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Route of Earth(Path 121-The Holy Trial Final Stage First Half)

May 31, 2010

Tefia was completely recovered and teleported inside a granite spherical room, standing at the bottom of it. She could walk on it, even reaching the top. Then, she saw a taoist wearing his black and white yin yang outfit and oracle hat staring at her.
“Name’s Chen Ri Ye. Defeat me or go back,” He took out his bronze coin sword, charged it with metal aura and threw bronze coins on her as if they were darts. She ran to the bottom while throwing mini spears on him. Sounds of metal clashing were heard and neither shots hit them.
“I will,” She took out her et-airnias and charged it with thunder aura. “Don’t hold back,” She threw the weapon to him, yet he grabbed it without any electrocution and threw it back with greater force. She jumped to dodge the counterattack, but electrical pulses spread onto the ground, forming a non-electrocuting net. She jumped to the weapon, trying to pick it up, yet,
“You are not playing tricks here,” He flew downwards, pulled the sword and broke it into a pair of sword lance and threw them back to her. She caught them, recombined them and launched wave slash attack (an attack that slash and launch a slash wave on its target simultaneously) on him.
“I don’t think so,” The attack hit him and he was shocked for a while. Then, she strafed to her right, turned left and spun her et-airnias repeatedly. He was slashed repeatedly, but he seemed to stop being damaged after a few slashes. Then, his senses were back and she quickly jumped to the top.
“Yeah, and you pulled it off. This means I can pull one as well,” He flowed some thunder aura onto the ground without getting noticed and flew towards her. She ran around the room, but after a few seconds suddenly she was electrocuted for a second. Just when she recovered from electrocution, he reached her back and cross slashed her. She fell down and got electrocuted again for a few seconds.
“You…I guess only this can go against you,” She switched her sneakers to rubber boots and she stopped electrocuting. She stabbed her et-airnias onto the surface and some light gold lines were visible inside the water crystal. She picked it up and stared at him, wondering why he haven’t do anything yet.
“Total moron. Attack me, or I’ll finish you!” He jumped to the opposite side of her and switched to bronze sword before dashed towards her while charging her sword with pyro aura. Trails of aura seemed to form a spear tip like shield. She swung her weapon as if it was a normal sword lance and he was thrown 5 meters midair, yet,
“!” A flame burst was launched from his sword, with thunder sparks well hidden from it. She ran around and jumped in random directions to dodge the burst, but some thunder sparks hit the net and travelled in the net, hindering her movements. She flew midair and charged her et-airnias with hydro aura, yet,
“Not so fast, you moron!” He launched a flame burst again. She threw it towards the burst as if it was a rotating rod and the burst was extinguished, but steam was formed around the room and their sights were hindered. As the result, he was hit by the attack and thrown onto the surface. He fell onto the bottom and lose his grip on his sword.
“Damn…he must be here somewhere,” She cast clear and the steam was disappeared. She teleported her et-airnias back to her hands, waiting for his next move. The trial will come to an end….


Route of Earth(Path 120-The Holy Trial Stage Nine Part Two)

