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Route of Earth(Path 65-Private Talk Part One)

February 28, 2010

While they were on their way,
“Should we have some break from all this fighting?” Tefia asked everyone.
“If you really want to, I have a place for you. There’s an inn build higher than where we are 100 meters from here. You can see the sky from there,” Vanadis answered her. “We’ll continue in case that people come to intercept you and we can warn you,” Just when they arrived at a junction he and Isef continued walking while the others walked to their left and climbed the stairs. After 25 minutes, they reached the Bare Ground Inn. It was built with its roof only 5 meters below the land’s ground. It looked like a castle, with uniforms reminiscent to castle workers. It has a glass ceiling with an invisible magic circle to clean away anything on it, allowing its visitors to look at the sky.
“Let’s have our stay, shall we?” Lefio winked at them. They quickly checked in their separate rooms and had some nap. Then, at night, around the inn, Tefia was practicing her close range combat with her ifnarisis. She swung her ifnarisis repeatedly as if she was slashing her target using blades from both ends. After 10 minutes, Orkaf walked towards her from her back.
“I haven’t seen you use your wand this way,” He walked past her and took out his doktionas. He launched the metal block upwards and formed a light beam blade. Then, he jumped upwards, stabbed through the metal block and threw the whole weapon as if it was a spear. She blocked it using her ifnarisis’s tail blade, but it was cracked at its tip.
“Your ability to utilize your weapon is impressive. I just wondered, are all miners are like you?” Tefia recovered the part. His doktionas dropped onto the ground and its light beam blade was disappeared. They looked at each other, feeling something totally different than before.
“I am actually a rarity among the miners. My doktionas is a gift from my dead father. People call him the mining knight, and one day I will eventually take his name. Most miners learn magic because they often encounter magical beasts. I do not learn magic at all because I prefer everything the physical way,” Orkaf walked to his front and picked up his doktionas.
“I see. I love magic a lot. It’s like art drawn with weapons. Everything is just plain colorful. But you managed to show me that physical attacks are a form of battle art as well. Your swipes are like doing calligraphy. Perhaps we do complement each other,” She walked back a bit.
“Yes. You use magic as if you are brawling. It’s like using brute strength the intelligent way,” Orkaf looked at his doktionas and saw no change in the weapon since they left the cave. “I don’t see any powers on my weapon. Perhaps something dangerous will trigger it,”
“True powers come from crisis. People will unleash their powers when they are desperate,” She looked at her ifnarisis and polished it with oil.
“Well, Tefia, I….” Orkaf walked towards her. “I…” He tried to stare her eyes but he was too embarrassed to do so.
“I know what you mean. I feel the same thing,” She hugged him and kissed his lips. “You looked like a barbarian, yet your mind and heart look like a gentleman,”
“You are a warrior of grace, a knight of valor and a fighter of work,”
“I just wondered why we don’t realize our love before that.” Tefia let go of him.
“Perhaps we are too busy to fight for this continent that we don’t have really much time to deal with other thing. But then, perhaps now is the best time,” He lied on the ground, looking at the starry sky. At the meantime, Lefio and Meltine were having talks somewhere else….


Route of Earth(Path 64-Cave Hunt Part Four)

