought contestant no.30,Wendy Mestra,a carpenter from Hare,who was emitting nature aura.
“Are you ready?Fight!”The same words are repeated so many times.
Cafip threw lots of metal blades on Wendy.Wendy defended himself by throwing wooden blocks on him,but the blades are too sharp that the blades eventually pierced her and she was defeated quickly.
At the fourth arena,the fight was as intense as the one at the second arena.
Deoka,the no.31 contestant,faced his toughest enemy yet:the no.32 contestant,Malyn Rochelle,a preist from Uraf.
“Are you ready?Fight!”The referee signaled the start of the final battle of the first round.
Deoka launched dark shots on her,but she avoided it easily.Malyn shot some holy arrows on him but the attack missed too.Deoka drawn his chaos blade and tried to slash her,but her holy aura prevented him to approach her in short range.Deoka decided to bind him with darkness so that the aura won’t effect him.That trick really worked when Malyn tried to knock him down using her holy wand shortly afterwards but misses.Malyn was kicked instead.Although Deoka cannot see anything,but he still felt her presence.Malyn cast holy barrier on him to break his dark binding but the barrier was broken when Deoka slahed it using his chaos blade.Then he launched a dark wave on her,but the wave was dissolved by her holy aura.
“Looks like I have to delete her aura.”Deoka thought a stratergy.
Malyn charged her aura and put Deoka into a holy prison.Malyn’s holy aura was disappearing and Deoka took the chance by teleporting himself out from the prison and slahed her,but Malyn regenerated her holy aura before Deoka’s attack was fast enough to hit her.Deoka’s chaos blade shattered and Malyn punched him at that instant.Deoka avoided that punch and kicked her out of the arena.Deoka won the battle.
They are now taking their break…