May 30, 2010

“!” The steam was too hot that Tefia and Helare stopped their attacks and dashed backwards. The steam gave the wooden room cracks, yet they quickly disappeared. Tefia switched to her ifnarinas and launched its tail blade as if it was a homing missile.
“I thought you’ll go for something else, but this? You are asking yourself to be defeated!” Helare dashed past the tail blade and attempted to whack her using her torch, but after a few seconds the tail blade travelled back to Helare, forcing her to jump and it thrust through Tefia instead.
“This is nothing but a scratch!” The tail blade returned to the ifnarinas. She mounted it onto her right shoulder and took out her thunder spark lance with her rubber gloves on her left hand. “Feel this!” She shot thunder sparks on Helare while flowing thunder aura in the lance to her ifnarinas. The thunder sparks were dodged while Helare switched to a platinum electrical torch and absorbing thunder aura from them.
“Is this what you got? This is what I have!” Helare shot a few heated thunder sparks on her. She tried to dodge the sparks, but some of them accidentally hit her lance and its thunder spark was burning. She suddenly thought of something and dashed towards Helare, ignoring the burns which spreading on the lance.
“I see and I haven’t show you everything yet!” She swung her lance repeatedly as if it was a long sword, with smoking flames launched which drained the burning of the lance. Helare tried to dodge the attacks, but the smoking flames continued to injure her. She tried to knock the lance away, but her strength was too weak to do so thus she dashed backwards.
“This will teach a good lesson on you, pal!” She charged her torch with protons and shot a few positively charged electric pulses on Tefia. The sparks were absorbed and the lance’s tip became larger. “And I haven’t finished yet!” Electric current suddenly flowed to Tefia’s hands and she was electrocuted. Helare dashed towards her and tried to smack her, yet,
“Take what you have given to me back!” The electrocution was transferred back to her lance along with electrons charged into it. The glow on her lance was disappeared and a spark blast was shot on Helare. It was too fast and could not be dodged. As the result, she was hit and thrown 50 meters away out of consciousness, with the electric pulses seen on her suit.
“Let’s see how much repetition we can take,” The electric pulses were flowed onto the ground, spreading them everywhere and formed electrical nets on the room’s surface, electrocuting anyone who stepped on it. Tefia switched to her et-airnias and stabbed it onto the ground while float a few millimeters above the electrical net. Short electrical pulses were visible inside the water crystals.
“Hmph. If this is what you have, you are nothing but a total moron,” She wore her barrier gloves and picked it up, but suddenly the electrical net disappeared and absorbed to Helare’s feet. She dashed towards Helare, trying to deliver the final blow, but Helare woke up and launched a kick wave on her using her left hand.
“Moron? You are a moron,” The wave was dodged, but the second kick wave from her right hand hit Tefia and paralyzed her. Helare stood up and switched to a double torch lance. “And return to where you belong,” She broke it into a pair of torches and walked towards Tefia. Just when she attempted a cross slash on Tefia,
“Sorry, but it is you who will end up do so,” Tefia grabbed her torch, cross slashed her instead and stabbed them into her body. She was burned into ash and Tefia was teleported away. The final stage starts soon….

Route of Earth(Path 119-The Holy Trial Stage Nine Part One)

May 28, 2010

Tefia was teleported inside a wooden room, perhaps specifically plywood with complete recovery again. Some torches were visible, but the burns did not spread over the room. Then, a few flame shots were directed at her.
“Flames from Helare Yirn will burn you back to your place!” A girl in black Kevlar suit and mask appeared in front of her. She was holding a torch with hydro aura surrounding, perhaps to form ethanol as fuel for burning. Then, she ran towards Tefia while launching flame shots at Tefia.
“Is this what you are doing now?” She took out her et-airnias and blocked the flame shots, yet the water crystals were turned into encased steam. Then, she stabbed it onto the ground and steam were emitted around Helare. She could not see anything, and the flame on her torch was slowly became smaller and smaller.
“Yes,” She switched to a torch sealed with coal and cast wind aura to blow the steam away, but it was too late and she was stabbed straight at her stomach. Then, Tefia launched an upwards slash on her and kicked her 5 meters away. Tefia dashed towards her, yet she shot a line of flame balls which burned on the ground, forcing Tefia to dash backwards.
“You are quite persistent, but what you are doing now is nothing but escapist defense!” Tefia switched to a pair of shoulder water cannons and shot water jets on her. She blocked them using barrier, yet it was quickly shattered after blocking a few more shots. Then, Tefia tried to jump over the flames, but the flames suddenly increased in height and her feet was burnt.
“That’s how I deal with reckless offense from you!” Helare charged her torch with astro and earth auras. “Asteroid shot!” An rock sized asteroid appeared on the torch and shot on the ground, attempting for a ricochet shot on Tefia. The shot was blocked by pointing her cannon downwards and it ricocheted back to Helare and she was hit.
“Maybe it is time to finish you off right now,” Tefia charged her water cannons and shot blasts on Helare, but she charged herself with sub-zero aura and the water blast became frozen and the cannons were jammed. Tefia broke the ice, heated up the cannons and shot water blast at her again, yet the same thing happened.
“Finish me? You are not that strong,” She punched the ice on her right and the impact was so strong that the water cannon on Tefia’s left shoulder was broken. Tefia quickly switched to a pair of sword drills and dashed towards her, dodging the flame shots from her torch. Sounds of weapon clashing were loud and the bits of coal was seen on the ground.
“This isn’t right…what kind of power she possesses?” Tefia jumped backwards and threw the drills on her. Then, she strafed to her left and launched a few flame shots on Tefia. “Take this!” She charged her hands with explosion aura and punched the flame shots back on Helare. Helare tried to knock them back using a small barrier formed on her torch but the flame shots were exploded instead.
“What the? You can’t be this powerful!” She switched to a coal torch with methanol constantly burning on its end and launched flame bursts like a flamethrower. Tefia tried to get close to her but the flames kept Tefia from even reaching close. She took out another pair of water cannons and launched water blasts to extinguish the flames, but the flame does not stop and steam started to emit in the room. The stage continues….