February 28, 2010

The space beyond the door was actually the realm of saint. It was complete white void. They feel they were standing still, despite the saw the space as if it was a white universe.
“I’ve waited you for long. The power is now yours. Use it wisely,” An unknown sound was heard. Then, a brighter beam was shot at them. The energy of the beam went inside their dimensional storage and they were teleported outside. The door was disappeared, making the tunnel a dead end. The dead bodies disappeared as well. Then, crystals, rocks and gemstones started to grow in the tunnel. They quickly teleported outside of the tunnel to the sign. Back to Vanadis and Isef,
“What the heck is this?” Vanadis shocked at the crystals, rocks and gemstones growing around the area. They quickly teleported outside to the sign. After 15 minutes, they stopped growing upon reaching the sign. The guard was stunned and fell onto the ground upon looking at the tunnel completely sealed.
“So you have obtained the power. Good luck on your mission,” The guard saluted at them.
“Where shall we go next? We have pretty much time to deal with smugglers,” Lefio asked Vanadis.
“They are active at the south. We don’t really have troubles around the north. Still, I think we better go to Hazei. That armored knight might have something to inform you,” Vanadis replied him. They exited the cave and continued travelling to the east. At the meantime, in Hazei,
“What? You say demons? Those demons from Oittra are really tricky. I want you and your subordiantes to be aware of the possibility of the demons reaching this place, understand?” A man wearing khaki military uniform was ordering Riak.
“Yes, sir!” Riak answered him and walked outside. After a few seconds,
“Yes, you can come in now,” The man heard some knocking sounds. A girl with blue military uniform walked towards him. “So, how is it? What is the numbers?”
“15,172 were safe, 23,518 need minor medical attention, 9,274 requires major medical attention, 4,540 were retired due to irrecoverable injuries and 7,201 died. Our number of soldiers in active duty is now 53,046, excluding the ones returned from Ryscin. Should we send the safe troops to the borders? The royal rebels from Oittra have requested additional troops to guard the borders as they were managed to regain several cities,” She answered him.
“Send 5,000 first. The rest I’ll try to deal with the Castyf Guilds and Freelance Fighters Union and seek assistance. Yeah, if you know the whereabouts of the chosen one, get them. We need their help if we want to aid Oittra more efficiently,”
“I understand. I will execute your order,” She walked out the room.
“You have done a lot, my dear. Don’t wear out yourself too much,” He mumbled to himself while looking through the window behind his chair. At the meantime, at a dead end of a unused tunnel,
“So, they are coming to Hazei. Good. Now I can blow them myself!” A man in black formal clothing was looking through a tracking portal. Then, a reaper appeared in front of him.
“Don’t fail me this time. Your subordinates were eliminated when they are trying to smuggle things to Oittra’s demon soldiers. At least we can teleport over the goods. If you fail, I’ll kill you before I deal with them myself,” It gave an order before it teleported itself away.
“What? Damn…watch out, you filthy warriors. I will make sure that you will not pass Hazei alive,” He closed the portal and walked out the tunnel, moving towards Hazei. There are still time before they have their ambush….

Route of Earth(Path 63-Cave Hunt Part Three)

February 27, 2010

“I’m not coming here to fight you, you moron!” The knight in burning armor crashed towards Isef. She was thrown away, but he stopped moving. “Did you see a black dog here?” He merely stood still and formed a barrier.
“No, why?” Vanadis put his sword on his waist belt.
“That dog is a demon. It just slain my squad of soldiers and escaped into this cave,” He broke the barrier and let the pieces disappear by themselves. Then, suddenly,
“Well, my comrade failed its mission, but I will continue for it. Die!” A black meteor attack suddenly crashed down onto the ground, stunning everyone. A black colored wolf appeared in front of them and shot a few black shaped orbs on them from its mouth.
“Oh, so you are the one with that dog, huh? This is for my dead comrades!” The knight in burning armor charged himself with flame aura and trails of flame were launched along the ground. The wolf was burned, but it was unharmed.
“You are not wreaking havoc in here!” Vanadis took out his sword and reflected the flame balls shot from the wolf’s mouth back to it, yet they were exploded midair instead. It teleported to its back, yet Isef dashed to its side and slashed its body, then swung her sword that the wolf was smashed on the ground. It quickly shot a flame ball towards her and she was thrown 1 meter away.
“Curse…you….” She quickly woke up. The wolf leaped towards her, attempting to launch a flaming burst on her in close range, but the knight in burning armor charged towards it and smashed it onto the wall. The crystals on the wall damaged it further. He dashed backwards and looked at the wolf.
“Well, if you think you can kill me this way then you are totally wrong,” It healed its wounds, charged itself with wind aura and dashed past them. Strong winds with invisible wind slash waves were blown towards them. They fell onto the ground, suffering from heavy damage from the slash waves.
“Well…this is not going to kill us anyway,” The knight in burning armor stood up as if nothing was happened to him despite the cracks on his armor which were slowly recovering. Then, he charged himself with space aura and photons. A vacuum blade with a laser beam inside it was formed in the air.
“Don’t try to be arrogant, bastard!” Just when he took the sword, it charged itself with wind aura and dashed past them once more. This time, he blocked the wind slash waves using his sword and launched a vacuum beam on it. It opened its mouth, attempting to absorb the vacuum, yet he quickly dashed towards it and it was stabbed through its mouth while it was absorbing the vacuum. It was turned into dusts.
“Wake up, folks,” He healed them and they woke up.
“So, what will you do? After all, the wolf is now gone,” Vanadis asked him.
“I think I’ll just go back and report this to my superiors. We’ll meet again sometime,” He walked towards the tunnel. “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I’m Riak Lomardin, a royal knight of Castyf,” He exited the place.
“Damn…I thought that we can kill the wolf but he ended up doing it for us,” Vanadis sighed at Isef.
“At least the threat is gone. Let’s wait for them to come back,” They continued to guard the place. At the meantime,
“This door…it’s very weird. Why light was emitted from it?” Tefia examined the door.
“Let’s go inside. We won’t get anything by standing here,” Orkaf walked towards the door. No one knows what are actually beond this door….

