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Route of Land(Path 54-Magical Tricks)

December 10, 2008

At the arena,Clair started her attack by charging her rod with bolt aura and cast bolt astraea on Forata.Electric pulses were flowing through his skin but he was unharmed.
“Is this what you did to defeat the guardians?How pathetic.”Forata taunted her.He cast the same spell on her back.The same effect happened at her but the electric pulses were earthed quickly.
“I dunno if the legends are fake.”Clair teased Forata and keep her rod in her sack.She cast penetration spell on the electric pulses.Electrons penetrated through his armor and he was electrocuted.Yet,he was still unharmed.
“You think you can beat me with these old-fashioned tricks?My armor can neutralize any imbalances in my body by using surroundings.”He told Clair and took out his sword,filled with various anions from the air molecules.
“Fool.”The anions penetrated his sword and he was electrocuted again.This time,he stabbed his sword to the ground.Bolt beams were shot on her from the ground.She quickly advoided them until the penetration spell efect was over.
“Now,who is really foolish?”Forata shouted at Clair.She took out her sword and standing on an attacking stance.
“She must try to prepare for a counterattack.I must be careful.”He charged his sword with steam aura and shot some steam balls to the ground.Steam evolved and Clair was unable to see him.She rushed inside and found out that Forata was not there.
“I can’t believe that she can defeat the guardians.”Forata actually dashed back after the steam forms.Then,he charged his sword with earth aura and stabbed it on the ground.Clair jumped out from the steam and launched some slash waves on him.He quickly avoided them.
“Looks like you are not as bad as I thought after all.But with your abilities you cannot defeat me easily.”Forata told her.
“I’ll defeat you no matter what!”Clair shouted at him.She charged her sword with acid and steam auras and threw it towards the center.She quickly dashed backwards away from her sword.Forata rushed to the front and tried to destroy her sword using his fists.The blades were shattered but the acid steam was emitted from the scraps of blades and wounded him.His armor sustained some damage too.The sword recovered itself and returned to Clair.
“This is bad.I can’t believe that she will do this on her weapon.”Forata started became anxious.
“This is not good.His gear is too powerful.”Clair worried about himself too.
Forata charged his sword with neutrons and shot a blast on Clair.She dodged it and jumped to the air.Forata charged himself with metal aura and cast metal fizat on her.Metal blocks fell down from the magic circle formed just above her head.Clair blocked them using wall spell.She even rushed to the front and attempted a wave slash attack on him.It was too fast that he can only block them.Yet,several metal blocks knocked him down out from his consciousness since the effect of the spell was not over yet.She won the battle.
“I underestimated you.You are really powerful.Your name is Clair…princess?”Forata shocked that he was fighting the princess just now and knelt down.
“No wonder some people called Calfion the deserted city.There are still some people who does not recognize me.You deserve the title as one of the legendary blacksmiths.”Clair told Forata.They were teleported to the rest area.
“The next battle,Tefler Zargaso versus Foruen Nebiros!”A referee told the spectators.Tefler and Foruen were teleported to the arena.
“I must defeat him!”They stared sharply on each other.
The next battle will start soon.