Route of Earth(Path 118-The Holy Trial Stage Eight Part One)

May 27, 2010

“Not get lost!” Zaquos pointed his sword at Tefia, waiting for her response. She merely stand up and closed her eyes, waiting for his move. She sensed everything in the room. The meadows on the surface, the wind blowing around her and the nature aura scattered in the room…everything was sensed by her skin and ears. Then, sounds of moving steps were heard.
“You are too arrogant. This shall be your downfall,” She opened her eyes and saw him running towards her. She switched to her ifnarinas and launched a static slash wave in front of her. She jumped onto it and it started moving. Then, she jumped backwards to go against the inertia while launching a few more slash waves on him, yet he jumped to his left and wall jumped towards her.
“Downfall? Not so fast!” He charged his sword with acid and steam aura, attempting to launch a corrosive attack on her, yet she quickly jumped away while launching a few more slash waves on him. He knock them back towards her and stabbed his sword onto the ground. Steam mists surrounded her, forcing her to close her eyes.
“You…” She charged herself with sub-zero aura and sealed herself under 10 centimeter thick ice, freezing the acid mists and blocked the slash waves. “Crush!” She cast the spell and the ice was shattered into ice dusts. She absorbed them as her ifnarinas’s sub-zero aura and shot a freezing laser blast across the room.
“This? Fool,” He merely stood still, letting the blast hit him. Oddly, his appearance changed into complete bluish white, even his sword. Then, icicles dropped onto her as the white color was slowly fading. She ran randomly around the room to dodge them, but she accidentally tripped onto the while dodging.
“Damn it,” She cast barrier to protect herself, but a large icicle fell onto her and she was crushed with the barrier disappeared instantly. She was stuck and unable to move. Then, he charged his sword with non-elemental aura and launched a slash wave on her. “This…I have to risk it,” She cast crush again and the icicle broke off into pieces, blocking off the slash wave. She quickly woke up and healed herself.
“Great. This is really a challenge, isn’t it? I’ll take it,” He launched the same attack on her again, trying to gauge her strategy. Knowing such intentions, she switched to her et-airnias and blocked it. Then, she walked towards him slowly while charging her weapon with moon aura and the blue color of the weapon turned gray.
“Taste the power of moon,” She stabbed it onto the ground. Crscent slash waves were launched from the ceiling and the ground simultaneously. He jumped randomly around the room to dodge the slash waves, yet things get harder when she launched slash waves directly towards him. Being desperate, he charged himself towards her, knocking the slash waves directed to him away.
“Aaaaargh!” He pointed his sword in front of him and a spherical wave was formed, making it both a shield and an attack. She blocked his attack, yet the impact was so strong that it threw her onto the ceiling. Then, he stabbed his sword onto the ground. Energy spikes struck her from the ceiling and she fell onto the ground.
“Going berserk will not bring you anywhere,” She threw her et-airnias onto the ground and took out a pair of rocket launchers. He quickly bicycle kicked the weapon, yet rockets hit him repeatedly and he was burned. After a few seconds, he fell onto the ground unconsciously. She passed the stage and was teleported away. The next stage will be harder….

Route of Earth(Path 117-The Holy Trial Stage Eight Part One)