Route of Earth(Path 62-Cave Hunt Part Two)

February 26, 2010

After 30 minutes, they found a tunnel with a guard blocking it and no other guards beyond him.
“If you value your life, I suggest that you leave here. Some people risked their lives exploring this tunnel and injured when they are trying to pass the crystal path. But somehow, it was destroyed recently but I don’t sure. Perhaps you can check that for me,” The guard stepped aside. They went inside and travel along the tunnel which has lots of corners and no branches. After another 30 minutes, they saw sands of crystals lying on the ground while the crystals at other places were intact.
“Someone is indeed destroyed the crystals. Let’s see who is behind this,” Vanadis touched the crystal sands and sensed some heat. “This smuggler is somewhere nearby. Let’s bust him!” They walked further inside for 10 minutes and saw a large cavern area. The walls are full with various gemstones plus fullerene and obsidian rocks. A metal door was visible with a rune inscribed on it. The etched writing on the door below the rune reads:
“The powers of crystals are nothing compared to what lies beyond this door. Yet, anyone who wishes to obtain its power must pass the test. Only the truly worthy of the power can get it,”
“Let’s go. Vanadis and Isef, can you guard this place for us?” Tefia asked them.
“Definitely. Who knows if the smuggler comes again?” Vanadis took out his vacro (an alloy made from 50% of vanadium and 50% of chromium) rod and pointed it at the tunnel that they had passed through. Isef, on the other hand, took out her triple C (an alloy made from one third of chromium, one third of cobalt and one third of copper) sword and took a fighting stance, readying for fighting anything. Tefia and the others walked towards the door and they were teleported at its opposite side. At the meantime,
“How can you…know this place…?” A heavily injured hollow was lying on the ground. Cracks were visible on its body. Aura was dissipating from the cracks. It looked at a hound with evil aura emitting from its fangs.
“I was ordered to take the power before someone else takes it. Nothing personal, but I just following my orders,” It charged itself with photons and shot a laser beam on it, killing it instantly. It walked inside a door with light emitted out of the door, but it was quickly turned into dusts and disappeared. Back to Tefia and the others, while they were running through the tunnel,
“What the hell is going on here? Why does the corpses of people are lying around?” Orkaf was angry over the condition of the tunnel.
“Someone has entered the tunnel some time earlier. But somehow, I don’t sense anyone else inside this tunnel except us,” Meltine replied him.
“Perhaps he was killed upon reaching the tunnel’s end because he is not worthy of having the power,” Lefio took out his halberd, readying to fight anything.
“I have a bad feeling about this,” Tefia was focusing at the door at the end of the tunnel. Back to Vanadis and Isef,
“You!” Vanadis charged his rod with aqua aura and held its end, trying to knock a knight in a burning armor. It attack was blocked as he grabbed the rod and Vanadis was thrown away by his swinging of the rod instead. Then, he charged toward Isef in a cavalry stance.
“How dare you come back to us!” She charged her sword with bolt aura and stabbed it the ground. Bolt pulses struck down in a linear pathway towards him yet he dodged by strafing. Tefia’s worries are about to come true….

