Route of Peaks(Path 23-Fort Raid Part One)

After a whole morning of walking, they arrived at fort Ait. The interiors were all destroyed, except a few damaged towers which were used during Yedrei-Phlaq confrontation as anti long range spell protection.
“Six people only? This is really ridiculous. I thought that a whole army will attack us. And we have two traitors here. Want a duel?” A man wearing Kevlar suit and wielding cupronickel pike hammer formed a cubic barrier. A pike was seen welded at the center, between the two sides of the cylindrical hammer blocks.
“You…the damage has been done…you shall be engraved for your sins!” Rhya rushed inside the barrier while taking out a invar sword with laser beam pods attached on the hemisphere shaped cross guards.
“I guess you skipped the cursed saint located somewhere before us. Perhaps this is more important for you, but this shall be your greatest regret!” He started his attack by strafing to his right in a circular motion, trying to attack from her left. The sands from the ground told her his movements, allowed her to launch a slash wave with the opposite trajectory, yet he jumped and attempted to smash her.
“I fear that this is yours instead,” She charged his sword’s pods and fired double helix laser beams on him without even looking at him. He was hit and knocked onto the barrier. She walked a few meters and looked at him with disdain. “Now it’s my turn,” She charged her sword with poison aura and “launched” a cobra snake to him.
“Sorry, if this can defeat me I will just die with my comrades by the ground back then!” He knocked the cobra snake onto the ground and stared her sharply. Then, a stab wave was launched by stabbing the air  in front of him. She merely absorbed it exactly on her sword’s tip and launched a slash wave back to him.
“I know that. But don’t stall, will ya?” She dashed towards him while scratching the ground using her sword’s tip and charged it with fire aura. The flames were seen on the scratch marks and it spread to her sword’s blade. “Let’s see if you can resist this!” A diagonal swung of his sword was attempted for an ambush, but suddenly she slammed the sword and cut along the suit. His right hand was severely wounded and he jumped away from her while healing it.
“This…I guess I have no choice but to fight from long range,” He switched to a pair of shot gun and fired repeatedly. She quickly randomly dashing and jumping around, dodging every single shot fired on her. Then, she charged her sword blades with wind aura and launched the side blades onto him. He tried to blow them off by shooting them, yet,
“This is what I expecting from you, fool,” She charged her laser pods with ice aura and fired freezing laser beams on his feet, preventing his movement by sealing his feet with ice, yet he broke it using merely physical strength and bicycle kicked the blades upwards which flew out of the barrier.
“What?” Suddenly, a few laser beams hit him and he was slammed onto the barrier. He quickly stood up and blocked another few laser beams while firing ricochet shots on her. Those shots were swiftly dodged as she was rushing close to him. Just when she came close to him,
“This is my answer,” A cross slash with a cross shaped slash wave ended his life. The barrier was disappeared while she was walking back to Cogra and the others. Xiel pointed her spinning blade gun to another bandit. Another fight ensues….


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