May 26, 2010

Tefia was teleported inside a room and she was recovered again. The ground, walls and ceiling were full of meadows. Nature aura was very intense inside the room. Then, she saw a few leaves cut through her face, leaving minor yet visible wound on her.
“Names Zaquos Righa. Let’s see if you can resist the power of leaves!” An elf wearing leather armor set appeared in front of her. He took out an oak wood sword coated with pine leaves, charged it with nature aura and dashed towards her. She quickly jumped away, took out her ifnarinas and charged it with pyro aura, but nothing happened.
“I see. Fire based magic is not allow in this fight. Let’s see what I can do with this,” She charged it with acid aura and stabbed it onto the ground. Acid sprinkled out suddenly from the ground and damaged his sword, but it was quickly recovered. He switched to redwood sword, charged it with sub-zero aura and stabbed it onto the ground.
“This is impossible,” Nothing was happened as she charged her ifnarinas with sun aura and stabbed the ground, effectively cancelling out each other. Enraged by her move, he dashed towards her and launched a few wave slash attack, but they were quickly blocked. She tried to stabbed him, yet he quickly strafed to his left. She quickly swung her ifnarinas clockwise and he was hit and thrown away onto a wall.
“Ha, you think I am this weak? Think again,” She launched the metal block on her ifnarinas, but he quickly recovered and jumped away from it. He quickly dashed towards her, but she strafed to her right and the metal block thrust through his body while trying to attach on ifnarinas back but, he continued dashing towards her anyway.
“Kinda reminded me of someone….” She switched to a mining axe, charged it with thunder aura and stabbed the ground. Thunder sparks were emitted from the ceiling and hit him, yet he still ran towards her. Just when he close to her, he absorbed the thunder sparks and launched a wave slash attack on her.
“You are not strong, at least,” The attack was blocked, but thunder pulses traveled to her and she was electrocuted. He quickly took the chance by slashing her a few times before kicking her face. She was thrown away with her ifnarinas dropped onto the ground. She quickly woke up, trying to pick up her ifnarinas, yet he picked it up and threw it away.
“You are incurring my wrath,” She took out her et-airnias from her last battle and threw it towards him. He dashed backwards, charged his sword with wind aura and threw it to the weapon. They clashed midair and a tornado was formed, which shot water crystals on them. He quickly dashed inside the tornado and picked his sword up. The tornado was disappeared after a few seconds.
“Ha, your wrath is nothing compared to mine!” He stabbed his sword on the et-airnias and water crystals was rained on her with strong wind blowing. Angered by her move, she charged herself with sun aura once more, but this time nothing happened. She could only protect herself using a spherical barrier.
“This is really annoying…no wonder he is placed this later in this holy trial,” After the skill was ended, she broke off the barrier and launched the pieces towards him, yet he picked the et-airnias and threw it to her while launching slash waves to protect himself. Then, just when she took back her et-airnias, the slash waves hit her thrown her 5 meters away. The stage continues….

Route of Earth(Path 116-The Holy Trial Stage Seven Part Two)

May 25, 2010

“Ha! You think this is sufficient to defeat me in one blow? You are underestimating my powers!” Tefia switched to a double Z (an alloy made from 50% zinc and 50% zirconium) rod, charged it with pyro aura and threw it towards the bat. A phoenix was “formed” and thrust through the bat, completely eliminating it while the double sword lance and the rod dropped onto the ground.
“Well, you are right, but I am not done with you yet!” Dielva absorbed the phoenix as pyro aura. “Pyro ignalial!” She was surrounded by six magic circles in a cubic formation. Pyro rings were launched from the magic circles as if hoola hoops were thrown to her. She took out a water crystal double tipped spear, attempting to extinguish them, but they were not completely wiped out upon contact. The remains hit her repeatedly.
“This guy is really insane. Perhaps I need to be insane as well,” She broke the magic circles and launched the pieces to him. He merely absorbed the magic circles onto his feet and lines of light surrounded him. Then, he was glowing brightly that she could not see at all. Flashes of light were emitted on her and she was hit.
“I can be more insane than this,” After the glow was disappeared, he walked to the spot where the weapon dropped onto the ground, picked up his double sword lance and dashed backwards, waiting for her to do the same. She healed herself and picked the rod as well. “Let’s continue,” He charged his sword lance with saint aura and stabbed the ground.
“Yes,” White colored beams were emitted from both ceiling and the ground, yet she quickly strafed to her right while fusing her rod into her sword. “Airnias!” A lance with double Z pole and water crystal sword tip was formed. She stopped strafing and let the weapon absorb the white beam. Then, a blast was emitted at him.
“You think you can really outperform me? Let’s see who wins at the end!” He absorbed the beam and split the lance into two sword lances. He threw them using both hands to her. White conical wave surrounded their tips, which slowly made the sword lances large white colored pencils. She took out a water crystal sword and fused it with her airnias.
“Et-airnias!” A double sword lance similar to airnias was formed and she blocked the sword lances using her weapon, yet it was broken despite the sword lances were bounced away back to him. She quickly recovered her weapon and waited for his response. He merely smiled as two warp portal appeared in front of him.
“You are not stopping me,” He took out a pair of esquadria and shot missiles on her, attempting to prevent her from intercepting the sword lances, yet she dashed to her front and proceeded destroying them using slash waves. She  continued the attacks and shifted the sword lances’ movement, yet the portals were shifted as well.
“This is ridiculous. How can you do this? Looks like this is the only way I can defeat you,” She launched the slash waves directly towards the portal, but it was too late and the sword lances thrust through her. She fell onto the ground, but she quickly woke up and cast damage transfer, yet the ground was cracked instead.
“Take this!” He put his esquadria on the ground and took the sword lances. Then, he charged them with thunder aura while dashing towards her. She quickly blocked his attack, slid her et-airnias to knock him off and threw the weapon in a rotating fashion. It slashed him repeatedly and crashed him onto a wall before he fell onto the ground out of his consciousness. She passed the stage and was teleported away. The next stage is nothing the same….