Route of Earth(Path 61-Cave Hunt Part One)

February 24, 2010

After two days, they arrived at Arsetlio cave. It was a crystal cave with various gemstones inside. Guards were deployed inside to prevent any people to mining the gemstones and crystals.
“Take these passes and wear them,” A guard stopped them and gave ID card shaped badges to them. They wore the passes on their chests and walked inside. “No mining,” He shouted at them while they were walking inside. The cave was guarded heavily along the paths. A guard was deployed every 15 meters, showing that the place is a reserved nature heritage. Then, after they walked for 15 minutes, they arrived at a tunnel with a sign “do not enter: ferocious beast inside,” written on it.
“That place is rumored to be the lair of Arkucis, the chimera king. A lot of fighters went to slay the beast, but even our general with his troops of 3000 soldiers were barely survived. If you want to go inside, I will not stop you, but be warned that no one comes out safely, and a lot of people dead inside. No one ever beaten the beast as of now,” A guard standing beside the sign formed a portal in front of the sign and its exit appeared at the opposite side of the sign. They went inside and they felt strong current of non-elemental aura were flowing against their way.
“Get your weapons ready. Wait…what the hell is this?” They heard sounds of fighting inside. Then, sound of firing a blast was heard. They quickly took out their weapons and rushed inside. A dark elf and a fallen angel were fighting against Arkucis. The dark elf was wearing fur coat reinforced with titanium threads while the fallen angel has v shaped gray wings with stainless steel armor reinforced with quartz crystal.
“….” Arkucis fired a laser blast from its mouth on them. They quickly spread out and dodged the blast, but the blast split into six, aiming every one of them. Tefia launched its tail blade as if it was a drill, but it was blocked by the laser blast aiming her.
“You bastard beast, die!” Orkaf cast flash on himself while charging his doktionas with flame aura. The weapon and himself were engulfed in flames, effectively making the attack a big fireball attack. He dashed with 5 times speed than his usual dash and ran inside its mouth. After 10 seconds, it was turned into dusts.
“Whoa…this guy is insanely powerful,” The dark elf was astonished by the attack.
“No one has ever thought of this tactic before…this guy must be very skillful,” The fallen angel was shocked.
“Well, I think this is mere luck. No one knows that its insides are actually weak. Um, well, what the hell you doing here, anyway?” Orkaf gave a cold stare at them.
“We just came here to test if the rumors are true. Looks like finally it is proven false,” The dark elf kept his weapon in his dimensional storage. “Oh, we just forget to introduce ourselves. My name is Isef Kirion and he is Vanadis Kromat,”
“She’s Tefia Rypal, I’m Orkaf Sinox, the saint over there is Meltine Phika and the demon standing beside you is Lefio Kinaf. We are on the quest to obtain the holy weapon,” Orkaf put his doktionas on his waist belt.
“I see. So you are among the ones to slay demons in Ryscin, right? Too bad you don’t have any to slay in Castyf. Still, smugglers were still lurking around the country to aid the demons. Anyway, shall we tag along?” Vanadis asked everyone.
“Of course. After all, we do need people to fight with us,” Tefia winked at them. They left the place and continued to search the cave. Their hunt continues….

Route of Earth(Path 60-Storms of Disaster Part Eleven)

February 24, 2010

“Then, try if you can, demon,” Eklash started his attack by charging his sword with nature aura and flew towards the vampire while letting cactus spikes grew on his sword. The vampire simply dodged the attacks strafing to his right and launched a knee strike on Eklash’s stomach using his left leg before knocking Eklash down onto the ground using his ankle.
“I’m indeed can, moron,” He took out his quadratic bow. Its framework looked like a quadratic graph. He shot a few arrows on Eklash and charged his bow for a slash wave. Eklash landed on the ground, ran away from the attacks and launched the cactus spikes on him. The spikes hit the vampire and fell down onto the ground. The slash wave hit Eklash’s back as well.
“You can’t fight alone. Let me fight with you,” Kinelle switched to an ecriso. It resembled a pitch fork, with triangular scythe blades as its attacking part when the handle was split. She dashed towards the vampire, yet he charged himself with wind aura and a wind pillar was formed suddenly from nowhere, throwing her away.
“You can, but you will be injured. I can’t bring myself to see you hurt,” Eklash healed her and helical trails of holy aura surrounded him and his sword. He charged his sword with photons and stabbed it onto the ground. Holy laser blades were launched on the vampire from everywhere. He was slashed repeatedly, yet he was still standing with evil aura emitted from him. A huge evil beam was launched from his palm.
“My heart will be in pain if I can’t help you when you need me!” Kinelle teleported to his front, charged herself with yin yang aura and formed a yin yang barrier, blocking the blast. Eklash charged the barrier with holy aura and launched a holy beam back towards the vampire. Unaware of the counterattack, he switched to a light destroyer sword and dashed to his front while still emitting the dark beam. The holy beam was accidentally deflected by his stance.
“How love you two are, but you are not escaping your fates of dying!” He charged his sword with evil aura and stabbed through the barrier. Kinelle was deeply stabbed and the barrier disappeared, but a holy barrier surrounded her and Eklash, forcing him to pull his sword out. He quickly healed her while the barrier emitted more holy beams on him.
“Thank you. I won’t make you injured in vain,” Eklash walked out from the barrier and absorbed the dark beam. Both holy and evil auras are now inside his body. The vampire stopped his attack and threw his sword as if it was a lance while charging his hands with flame aura. Eklash formed barrier gloves on his hands and caught the sword.
“But you will die in vain!” The sword was suddenly teleported back to the vampire’s right hand and the flames covered the sword. Just when he came close, Eklash extended his barrier to his whole body, blocked the vampire’s slash and kicked him away before he could use his left hand to scratch Eklash.
“These are my words,” Kinelle switched back to her oracion wand, charged it with metal aura and cat metal astraea on the vampire. A magic circle was appeared on his head and feet. Metal blocks fell from the magic circle while metal spikes were launched from the ground. After the spell ended, he was turned into dusts.
“Ughhhh…is this over already?” Ancrast and the others woke up and saw nothing but Eklash and Kinelle hugging.
“Hey, we have restoring jobs to do, you moronic couple!” Ceia yelled at them. Everyone quickly started to restore the city. The dangers were apparently cleared, but the route will be continued….

Route of Earth(Path 59-Storms of Disasters Part Ten)