Route of Earth(Path 115-The Holy Trial Stage Seven Part One)

May 24, 2010

Tefia was teleported inside a room with normal soil as the ground, walls and ceiling with complete recovery on her again. Roots of plants were visible on the walls, but oddly not in the ceiling and ground. Perhaps the plants in the realm of saint are magical to avoid the battlefield of the chosen one.
“Fangs of tiger!” A man wearing a white mask under pearl colored formal wear dashed towards her in a sudden using a platinum sword with two right, straight slanted blades attacked to it. She was hit and the slant blades stuck on her body. Then, she was injured further when the upper slanted blade moved downwards to the lower one.
“Reckless!” She quickly kicked his chest and he was thrown away, but the sword was pulled away as well, further injuring her. She healed the wound and took out a pair of platinum long pole trident. “Rage of sea thunder!” She charged them with hydro and thunder auras. Thunder sparks coated with water were emitted on him. He attempted to absorb the sparks, but the presence of water only made him electrocuted instead.
“Don’t you ever try to insult Dielva Lariosk using your weapons!” He absorbed the electrocution anyway and threw his sword onto the ground while taking out a IP square double sword lance. He launched the sword blade at his front, held the weapon as if it was a normal sword lance and launched a few slash waves on her.
“You are insulting me, Tefia Rypal with your idiocy!” She jumped over the sword and slash waves, but after split second, the slash waves hit the sword blade and deflected in a projectile motion with the exact same trajectory with her jump. She was hit midair and crashed onto the ground, but she quickly woke up and dashed towards him.
“Idiocy? I guess you don’t know what is foreshadowing, idiot,” He charged his sword with thunder aura and stabbed the pole onto the ground. Thunder plates were launched on her, yet she dodged them all and proceeded towards him. Just when she came close, he wore a pair of leather gloves, charged them with sub-zero aura and punched the ground.
“I see. Let’s see if my foreshadowing is correct or not,” She strafed to her right while charging her tridents with satan aura. Ice blades struck up in a linear motion with freezing beams were shot upwards. Being at the side away from the ice blades, she shot a few black colored beams on him, but the thunder plates blocked them away.
“Well, you got a few guesses correct, but the rest…you are not a smart person,” He warped his launched sword blade in front of him, which moved towards her. She quickly strafed to her right, but the dusts from the blade hitting the wall made her cough. Then, the thunder plates hit her for a few times before the attack was stopped.
“I guess my thunder aura is less enough to prevent disaster against me,” She was standing still despite a few bruises were visible on her tridents. She shot a few black beams on him upon her picked up his sword lance and threw it upwards, yet he dodged by random jumping. Then, the blade stuck on the wall was pulled out on its own. This time, she strafed to her right and avoided the dusts.
“Now let’s see if you can resist this!” He charged his sword lance with venom aura. A huge bat was “formed” and “flew” towards her. The battle continues….

Route of Earth(Path 114-The Holy Trial Stage Six Part Two)