February 22, 2010

White sparkling dusts were surrounding Eklash’s sword. Then, he saw black colored dusts on his sword.
“Watch out!” Eklash quickly pushed the soldier away and pointed his sword upwards, blocking a dive attack from a reaper exactly on his sword’s tips. He charged it with photons, yet it quickly teleported towards the soldier.
“You are targeting the wrong person,” Just when it appeared it was quickly plus slashed using her wand and the slashes emit laser beams, which damaged it further while she was dashing towards Eklash.
“Well, let’s see if you can protect him,” It teleported to his back and attempted to slash himusing its titanium scythe, yet he kicked him without turning back. It didn’t budge. He was cross slashed at his back before he was kicked towards the soldier.
“I don’t need protection, you fool,” Eklash charged his wounds with photons and non-elemental aura. X shaped laser beam was emitted from his wound and healed himself in the process. It quickly teleported itself above him and threw its scythe. He sensed his movements and formed barrier on his legs before performing a bicycle kick on the scythe, kicking it back to the reaper.
“If that’s the case, I’ll fight with you!” The soldier charged her wand with flame aura and launched a few flame arrows on the scythe, missing them on purpose. The reaper dodged the scythe by strafing, yet it was hit by the arrow instead.
“Thank you, warrior,” Eklash dashed towards the scythe, took it and dashed towards the reaper. “I will not disappoint you,” He launched a tic-tac-toe grid slash attack on it. A tic-tac-toe grid was visible on its cloak and it emitted laser beams on itself. It quickly cast reverse and they were emitted towards him instead. He was hit and fell onto the ground.
“Wim…p?” She was about to point her wand on the reaper, but hesitated when he was trails of land aura were spiraling around him. The reaper chased him, but he fell onto the ground first and six conical sandstone pillars struck up from the ground, surrounding him. The reaper was stabbed through from one of the rock cones.
“Hesitation means death, brat,” The reaper charged its scythe with bolt aura, teleported to her front and launched a cross slash attack followed by a plus slash attack. She was electrocuted before she was kicked towards a wall of a destroyed house.
“I am not one, and I will never be one!” He woke up with the stream of land aura still flowing around him. His eyes were narrower than usual. His sights were sharper than before. The reaper charged its scythe and dashed towards him.
“Then what you are think you are doing, huh?” The soldier charged her wand with frost aura and icicles dropped from the ceiling, yet they were dodged by accelerating itself. Then, just before it nearly reached him,
“What the…?” A frozen ice pillar struck up, smashing it onto the ceiling and it was turned into dusts.
“I think we are meant to be together,” Eklash blushed and looked away from her.
“Yes. You are Eklash Wark, right? I’m Kinelle Liseo, a mage serving Ryscin,” She hugged him from behind.
“How romantic, but you two hall die right here, right now!” Suddenly, a vampire appeared floating in the air and absorbed the dusts. A double Z (an alloy made from 50% of zinc and 50% of zirconium) ligrizo was attached on both of his wrists. It wa a pair of claws with a 5 millimeter long barrel inserted at the end of the claws. A laser blade with length 2 centimeters were visible, extending from the barrels. The fight continues….

Route of Earth(Path 58-Storms of Disasters Part Nine)

February 21, 2010

“Now let’s see if you think you can actually kill the hollow version of me!” The hollow charged its wings and launched hollow feathers on them with higher speed. They dashed backwards to dodge that attack, yet they were quickly cornered.
“You two alone can’t kill it, you know,” Orkaf suddenly appeared in front of them, charged his doktionas with metal aura and stabbed it onto the ground. It was enlarged and became a wall which blocked the feathers.
“We are now energized to fight,” Lefio appeared from nowhere, pulled out the doktionas’s handle and threw it as if it was a huge rod. The hollow charged its aim and some of the feathers hit him. It though the rod would miss, yet it actually hit its right wing and smashed the wall. The right wing was cracked, yet it was quickly healed.
“Reinforcements?” Let’s see if you can resist this!” It charged itself with flame aura and the whole room was filled with flames, burning them. Then, Tefia’s ifnarisis dropped from the ceiling with water aura surrounding it and stabbed onto the ground. The room turned into mists of steam, which quickly dissipated.
“You think you are powerful? No!” Tefia appeared and picked up her ifnarisis. She pointed it at the hollow while charging its tail blade with toxin aura, yet before the charging was complete; it quickly flew over her, scratching her face. She quickly healed herself, yet she fell onto the ground and the aura was dissipated.
“Well, don’t be reckless Tefia. We can’t go on without you,” Meltine dropped from the ceiling as well and stabbed her pair of golok onto the hollow. It was injured and stuck on the ground when she stabbed it onto the ground.
“Ha, you are committing your suicide, arsehole!” It charged itself with flame aura and flames spread away from its body, filling the room and burned everyone. Orkaf charged itself with hydro aura to protect himself.
“This is what I should say to you!” Orkaf reformed his doktionas at its original size and launched its metal block in a projectile motion. It started to rotate upon falling towards the hollow. It quickly ejected the goloks and flew away.
“Now for your door to the realm of death…!” It charged itself with bolt aura, yet it was burned too and it was turned into dusts. The flames were extinguished, yet Orkaf saw the others were severly burned. He quickly healed everyone.
“This capital…everything is gone, isn’t it?” Tefia stood up and sighed at the burnt throne room.
“It will be okay later on. With everyone’s effort, this palace will be restored eventually,” Orkaf walked up the throne and wiped its ashes. Then, suddenly it gives a very large glow. Tefia was surrounded by the same glow as well and teleported away from them.
“This is your pair of crosses. Your weapons and parts now will be insufficient to fight new enemies. Go to somewhere east to get new upgrades,” An unknown sound was heard from nowhere before she was teleported back to the throne room with a pair of crosses inside her dimensional storage.
“Let’s leave this place. Do we have a place somewhere east?” Tefia asked others.
“The Arsetlio cave, located exactly at the border between Ryscin and Castyf. That place is known to have ghosts roaming around,” Lokafo answered her. “And, sorry, I and Hefin can’t accompany you anymore. We have errands to restore this underground capital,”
“It’s okay. We can’t have too much people around us as well,” Tefia and the others teleported themselves out of this capital. At the meantime, Eklash and his crush are having another trouble….

Route of Earth(Path 57-Storms of Disasters Part Eight)

February 20, 2010

The crow was charging itself with evil aura, prepared to fire black colored beams on anyone emerge on the portal. After a few seconds, Lokafo and Hefin emerged from the portal.
“Go to the realm of death!” The crow shot a few black colored beams on them from its beak. They quickly dodged the attack and Lokafo turned into a gargoyle.
“No, you will,” It took out a pair of 30 centimeters long stainless steel spear and attached them to its wings. Then, it flew towards the crow while charging its lance. The crow dodged the attack and shot a few dark beams on it. It was hit and thrown 5 meters away.
“You….” She took out a corginfe (a wand that looked exactly like a titanium lance with ruby tip) and threw it towards the crow while dashing towards the crow. It caught the corginfe by flying upwards and grabbing it with its claws.
“Ha, you puny resistance are nothing but thrash!” It charged the wand with land aura, but it was petrified instead. Yet, it was still moving as if nothing was happened on it and threw the wand back to Hefin. She took back her wand, charged it with flame aura and stabbed it onto the ground.
“Flame drops!” She called upon the magic skill and drops of flames were dropped on it randomly like asteroids. The crow charged itself with hydro aura, attempting to extinguish them, yet the flame drops were turned into steam drops instead and hit it.
“You think I’m really collapsed, huh? You are totally wrong!” Lokafo charged itself with steam aura and steam mists were launched from the ground as if they were geysers. It was further damaged, but it flew upwards and healed itself.
“I can make you collapse again, silly gargoyle!” The crow charged itself with evil aura and shot a black colored blast on Lokafo. It quickly flew away, but the crow aimed the attack on it, forcing it to fly continuously.
“Curse you,” Hefin charged her wand with yin yang aura and shot a yin yang beam on it, but the crow switched its aim and she was hit by the blast. Lokafo quickly took the chance and stabbed it using the spears. Then,
“I shall rip you apart,” It ripped the crow’s wings by spinning itself, forcing the spear to move through the wings while scratching the crow’s back using its claws. Lokafo threw its spears away and attempted to ram the crow onto the ground, yet it quickly charged itself with bolt aura, flowed the aura into Lokafo and Lokafo was electrocuted. It quickly flew away and regenerated its wings.
“Now you are going to be ripped!” It charged its wings with metal aura and launched silver feathers on Lokafo and Hefin. They quickly rushed away from the attack, yet the crow changed its aim too fast that they were hit after a few seconds. Their backs were stabbed with feathers, lying on the ground, too injured to move.
“You…I…will…not…give…up,” Lokafo switched to human form and charged himself with wind and non-elemental auras. “Eject!” He cast the spell and the feathers were launched back towards the crow, even the ones on Hefin’s body and on the ground.
“Thank…you, Lokafo,” Hefin charged her wand with aqua and non-elemental auras. “Drain rain!” She cast the spell and it was raining cats and dogs. The crow, unaware of the spell, charged itself with flame aura and turned it into steam mists, draining it more than the spell originally intended and healed them more than usual.
“What the…I will not forgive you!” The crow was turned into dusts, yet the dusts reformed into a hollow. They shall resume their fight….