May 23, 2010

“Spells…now she knows how to play the cards, huh?” Eliae stood up and took out a shotgun. Unlike normal shotguns, it has two bullets slots but shares the same barrel, perhaps to allow more versatile attacks. Then, she charged it with oracle aura. “Oracle field!” An oracle sign appeared in front of her. She shot the bullets and they move along with the sign.
“This? Don’t make me laugh!” Tefia charged her ifnarinas with oracle aura and cast the same spell as a barrier. Both signs disappeared upon contact and a bright flash was emitted, hindering her sights. Then, Eliae quickly shot a few bullets on her, but it was missed as she merely run around randomly.
“How can she do this while she is blinded? This is totally ridiculous,” Eliae charged her shotgun with thunder aura and shot a few spread thunder sparks on Tefia. The thunder sparks were shaped like roots of a plant. It was too quickly that she could only block it. Oddly, she was not electrocuted. Then, several of the same attack was launched again. This time, she was electrocuted.
“Light…perhaps this will put up a decent one,” She healed himself and charged her wand with photons. “Prism arc!” Scattered lights were emitted as if it was from a prism. It quickly spread out and hit Eliae continuously, yet she stood still and absorbed them as photons in her shotgun and shot a laser blast on Tefia back.
“Now you realize how to defeat me? It’s too late because I will annihilate you!” She switched to a pair of rocket launchers and shot the ceiling. Tefia was hit, knocked onto the ground and buried under the crystals. Then, she quickly launched a few more missiles on Tefia, attempting to finish her off, but they were blocked by a thick barrier.
“Do you know how I defeat the previous enemy?” The quartz crystals were blown away while Tefia stood up and healed herself. Eliae switched to a machine rocket gun and spammed rockets to blow them into dusts.  Then, she continued shooting the rockets randomly to her front. Tefia could only dash backwards and look at the rockets.
“This isn’t fun anymore,” Eliae charged herself with wind aura and blew the crystals towards her. Then, she dashed over the smoke and switched to a pair of scimitars. Trails of non-elemental aura was visible on her legs, which slowly transferred to the weapons.
“Yeah. Stop hiding and face me straight!” Tefia charged her ifnarinas with explosion aura and formed an explosive barrier in front of her. It moved forward and blew the crystals into dusts. Just when Eliae saw the barrier, she threw her scimitars to the barrier while dashing towards it, attempting to break it by ramming.
“Don’t regret what you have said!” The barrier blocked the scimitars and they were destroyed, but it was shattered upon rammed by Eliae. Then, she launched the barrier pieces on Tefia. Tefia blocked them using her ifnarinas, but some of them still hit her. Some small cuts were visible on the weapon. Then, Eliae ran towards her, attempting for a close range attack.
“I won’t,” She stared at her, trying to see an opening for a surprise attack. Sensing her pose, Eliae jumped, took out a sword and launched a slash wave on her. She quickly ran slightly to her front and threw her ifnarisis upwards. She was hit, crashed onto the ceiling and fell onto the ground unconsciously. She picked her ifnarinas up and healed her before she was teleported away. The next stage will be different….

Route of Earth(Path 113-The Holy Trial Stage Six Part One)

May 22, 2010

Tefia was teleported into a room with quartz crystal as its walls, ceiling and ground with complete recovery. She woke up and found out that her arms and legs were completely fine despite being severely injured earlier. Then, laser beams moved in an arc towards her. She quickly jumped and dodged them.
“Name’s Eliae Pho. Watch this,” More of the laser beams moved in arcs towards her, along with reflection upon hitting the walls. She could only block them using barrier spell, but after a few hits it was shattered and she was continuously hit until she fell onto the ground. She quickly stood up and knocked the laser beams away using her ifnarinas angrily.
“Show yourself, coward!” She charged her ifnarinas with electrons and protons. “Electric wave!” She stabbed the weapon onto the ground and yellow lines were visible, travelling throughout the room like a shockwave. Then, some electric pulses were visible, exposing Eliae’s position. Eliae quickly cast repel but it was failed.
“This is…inside my body?” She took out a rapier and the pulses moved inside the rapier, rendering her invisible again. She quickly threw the weapon to Tefia. A lark was “formed” and “electrical feathers” were launched as well. Tefia could only knock them away while being knocked back slowly, not realizing that Eliae was walking towards her.
“So, this is the battle conditions, I must say. Don’t hold back or I’ll defeat you,” After she blocked the “lark”, she quickly cast UV vision to detect her position and launched a few slash waves with on Eliae, but she stopped them midair using her left palm and a shockwave launched them back to  Tefia instead.
“You scum….” Knowing that there is no way to cancel the UV vision spell, she took out smoke bombs and threw them onto the ground. Smokes filled a decent space in the room and hindered Tefia’s vision. Tefia quickly dashed backwards and sensed that the smokes were not spreading further.
“Smoke screen spell…trying to eliminate the tricks, huh? I guess I have to use this,” She charged her ifnarinas with earth aura and a spiked quartz crystal wall was formed. It moved frontward slowly, but it was stopped upon reaching the smokes. “I haven’t finished yet. Crush!” She cast the spell while charging herself with wind aura. The wall was crushed into blocks and blown over the smoke towards Eliae.
“You…you are a total moron, aren’t you?” Eliae quickly dodged them by stepping on the blocks and performing a few wall jumps while taking out a platinum sword and launched a few slash waves at her. She absorbed them and shot a few energy beams on Eliae back, yet again the attack was dodged. They stopped for a while, thinking for a strategy.
“This might be a good idea,” She switched to a rocket launcher and shot a few rockets onto the ceiling, attempting to bury Eliae alive, yet Eliae quickly jumped backwards while watching the fallen crystals form a wall. Then, she charged herself with wind aura and the crystals were thrown to Eliae.
“How this is possible? This scum must be punished!” Eliae charged herself with wind aura and blew the crystals back to her. She merely blocked them using barrier spell while throwing a grenade over the smoke. It reached Eliae but it was knocked away before it exploded. Then, suddenly,
“Asteroid strike!” She charged her wand with astro and earth auras. Asteroids struck up from the ground,  hitting Eliae and threw her up to the ceiling. She fell onto the ground after a few seconds, but she seemed unharmed. The battle resumes….