Route of Earth(Path 56-Storms of Disasters Part Seven)

February 20, 2010

A bubble hollow was formed in the pond, lying on the ground. Then, it woke up and the bubbles turned black.
“Return my body!” It took out its leather whip with spike tip and swung it randomly. Soldiers standing around the pond were injured.
“Let me fight this time. You should never over exhaust yourselves,” Xadio flew towards the hollow while charging its wings and launched a few slash waves on it. The slash waves were blocked and it was damaged when its charging attack was blocked as well.
“Yeah, bring it on. My bubbles are as hard as steel,” The hollow grabbed it, threw it away and whipped it a few times. Its wings were broken and it was unable to fly. Then, it took out a pair of mini sized cannons and let them float around its head.
“Steel? Watch your words, pal,” It charged its cannons with acid aura and shot a pair of acid ball on the hollow. Nothing was happened first, yet when it walked out from the pond,
“Acid? Aaaaaargh!” It was injured by corrosion and the bubbles were popped, killing it instantly.
“Let’s go. We have a king to have audience with,” Rafion called Xadio. It quickly alighted on his shoulder. The pathway led directly to the audience chamber. A big chandelier was hanging at the center, pointing directly at a center of a blue circle drawn on a red carpet, followed by violet lines around it. They knelt and looked on the ground. Then, they were joined with the soldiers defending the castle walls.
“Great job, you all. Without your aid, this country is finished. As a token of my gratitude, I shall reward you with this,” 1000 Gleds were appeared in front of each person. The soldiers took the money and left the chamber. Serina and the others continued to kneel down. Then, they were suddenly teleported to the castle’s south entrance.
“I think no one dares to invade us anymore. Well, tell the chosen one that we suspect that an old ruins is storing a holy item,” The man in gold clothing was standing inside and walked away from them a few seconds later.
“So, what shall we do? Wait for her?” Xadio asked everyone.
“Yes. She will contact us one she is done. But then, what should we do after that? We can’t abandon our work for her,” Serina told everyone.
“Yep,” Kasim looked at the cloudy sky, wondering how the others were doing down there.
“Aren’t that you two are freelance fighters? You two can just join them,” Beile looked suspiciously at Kasim.
“But we prefer joining you. After all, it’s time for us to leave our wandering life,” Rafion tapped her shoulder.
“Are you sure? Don’t you like freedom?” Beile looked deeply into his eyes.
“Definitely, but it’s meaningless without you. Kasim, are you ready for this?” He pointed his fist at Kasim.
“Yes,” Rafion punched the fist lightly, showing agreement of his words. At the meantime,
“Lord Qina, our forces were wiped out completely by the soldiers. Even the backup demon was killed by an unknown group of people. Please retreat, my lord! I’ll hold them off for you,” A crow appeared in front of Qina. It quickly teleported itself away. After 30 minutes,
“Man, this is freaking tiring. That wretched demon has changed the architecture of the castle and made a short walk a long journey,” Orkaf was sweating and mumbling to the others after they climbed through long stairs with weird designed that they were inside a maze while they were shrinked.
“Let us fight. You all should get rest. In fact, we didn’t fight the previous demons,” Lokafo and Hefin took out their weapons and dashed into a blue portal. Their fight will not be easy without them….