Route of Earth(Path 112-The Holy Trial Stage Five Part Two)

May 21, 2010

Knowing it is a trap, Actinus reformed his ice armor and charged himself with sub-zero aura. “Wrath blizzard!” He cast the spell and it was snowing heavily inside the room. Snows were formed on the ground, getting thicker and thicker and hindered Tefia’s movements. She quickly cast snow walker on herself and stepped onto the snow formed.
“You are quite tricky,” She dashed towards him while charging her ifnarinas with steam aura. “Steam vault!” She swung the weapon downwards with steam surrounded it, yet he blocked it using his hands. His hand part of the ice armor was shattered while the rest were slightly melted, yet,
“You are nothing but a total moron,” He charged himself with sub-zero aura. His ice armor was repaired and she was frozen and sealed inside a 10 centimeter ice. “Taste this impact,” He kicked her 10 meters away while taking out his titanium hammer. Then, he dashed towards her and smashed her onto a wall using his hammer. The impact is so strong that she screamed in pain.
“This…strength….” She charged herself with non-elemental aura and cast damage transfer on him. He quickly transferred the damage onto his hammer and it was shattered, along with its handle. She quickly woke up and punched him a few time on his stomach before she kicked his neck diagonally upwards. He was thrown onto the ceiling and crashed onto it.
“This is unexpected from you. Now take it back!” He charged himself and upon slamming onto the snow, shockwaves were formed and she was buried in snow. She melted the snow by charging herself with pyro aura and spread the heat out of her body, but a few seconds later,
“This is what you get for attacking me!” He charged himself with thunder aura and a few thunder sparks were emitted onto her. She was hit and electrocuted, but the electricity flowed along with the water from the melting snows around the room that he was electrocuted as well. He quickly cast clear and the snows disappeared along with the water.
“This proves one thing: ‘we are at the same level,’” She dashed away from her, charged her ifnarisis with pyro aura and threw it onto the ground, attempting to create a layer of water but it failed. He quickly dashed and picked it up with the pyro aura still in the weapon.
“Yep, same. Raining heat!” He used the weapon to cast the spell. Flames were rained on her exactly like a normal rain and she was burning with the clothes oddly intact. Then, suddenly she charged towards him and slammed him a few times before absorbing the flames into her ifnarinas and launched a pyro blaze on him. The blaze melted his ice armor and made him very uncomfortable with his protective equipment.
“This is totally….” He broke off his Lisenus armor and Kevlar suit, revealing a plain blue mask and blue formal clothing.  The broken armor pieces was launched at her at high speed that she could not evade all of them. Her arms and legs were injured and she lost her grip on her ifnarinas. Being desperate, she charged herself with hydro aura and cast tsunami on him. A huge flood with the power tsunami was moving towards him.
“Not even this will stop me!” He took out an octahedral quartz wand and charged it with sub-zero aura. “Sub-zero freeze!” The tsunami quickly turned into a large and long iceberg. He attempted to destroy them into pieces, yet,
“Crush!” She cast the spell while charging herself with wind aura. The iceberg was shattered into pieces. “Blow!” She cast the spell and the pieces crashed onto him. She passed the stage and teleported away. The next stage ensues….